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A guide to ADF fusion development


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Published in: Education, Technology
  • how to create a view links for two or more web services data control in adf
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A guide to ADF fusion development

  1. 1. A Guide to Fusion Development with Jdeveloper 11gSession 1 Presenter: Zeeshan Baig
  2. 2. Session 1 - AgendaOverview of FusionOverview of SOA and Web-servicesHistory of Web developmentOracle ADF OverviewADF ArchitectureWhich Languages do I need to know?Getting familiar with Jdeveloper 11g IDEHow to Learn ADF?Demo: Quick Master detail application Model Layer Controller Layer Presentation Layer
  3. 3. Overview of FusionWhat is Fusion? Oracle’s effort to put all standard and integrated technologies under one umbrella Oracle Fusion middleware Modern standard based technologies Major components SOA Suite WebLogic Server Oracle ADF / JDeveloperOracle Fusion applications New Name for Oracle e-business suite Developed in Oracle ADF
  4. 4. Overview of SOA and Web-services Web- SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Provides reusability, agility, scalability, Modern way to design applications Follows some standards and PrinciplesWeb-services APIs that are accessed via HTTP Communicates via Messages Mainly classified into SOAP and REST Provides Integration between different applications
  5. 5. History of Web development Hard to write required to know CGI/Servlets Pure Java Code the HTTP complexities Complex and JSP (Java Java mixed Hard toServer Pages) with HTML maintain code Component Limited JSF (Java based around 30Server Faces) Technology components Extension to up to 150ADF Faces JSF, with AJAX components and JavaScript in 11g
  6. 6. Oracle ADF Overview Application Development Framework Web, Desktop and Mobile applications Meta-data Framework Based on JEE Standard Extendable Follows MVC (Model View Controller) architectureMain technologies ADF BC (ADF Business Components) ADF Controller ADF Faces
  7. 7. Oracle ADF Architecture - IModel Represent Business data and Business logicPresentation Layer (View Layer) Represent User InterfaceController Define application flow Execute UI events from View layer
  8. 8. Oracle ADF Architecture - II Model • Represent Business data and Business logic Controller View • Define application flow • Represent User Interface • Execute UI events from View layer
  9. 9. Oracle ADF Architecture - III
  10. 10. Languages need to knowLanguage Level of Usage knowledgeJava Intermediate For Custom logic codingJavaScript Basic/None For User interaction functionalityXML Basic Syntax JSF is XML style language familiarityHTML Basic/None JDeveloper generates automatically but useful to knowGroovy Basic For Validation checks and attribute expressionsCSS Basic/None To Skin the applicationExpression Basic Supply data to components from properties orLanguage Method
  11. 11. ADF Business Components (Model)Model layer has 2 services layers Data Control Data BindingResides Business logicHandle business rules validationsMain components Entity Objects: Works as a table, perform DMLs View Objects: Think as a Database block and Record Groups in Forms Application Module: Exposed VOs to UI layer Associations: Link between 2 or more EOs View Links: Link between 2 or more VOs
  12. 12. Binding Layer (Model)
  13. 13. ADF Controller (Controller) It Controls the application flow and UI events Flow defines using Task flowsTask flow types: Bounded Task flows : One entry point and zero or more exit points Un-bounded Task flows: Usually application entry points callable from anywhere and are not-securedTask Flow components: View: Is a JSF Page Method: Any procedure or operation Router: Navigation decider Wildcard: To provide easy navigation between pages Task flow call: To call another Task Flow Return activity: Exit point for BTFs
  14. 14. ADF Faces (ViewController) (ViewController)Provides standard look and feel UI ComponentsAJAX and JavaScript enabledPartial page rendering (PPR)Supports client side validations and convertorsRendering Kits for Mobile, PDA devicesAccessibility and Multilingual support
  15. 15. Jdeveloper the IDEOracle’s tool for future developmentSupports full development life cycle Design to deploymentWizard driven means less code to write less chances of errorsOne tool for all: Database, Desktop, Web, Mobile and moreProvides cool features: Wizards Change Control (Subversion, CVS) Code templates Debugging, Profiling and Re-factoring Code editors, Design view editors Drag and Drop
  16. 16. How to learn ADFLearn Java at least syntax familiarityOnline Cue CardsOracle Jdeveloper Handbook 11gFusion Developer Guide at OTNWeb User Interface Guide at OTNDiscussion Forums at OTNBlogsYouTube
  17. 17. Demo timeDemo