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AT&T AD SOLUTIONS MESSAGE MAP: Unique Value Proposition and Key Benefits                     At AT&T Advertising Solutions...
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Message map ad solutions


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Sample message map/brand architecture.

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Message map ad solutions

  1. 1. AT&T AD SOLUTIONS MESSAGE MAP: Unique Value Proposition and Key Benefits At AT&T Advertising Solutions, our job is to connect businesses with their customers, connect buyers with sellers and to be the lead-generation leader for local business. To makeWHAT SMBS NEED that happen, we’ve built the tools that can put you in a position to succeed, but we also want to assist you in understanding how and why they work. We know that, ultimately, if TO KNOW you succeed, we succeed. Limited time, money & Need to stand Not sure what Unsure how to Risk averse Getting Getting noticed Getting recognized knowledge (most) out from their advertising grow their customers competitors needs are (all) businesses (all) PAIN POINTS BY (Strategic PERSONA Investors) Hands on Questions consultants, answered and a A wheelhouse of sales SEM offerings YP Deals and Local Online advice, suite of services Mobile design, Brand Management and people and digital teams bundled with YP Discounts, Display Ads, Local reminders and are customized marketing and guidance for print and FEATURES THAT with over a decade of Listings and free YP360 video Expertise in updates for for each SEM; apps digital platforms experience. advice (content) tours regional markets RELIEVE PAIN existing segment and POINTS customers vertical web experienced and Missing key Not sure how to set PAIN POINTS FOR Personalized attention, Ease of use and proof of not reaching local not web savvy skeptical of markets and themselves apart fromSPECIFIC VERTICALS customized options convenience performance customers products which unaware of why other local businesses arent self-serve Guidance from Hands on guidance and Content such as Content for marketing Sales materials Content to keep advice, content to Multiple testimonials, hyperlocal consultants and and marketing informed of provide insight, customer Marketing consultants packages for case studies and information, performance consultants are latest news, feedback tips, Profile FEATURES THAT custom needs newsletter marketing reports to on hand tips, trends America tip sheets and RELIEVE PAIN articles consultants highlight areas of data sheets POINTS improvement Our team of local We make the marketing experts provide Personal most of your Experience, Local Search & personal guidance for Account Marketing consultations marketing and trustworthiness, Advertising creating a strategy that will Managers Strategists based on verticals, advertising custom packages Gurus KEY VALUE help you get ready-to buy curtailed services budget PROPOSITION customers.BENEFITS TO SMB Paying it forward - our expertise helps you give your customers advice, content, lessons learned and shared experiences in the marketplace. CUSTOMERS