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Welcome                                                                                      To	     The Parthenon is the ...
The center of a polis, or a city-state,is called the Agora. The Agora was like ourgrocery store today except people would ...
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Rd greece brochure


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Rd greece brochure

  1. 1. Welcome To The Parthenon is the temple ofthe Greek goddess Athena. Thisancient building was built on anacropolis in Athens, Greece. An Greece is located in South eastern Europe on the Balkan Greeceacropolis is a large hill on a which a Peninsula. The southern most tip offort is built. The Parthenon shows Greece reaches into the MediterraneanGreek ideals of beauty and harmony sea. Mountains cover nearly three-making the Parthenon one of the most fourths of mainland Greece. The jaggedfamous buildings in the world. coastline of Greece is cut by many inlets. It is surrounded by about 2,000 islands! Greece has a dry climate and poor soil farmers plated crops well suited to the area such as, barely, wheat, olives, and grapes. The sea is especially powerful during the winter when the winds are high and the seas are rough.
  2. 2. The center of a polis, or a city-state,is called the Agora. The Agora was like ourgrocery store today except people would Didtalk and have fun along with buying yourmeats, cheeses, and your wine etc. Thereare acrobats, dancers music, and so much You Know?more! Greek clothes were designed to be comfortable so they were easy to Why Come To put on and very elegant to wear. Rich men and women had slaves to help Greece? them arrange their clothing. For The Greek theatre is the birth place of all the TV shows we know people at work they wore short and love. The Greeks invented chitons or a loin cloth which is very certain genres such as, the tragedy, easy to move around in.For the most comedy, drama, mystery, and the love part the people of Greece wore story. The audience is mostly men sandals on their feet or they were because they thought women were barefoot to walk around the beautiful Greece has so much culture and too emotional. Even the actors werehistory. You can visit the beautiful all men so they would dress up ashistoric buildings such as the well- women for women characters. Theknown Parthenon. If you don’t want to theatre was designed so that soundsvisit historic buildings then go to the could be carried throughout thetheatre and watch a play, or go to a whole place. They also designed themuseum and see the beautiful art theatre so that everyone in thework of the Greeks. There are so many audience had a great view of theinteresting sites to see and things to do spectacular performance!in Greece. Go have some fun! Design By, Rebecca De Wees