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strategic & editorial recs_sb_1113


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Strategic, UX, editorial and content recommendations.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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strategic & editorial recs_sb_1113

  1. 1. + Women in Technology International Audit Content findings & recommendations Prepared by Suzanne Baran 11/13/2013
  2. 2. + Approach to Findings 1. 250 page audit – measured content performance and quality against X criteria. 1. Examined and prepared Google Analytics reports – for insight into performance and opportunity areas 1. Fixes & Recommendations – short & long term (Strategic, Editorial & Tactical) 1. Deliverables – revised Sitemap, content scorecard, findings & recommendations & partial content audit (to be delivered)
  3. 3. + Performance & Analytics  My findings & recommendations show:  What I observed  Why it matters  How it looks compared to Witi’s goals  How Witi can achieve its goals  What is effective and what is not  What can we do today  What did we learn that we can apply in future
  4. 4. + Witi’s Goals  Increase  Build memberships corporate partnerships  Empower  Boost women with a larger network webinar sign-ups, teleclass subscriptions
  5. 5. + Strategic Issue 1: Disconnect Between Goals & User Activity  Excessive  Content content is not refreshed or updated frequently  Users seek resources most (articles) followed by member pages and ABOUT  homepage is crowded with extraneous content – videos (out-of-date) excessive links, webinar links, teleclass links  Content is difficult to consume and sitemap isn’t optimized for user flow and interactions  Partnership pages are not optimized, hard to find
  6. 6. + Strategic Solution 1: Streamline Sitemap and Navigation 1. Help users do what they want to do, not what you want them to do. 2. Reduce the amount of clicks to help users complete tasks and goals 3. Know exactly what content to deliver to which customer to avoid navigation aggravation – rename WIRE to RESOURCES and group like categories and subcategories 4. Jump directly to most used elements (Articles, About, Partnerships, Webinars) 5. Add additional content for top of funnel consumers – data suggests the majority of visitors are new, not returning.
  7. 7. + Strategic Solution 1: Example of Homepage content
  8. 8. + Revised Sitemap / Navigation 0.0 HOME 1.0 MEMBERS 2,0 EVENTS 3.0 RESOURCES 4.0 CAREER DEVELOPMENT 5.0 SPONSORSHIPS 6.0 ABOUT 7.0 NETWORKS
  9. 9. + Template Recommendations  To streamline user flow and eliminate multi-paths, the main navigation should suggest easy to understand nomenclature. (ie: From Witi Wire, to RESOURCES.)  Membership + Members area = 3 distinct templates  Events – Conferences, Career Fairs, Hall of Fame Awards (1 template)  Resources – one main landing page with jump offs for Articles, Blog, Research, Teleclasses, Webinars, Newsletters, Library and Marketplace (1 template for this structured content)  Career Development – job search, post openings, alerts and resume posts – 1 template / company profiles – 1 template -  Sponsorships – 1 template describing benefits, stats (if any) and contact info.  Networks – 1 template for all territories
  10. 10. + Template Fields: Events  Section Name: Page Title  URL  Audience  Primary Message – upcoming events, past events and the “inside scoop”  Secondary Message – testimonials and sound bytes from conferences, success stories from career fairs, Hall of Fame accolades, access to executives in the industry  Purpose of Page – to inspire sign-ups by showcasing and not directly telling members and non-members why events are not to be missed  Style and tone – upbeat, engaging, inspiring  Metadata – women in technology events, conferences, witi, hall of fame, career fair, career events, sponsors and exhibitors  Photos from previous events – Guy Kawasaki, Sandy Carter
  11. 11. + Template Fields: Members Area  Section Name: Page Title  URL  Audience (members – executives, entrepreneurs, networkers, contractors, full time employees, female, educated)  Primary Message – Goals - why becoming a member is beneficial  Secondary Message – building partnerships, growing your network, increasing your knowledge, knowledge sharing with others, empowerment, connections, sense of belonging and career development.  Purpose of Page – Courting new members (new visitors to the site outrank returning visits)  Style and tone – Upbeat, factual and engaging  Metadata – membership, member benefits, connecting women in technology international, expanding your reach, knowledge sharing, networking, access to resources and career development, jobs
  12. 12. + Template Fields: Resources  Section Name: Page Title  URL  Audience (members, non-members (tease access) – executives, entrepreneurs, networkers, contractors, full time employees, female, educated)  Primary Message – Outstanding original content free for members – to empower career development, knowledge sharing and connections with peers  Secondary Message – Your very own personal library of content to boost your business, build your brand, engage with executives in your field, learn from the best and brightest, enhance your knowledge and subject matter expertise in many areas: Business, Health, Tech, Personal Growth, finding your life purpose  Purpose of Page – Courting new members by promoting Witi’s strongest asset – information and connections  Style and tone – Upbeat, factual and engaging; informative and accessible  Metadata –resources, career development, personal growth, webinars, teleclasses, videos, research, blog, news, technology, business advice, networking, building your brand, building connections, content hub, witi, women in technology international
  13. 13. + Template Fields: Career Development  Section Name: Page Title  URL  Audience (members, non-members (tease access) – executives, entrepreneurs, networkers, contractors, full time employees, female, educated)  Primary Message – Peruse job openings, post job openings, post resumes, connect to companies, receive job alerts, manage your career growth, employer benefits, employee benefits  Secondary Message – Witi is a hub for career growth and development for employers and employees  Purpose of Page – Job center for prospects and employers seeking a pool of talented women in one place  Style and tone – Informative, directional, instructional  Metadata – jobs, careers, networking, job search, find a job, hiring, witi, women in technology international, career center
  14. 14. + Template Fields: About  Section Name: Page Title  URL  Audience (members, non-members) – corporations, sponsors, current sponsors, executives, entrepreneurs, networkers, contractors, full time employees  Primary Message – What Witi stands for, its membership benefits, history, Carolyn’s mission video, ethics, members  Secondary Message –  Purpose of Page – To educate and inform audiences about the organization  Style and tone – Informative, formal, engaging  Metadata – about witi, about women in technology, what is witi, witi members, carolyn leighton, witi founder, women in technology international, staff, media, news
  15. 15. + Examples of Content Marketing Model pages to demonstrate content hierarchy and flow
  16. 16. + Example 1: Elements: Headline Blurb Link Main image CTAs For RESOURCES page
  17. 17. + Example 2: Hubspot Great example for layout of Members Main Page Benefits – testimonials, photos, resources, career development Elements: Headline Blurb Link Main image CTAs For RESOURCES page
  18. 18. + Example wireframe: Sponsorships
  19. 19. + Content Marketing Example Society of Women Engineers homepage
  20. 20. + Appendix: Findings Google Analytics insights
  21. 21. + Appendix 1: New Vs. Returning Visits New visits double returning visits January 1, 2013 – November 1, 2013
  22. 22. + Appendix 2: Top Performing Pages January 1, 2013 – November 1, 2013 January 1, 2013 – November 1, 2013 Jobs, member center, articles, teleclasses = priority pages with high drop offs AVG Time on page: 50 seconds indicating difficulty with content consumption, excessive content
  23. 23. + Appendix 3: Top Articles Extremely high drop off rate; shorten length of articles, republish or repurpose; use engaging imagery and hyperlinks; tie-in with social publication schedule
  24. 24. + Appendix 4: Visitor Paths and Interactions, Drop offs 1. Articles 2. About 3. Members Area 4. Registration 5. Events
  25. 25. + Appendix 5: Traffic Sources Organic search, keywords and terms are No. 1 traffic source, most traffic is direct and social networks are tertiary
  26. 26. + Appendix 6: Organic Traffic Keywords Keywords indicate searches for events, regional areas, articles
  27. 27. + Appendix 7: Demographics Consider restructuring Networks in sitemap – US, Europe (GB, France) and archive Ireland, South Africa and group regions by