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Shakespearean Character Study- Juliet Capulet


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This is our year 10 research assignment for english at Napier Boys' High School

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Shakespearean Character Study- Juliet Capulet

  1. 1.  Juliet Capulet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet from the Capulet family. Juliet is one of the main protagonists from the Capulet family, and along with Romeo Montague the main protagonist. In the play Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeares most dramatic tragedies with the two main characters Romeo and Juliet both killing themselves, and Romeos best friend Mercutio being killed by Tybalt Juliets cousin, who was eventually killed by Romeo. The play is set in a 15th century renaissance period in Verona Italy.
  2. 2. The Capulets and Montagues fight, and the prince Tybaltseparates them. Paris asks to marry Juliet, and Romeocomplains about Rosaline. There is a party, and that’swhere Romeo and Juliet meet. They talk on the balcony,proclaiming their love for each other. Their plans to marry,and follow through with it the next afternoon. Mercutioand Tybalt both die in battle. Romeo is exiled, and Juliet isto marry Paris. She gets a potion, pretends to be dead,Romeo found her and kills himself. Juliet wakes to findRomeo dead and she kills herself with Romeos dagger.
  3. 3. o Juliet has an external conflict of her fate with Romeo which is ended when Juliet is on what was her tomb bed with Romeo dead next to her and she kills herself.o She has an Internal conflict at the end with the decision she has to make when she kills herself, it is resolved by her making the choice to be with her love Romeo and kills herself.o She has another External conflict Person Vs. Person, when she fights with her parents about when she was to marry Paris.
  4. 4. The main source of conflict is the one of the Montagueand Capulet families and their hatred for each other. Itinvolves Juliet for she is a Capulet and her love Romeo forhe is a Montague.
  5. 5. EXPOSITION- Paris pleads with the Capulet family tomarry Juliet, with Juliet’s mother come to tell Julietabout Paris and how lovely he is.THE EXCITING FORCE- Romeo first spotting Juliet at themasked party and he immediately falls in love with herand Romeo touches her hand and they are both in love.
  6. 6. CONFLICT- Juliet finds out who Romeo is from thenurse and finds out that her love is a “loathed enemy,”in the Montague family.TURNING POINT-Romeo hides beneath Juliets balconyand Juliet quotes “Oh Romeo! Romeo wherefore artthou Romeo. Romeo interrupts her by saying he lovesher.CATOSTROPHE- Juliet takes a potion and pretends tobe dead, Romeo arrives at her tomb and finds herdead.
  7. 7. RESOLUTION- Romeo takes a cup of poison, drinks itand dies kissing Juliet.UNTANGLING-Juliet awakes and finds Romeo dead withthe cup of poison would kill herself aswel. FriarLaurence pleads with her to come out, but instead shekills herself with Romeos dagger.
  8. 8. The Capulets and Montagues find out the story. Thetwo families make up and the Prince ends the playwith the quote,” For never was a story of more woe,than this of Juliet and her love Romeo.
  9. 9. The relationship between Juliet and her Nurse is extremely strong and this isshow throughout the play. They have been close ever since Juliet was born as thenurse has almost overtaken Lady Capulets job as the mother of Juliet. It isobviously shown that their relationship is strong because the nurse is the onlyone who Juliet tells about Romeo and their secret marriage. Juliet is comfortablewith and around the nurse and at ease when talking to her, this would mean ifJuliet had any queries she would go to the nurse for advice and help. Juliet’srespect for the nurse had disappeared in Act 3 Scene 5, when Lord and LadyCapulet was forcing Juliet to marry Paris and she went to the nurse and shesimply told her “I think it best you married with the county. O, he’s a lovelygentleman. Romeo’s a dish clout to him.” Juliet did not want to hear that andfrom that point on in the play, Juliet and the nurse’s strong bond was gone.
  10. 10.  Juliet respects her mother and wants to live up to her expectations, but finds she must rebel in order to keep the sanctity of her secret marriage with Romeo. Juliet behaves in a way that proves she is deeply in love with Romeo not only when shes around Romeo but also when shes with the nurse. Juliet is motivated by love at first sight with Romeo, and even when she found out that he is a Montague. With a quote, ”My only love is that of my only enemy.” She is mainly motivated by the nurse who is also her best friend and mainly her mother seeming she nursed Juliet when she was a baby.
  11. 11. Juliet is influence by her parents in them forcing her to marry Paris. She influences Romeo in love at first sight, and she is influenced by him in the same way. She is deeply affected by the death of her cousin Tybalt who was killed by Romeo, she is also the maindriving force behind the conflict between Romeo andTybalt, then she is also the victim of losing her cousin.
  12. 12. By the end Juliet has matured in many ways and both learnt and gained knowledge that the Capulet andMontague families can be together and get along. But she had lost both her lovers life in Romeo and her own life.
  13. 13. Beginning- “My love is that of my only enemy,” Juliet. When she was motivated by Romeos love. Middle- “Oh Romeo! Romeo where fore art thouRomeo, deny thy father and refuse thy name and foreI will no longer be a Capulet,” Juliet. When Juliet was influenced by Romeos love.
  14. 14. Websites of the play.– Juliet conflicts.– Juliet quotes on resolving conflicts. Romeo and Juliet structure Beginning, Middle, End.– Dramatic Relief. Books Shakespeare the animated tales Romeo and Juliet by Leon Garfield – Juliet quotes. Romeo and Juliet by Andy Greenhill– Juliet at the start. Shakespeare for everyone Romeo and Juliet – Main conflict in the play. Shakespeare graphic novels Romeo and Juliet – Romeo and Juliet structure Beginning, Middle, End.