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Content messaging and mapping


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Content messaging and mapping

  1. 1. AT&T Ad Solutions Content Marketing Segmentation PAIN DESIREDSTAGE NEED TOPICS CONTENT FORMAT PERSONAS VERTICAL POINTS ACTION Guidance needed: unsure how to grow business, Influencers: where to Grow Your Small Business with Effective Advertising Techniques, 8 Ways Print Plus,Awareness & Getting find Read More, To Attract Customers Now, Best Ways to Engage Your Customers on Savvy Contractors,Education Customers BLOG POSTS, WHITEPAPERS, GUIDES, customers, if Comment, Facebook, 6 Ways SMBs Can Benefit from Linkedin, 5 Common Spenders, Lawyers,(Early)Unaware (Multiple NEWSLETTERS, VIDEO DEMOS reaching Subscribe, Advertising Mistakes, Worst SMB Ad Campaigns, Strategic Restaurantsof Problem platforms) customers, Share Investors, missing Progressives customers, Unaware of all advertising methods Getting 101s, how tos, How to create an advertising plan BLOGS, WEBINARS, QUIZZES: How to write a Lack of time Noticed business plan, 5 Steps to a Successful and $ to (Visibility, Advertising Plan, What Louis CK Can Teach Us research Stand out) About Seeling Digital Content: options,Awareness & Read More, Confidence Restaurant,Education (Mid) Comment, louis-c-k-can-teach-us-about-selling-digital- needed to Medical,What Needs Subscribe, content/ fix issues, AutomotiveFixing Share, Sign up experiment with new solutions What Google Places is Missing, Why Groupon is the Worst Marketing INFOGRAPHICS (Local Insights Report) Im missing Tactic REPORTS, BLOGS, WEBINARS, NEWSLETTERS, out on ad business/ Online and offline events, Latest small business opportuntiesAwareness & events in your area, How to Promote Offline and a target Read More,Education (Late) Events Online market I Comment,Solutions cant Subscribe,Available connect to Share, Sign up
  2. 2. Interest & Read More,Research (Early) Comment,Proof of Subscribe,Experience Share, Sign up Best Direct Marketing Techniques Hot or not: Sales and Marketing trends in 2012Interest &Research (Mid)Proof ofExperience Sign up, Talk to Sales Connecting with customers through social media How and Why To Use Twitter for Small Businesses, Top Social media sites for Small Businesses Guide, Using Foursquare to AttractInterest & Customers,Research (Mid-Late) Proof ofExperience Sign up, Talk to Sales Measure Success: Data Driven Metrics Everyone Should Know Measure ad success, What you can learn fromInterest & Moneyball, Tabatha Takes Over and GordonResearch Ramsay(Solutions Sign up, TalkComparion, to SalesDifferentiation)(Late) Get Where is social media in the decision making cycle? 6 Stages of Social Media for SMBs, 3 Things Recognized You Need to Craft Your Social Strategy, 20 (Brand Ways to Use Linkedin as an SMB, 100 SMB Talk to Sales,Decision + Upsell Management Blogging Ideas, Become brand & Awareness) advocate Manage your digital rep Free Ways to Measure Online Brand Awareness
  3. 3. AT&T AD SOLUTIONS MESSAGE MAP: Unique Value Proposition and Key BenefitsWHAT SMBS NEED TO KNOW Limited time, Need to stand Not sure what Unsure how to Risk averse Getting Getting noticed Getting recognized money & out from their advertising grow their customers knowledge (all) competitors needs are (all) businesses (all) (StrategicPAIN POINTS Investors)BY PERSONA FEATURESTHAT RELIEVEPAIN POINTSPAIN POINTSFOR SPECIFIC VERTICALS FEATURESTHAT RELIEVEPAIN POINTS KEY VALUEPROPOSITION
  4. 4. We make the Our team of local most of your marketing experts marketing and provide personal advertising guidance for budget creating a strategy that will help youBENEFITS TO get ready-to buy SMB customers.CUSTOMERS
  5. 5. AT&T AD SOLUTIONS MESSAGING ARCHITECTUREWHO WE ARE WHO WERE NOT WHO WED LIKE TO BE An advertising marketingA full service/ suite of products/ one stop agencyshop advertising/ marketing companyA lead generation/new business companyA multi-media marketing company Online advertising leader Passionate and driven, we have the experience, people power and track record to help allSesaoned marketing and new media small to mid sized businesses succeedexperts on a shoestring budget. A proven leader and resource for effective marketing strategies that workA service provider to grow your business - the first time forfrom online and print solutions to mobile small and medium suzed localsearch platforms businesses.
  6. 6. We have the network and resources to We successfullybuild and promote your business create custom marketing programs that effectively reach potential customers.A thought leader local marketingSmall business advertising marketing consultants to helpsolutions identify your target audiences, develop strategies to optimize your marketing programs."Leads leader for local sales"A service which connects small businessadvertisers with consumers Your most trustedThe trusted source for end-to-end marketing and advertising mentorsmarketing solutions for Small Business who successfully(ASCP: About Us) grow your local businesses. A one-stop advertising shopAd Solutions is the expert on “connectingconsumers with your businesses acrossmultiple platforms and in your localtargeted markets”
  7. 7. The leading provider of targeted solutions for small andAd Solutions offers new ways for small medium sized localand medium size businesses to market businessesand drive sales through their advertisingand marketing efforts.ATTRIBUTESDoes content communicate these attributes? Which content?Ex: Trust and responsiveness: Testimonials, Case Studies and Success Stories communicate values (through those content types). Other ATT Current properties salesOffers personalized attention testimonials team/consultants local insightUnderstands local lay of the land reportsOffers customized marketing options newsletters articlesHighlights marketing opportunities SMBs may have missed newsletters articlesHelps me experiment with new ways of marketing newsletters articles articles, salesManages online conversations newsletters collateral newsletters, customer videoOur marketing solutions nurture local businesses online and offline testimonials articles customer videoOffers services that are a good value for small businesses testimonialsHelps me understand the most cost effective way to reach more customers customer videoHas fantastic customer service testimonials sales collateral
  8. 8. Shares in the risk demos, videoOffers convenience, ease of use testimonialsProvides believable proof that new advertising tactics will work before I buy sales collateralTime and cost effective solutionsWont recommend what I dont needHelps me measure resultsUSP ADJECTIVESlocal neighborhood communitysmall bizsmall businessmid sizemediummarketing promoting publicizing sellingservices resourcessolutions answers resultsexperts specialists professionals leaders mavens virtuosi gurus trailblazers pioneers groundbreakers forerunners innovators advisers