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Aura Holistic PowerShots


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Aura Holistic PowerShots

  1. 1. Aura Holistic Power Shots
  2. 2. Brandon Harrison Jonathan Edal Steve Bock Tirsa Umanzor Victori Lin
  3. 3. Power Shots Aura Holistic Power Shots Natural Remedy 2ozof nature’s potency Why? An emerging population of health conscious individuals are reluctant to taking pharmaceutical drugs Features: Liquid Blend of Superfoods and herbs fortified with vitamins and minerals Benefits: Target specific health issues with no unnatural side effects and convenient size & mix
  4. 4. Packaging Primary Two part holding system BPA free(Bisphenol A) container with foil Pull tab to open container Ensures freshness and quality for customer Logo,Powershot name, and use will be clearly labeled
  5. 5. Packaging Secondary Thin strong paper based box Two different sizes Box will display Nutritional facts,logo, and a holistic environment Box will help attract customer attention while on the shelf Help with tampering Tertiary Box made of corrugated cardboard materials Protect shipments from damage
  6. 6. Target Market Geographics: Physical launch in NY, NJ, & CT as well as selling online Demographics: All ages, genders, races Specifically targeting “higher income” ($75,000+) Occupations: Finance, marketing, entertainment, etc. Psychographics: Interested in holistic medicine, live active lifestyles, prefer eating healthy, open minded, care about appearances, aversive to chemicals and energy drinks
  7. 7. Position Statement For the health conscious, busy individuals who desire all-natural alternatives to traditional medicine, Aura Holistic presents “Power Shots”; highly concentrated shots of nutrients, minerals, and superfoods that have been sourced, extracted, and conveniently packaged to target specific health issues.
  8. 8. Direct Competition Source Natural® Wellness Shots™ (Main Competitor) Market both towards health benefits and an active lifestyle for all ages Have an active following and possess brand loyalty with consumers Sync Wellshots™ Promote health and wellness for all ages Have doctor endorsements backing their product Tonic Health Shots Promotes an active lifestyle, “Work hard, play harder” Targets more toward the younger demographic (18-30)
  9. 9. Distribution Start with selective distribution exclusively in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, CT) Will be available in health stores such as GNC and Vitamin World Also available in grocery stores such as Whole Foods or Wegmans Develop an online store where customers can buy our product from all around the world
  10. 10. ATAR Years Potential in the tri-state area Market size Awareness Trials Availability Repeat Predicted Sales Estimated profit (C-P) X sales Year 1 5,017,689X 25% 40% 33% 30% 1.5 298,051 $372, 564 Year 2 1,254,422 55% 50% 50% 1.6 275,973 $344,966 Year 3 1,254,422 70% 75% 70% 1.7 461,000 $576,250
  11. 11. Promotion No commercials Advertise in Health and wellness and Natural remedy magazines(Natural Health,Women’s Health, E: The Environmental Magazine, and Organic Gardening) Magazines will have coupons for free samples along with advertisement about product Posters will be displayed throughout numerous supermarkets(Entrance and Aisle that product is in) Hold training sessions Sessions gives information about the product and demo of how to use it
  12. 12. Marketing Timeline and Launch Date We want product to be on the shelf May 1st 2016 Starting product development process now (estimated to take a year) Nice weather (hopefully) will be a catalyst for Healthful Dietary Trends May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Concept Development Market Research Source and Make Samples Product Testing Product Testing Refine Formula Product Testing Product Testing Finalize Product Product Testing Finalize and Prepare for mass Production Full Scale Production May Product Launch Advertising
  13. 13. Conclusion (6 Key Points) 1. Aura Power Shots ($2 for 2 Oz Bottle) 2. Proprietary Diet Supplement’s for Different Health Needs 3. Targeting Health Conscious People On the Go 4. Selling in NY, NJ, CT 5. Selling In Grocery Stores 6. Competitively Priced Holistic Product Holistic (Medicine) - characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.