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Talking Services with Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA Suite


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Oracle SOA Suite is a complete tool to develop integrated services for your enterprise and by combining with Oracle ADF you can build some powerful SOA based applications which also share common resources between them. The session will share how ADF and SOA suite work together using one tool JDeveloper and how you can take advantage of both technologies in your enterprise.

This session will dive into the following:

1.Developing and using web services in JDeveloper
2.Building service based business components
3.Working with services based data controls
4.Working with EJBs, SDOs and ADF-BC components

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Talking Services with Oracle ADF and Oracle SOA Suite

  1. 1. Talking ServicesOracle ADF & SOA Suite Session# 286 Presenter: Zeeshan Baig, AST Corporation
  2. 2. Agenda• What are Web Services?• Type of Web Services• Oracle ADF and SOA Suite Overview• Developing Web Services in Jdeveloper• Calling Web services in ADF• ADF Integration with SOA Suite• Real world use cases• Q&A All images used in this presentation is courtesy of Google Images and Oracle Documentation
  3. 3. About me• 13+ Years of Technical experience in Oracle products• Technical Manager in Middleware Practice at AST• Oracle ACE Member• Oracle OCP Certified in DBA and ADF• Technical Blog at• YouTube channel
  4. 4. What are Web Services• A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over the WEB• Commonly used for Integration• Hides the complexities between networks
  5. 5. Types of Web Services• SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) • Relies on XML message format • Requires WSDL document • Required Contract • Enterprise Standard• REST (Representational State Transfer) • HTTP based (GET, POST, PUT…) • Simple familiar • Programmer friendly • No Contract
  6. 6. SOAP vs. REST
  7. 7. Oracle ADF & SOA Suite• Oracle ADF is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development by providing out-of-the-box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development experience.• Oracle SOA Suite provides a complete set of service infrastructure components for designing, deploying, and managing composite applications. Oracle SOA Suite enables services to be created, managed, and orchestrated into composite applications and business processes.
  8. 8. Developing SOAP Web Services • SOAP Based (Top down approach) • Create XML Schema • Create WSDL Document • Create Web Service / Implement Logic • Deploy & Call Web Service
  9. 9. SOAP Based Web Services
  10. 10. Developing REST Web Services • REST Based • Create Java Class / Implement Logic • Add Jersey Libraries into your project • Add REST annotations • Deploy • Call
  11. 11. REST Based Web Services
  12. 12. Service Data Objects (SDO)• SDOs enable you to modify business data regardless of how it is physically accessed.• No knowledge is required about how to access a particular back-end data source• ADF BC can be exposed as SDOs• Simple Java class could be exposed as Web Service
  13. 13. Expose ADF BC as SDO• Expose methods or View Object operations through Service Interface• Simple Wizard driven process• Deploy as Business Component Service Interface• Deploy EAR to SOA Server• Use SOA Adaptor to use in Composites
  14. 14. Exposing ADF-BC as Web Services
  15. 15. Calling Web services in ADF• Web Service Data Control• Web Service Proxy Client for WSDL• Java Methods• Call via URL in Browser• Jdeveloper provides wizard driving process
  16. 16. ADF Integration with SOA• Call SOA BPEL process using Web Service Data Control• Access BAM data using BAM data control• Customized Human Work flow• ADF BC can expose Business Event• SOA can subscribe to events
  17. 17. ADF Business Events• Create Event Definition in ADF BC• Mediator can Subscribe to Events• Process Events in SOA BPEL
  18. 18. Real World Use Cases• Legacy Portal to use OIM User Security Management• Oracle ADF application to access Informix database• Oracle Entitlement server integration with JDK 1.4 Legacy apps for Authorization• Scheduling of data movement from .NET application to SOA based application• Payment gateways (VISA, MasterCard)
  19. 19. Summary• Web Services are helpful to integrate different technologies• Oracle Jdeveloper provides simple wizard driven process to develop Web Services• Oracle ADF and SOA suite together can provides loosely coupled solutions for an enterprise
  20. 20. AST Corporation Overview (Booth# 1261) • In Business for Over 17 Years • No Failed or Terminated Projects - Ever! • Awarded 2011 Top Small Company Workplaces by Inc. Magazine. • Focused Exclusively on Oracle Technology and Applications • Oracle Platinum Partner • Oracle’s “Go To” Transportation Partner • 80% of Work with Public Sector Customers • Oracle Public Sector Partner of the Year • 100% On-Time, On-Budget Track Record
  21. 21. Q &A
  22. 22. Please fill out your session evaluation online at We thank you for your feedback! Session # 286 and 283
  23. 23. Contact Information• Email:• Twitter: @baigsorcl• Blog:• LinkedIn: