Sham Turkey


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Student created product.

Teacher followup will be given to insure proper formats are taught regarding citing sources and standard English conventions.

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Sham Turkey

  1. 1.             About turkey Temple Climate Jobs Geography Medusa Heroes Table of info Where turkey is Pictures The grand bazaar ending
  2. 2. Turkey’s on the north side of Iraq and Syria. The east side of Turkey is Iran. The west side of Turkey is Greece. TURKEY IS THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT IS IN TWO CONTINENTS; EUROPE AND ASIA. People GO FROM EUROPE TO ASIA BY THE BRIDGE OF Bosporus, and others go by boat. The highest mountain in Turkey is Mountarat
  3. 3. TURKEY is known being for the coldest country in Middle East.  THE AVERAGE WINTER temperature IS 0 degrees Celsius. THE SUMMER AVERGAE WEATHER 23 Celsius. THE AVERAGE yearly RAINFALL IS 38 INCHES! 
  4. 4.  40% of Turks work as farmers and others work as teachers, doctors, sellers, builders, archit ects, operators , writers, bakers, waiters, business ,guards , army, government workers.
  5. 5. IS One of the three sisters in Greek mythology known as the gorgons had a destructive affect on humans in many myths, she appeared as a horrible ugly women with hair made with snake for hair and when prince peruses found out he ran after her and cut her head of he gave it to the king and turned him into stone.  And in other stories was that medusa and prince Pegasus were in love and that Medusas sister Elsa was also in love with Peruses and jealous of Medusa so she turned her hair into snakes and when peruses found out he ran after her and slayed her head off and used it to defeat his enemies with her head by turning them into stone.  If a person wants to see medusa for real he can just go to Turkey  and go to the underground temple and see her. 
  6. 6. Interesting pic Stones of kings
  7. 7. During the ottoman empire Istanbul was known for having more than 1,400 public toilets.  The grand bazaar is the biggest old covered bazaar in the world; more than 3,000 shops ! 
  8. 8.  Turkey is an amazing country I learned a lot but there is more I want to learn about clothes that are traditional, the food, and music. I feel like I just created a new world with color .
  9. 9. Turkey  Kim brown  1996 