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Greate Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware and ADF


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Intorduction to ADF and fusion middleware

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Greate Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware and ADF

  1. 1. Mohamed Shahpoup Oracle ADF/Java Instructor Oracle Fusion Middleware & ADF
  2. 2. Agenda  Firstly What is Java ?  Application Developer Framework (ADF) intro.  Java Server Faces (JSF) intro.  Short on ADF Faces.  Using JSF/ADF Faces in a development .  Q/A.
  3. 3. Who am I ?  Mohamed Shahpoup has my B.Sc. from FCI Mansoura Majored in computer science ,  Java Developer, Linux Admin, and JDeveloper/Java Instructor, that is besides my career as an java developer and freelancer. I have delivered large number of projects to many reputational companies like Vodafone, Etisalat, Nawras, AsiaCell, and Some international ministries. I worked as Java Instructor in many training centers since 2008.
  4. 4. Who are you ?  Java Developer  Oracle Developer  Software Developer  None of the above  All of the above
  5. 5. Challenges Faced when Building J2EE Applications  Building J2EE applications can be complex.  Development time can be extensive.  Choosing and implementing appropriate design patterns can be overwhelming.  “Do it yourself” applications often repeat existing application code.  A large portion of “do it yourself” code is dedicated to common tasks.  The more code you write, the greater the chance of errors.  An application framework is needed.
  6. 6. Oracle Application Development Framework  Reduces the complexity of J2EE development by providing visual and declarative development  Increases development productivity – Less coding, more reuse – Focus on the application, not the “plumbing”  Provides a flexible and extensible environment by allowing multiple technology choices and development styles  Encourages J2EE best practices by implementing standard J2EE design patterns
  7. 7. Oracle ADF End-to-end J2EE Framework  Implements standard J2EE best practices  Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern  Focus on the application, not the “plumbing”  Consolidation and evolution of previous frameworks Business ServicesBusiness Services Web and Wireless ClientsWeb and Wireless ClientsRich ClientsRich Clients ModelModel ControllerController
  8. 8. Oracle ADF Visual and Declarative Development  End-to-end Application Development – J2EE & Services  Visual – Visual editors – UML modelers  Declarative – Structure pane – Property inspector  Code View/Design View Synchronization – No separate generation step - always synchronized – Underlying code always accessible
  9. 9. J2EE Architecture (Simplified) Enterprise JavaBeans ADF Business Components Web Services Business ServicesClients Java Objects Database
  10. 10. No Standard API for Client Binding Enterprise JavaBeans ADF Business Components Web Services Business ServicesClients Java Objects Database JDBC?
  11. 11. ADF Model  Data Controls  Data Binding  JSR-227: “A Standard Data Binding & Data Access Facility for J2EE” Web Service TopLink EJB Java Class Business Component ModelModel
  12. 12. ADF Model Architecture  Data control: describes the values and actions defined by the business service ClientClient BindingsBindings Data ControlData Control Business ServiceBusiness Service  Bindings: define how UI components use the values and actions in the data model
  13. 13. ADF Model Architecture  Decouples client and business service layers  Client code contains no references to the business service – Better design practice – Code is more maintainable  Architecture can be extended to add more types of business services
  14. 14. ADF – Productivity With Choice ADF UIX ADF Bindings ADF Data Control ADF Business Components Service Object ADF Business Components Query Object ADF Business Components Entity Object Swing / JClientADFMetadataServices View Controller Model Business Services Swing / JClient JSP ADF UIX JSF/ADF FACES Rich Client Web / Wireless Struts/JSF ADF Bindings ADF Data Control Java Classes EJB Session Beans Web Services ADF Business Components Service Object JDBC EJB Finders TopLink Queries ADF Business Components Query Object Data Access ADF Business Components Entity Object Java Classes EJB Entity Beans TopLink Mapping Persistent Business Objects ADFMetadataServices
  15. 15. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Overview  Developed through Java Community Process as JSR 127  Nickname : Faces  Goal: Simplify creation of Java Server GUIs  Started: May 2001  First relase: March 2004  Oracle is a primary contributor
  16. 16. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Overview - Here is why! JSF brings backing of a standard specification – JSR 127
  17. 17. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Overview  JSF is a natural evolution of J2EE Web development Servlet API JavaServer Pages Custom Tag Libraries JSTL Too low level… Easier but…scriptlets Not standard… Again, too low level… JavaServer Faces Finally, a comprehensive, standard API for J2EE Web applications! JavaServer Faces
  18. 18. JSF Architecture HTML render kit FrontControllerFrontController WML render kit WML render kit BackendBackend CodeCode
  19. 19. JSF Architecture  UIComponent is rendered through Renderer class  Expression Language Value Binding is used to access managed bean also know as a "backing bean"  Managed bean accesses J2EE persistence layer Renderer UI Component Expr. Language Managed bean JSF Page RDBMS J2EE Persistence Layer / JDBC
  20. 20. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Oracle ADF Faces  Built on top of JSF APIs  A large component set >100 different components  Far more advanced and interesting components – Partial-page rendering, etc.  ADF model support out-of-the-box  ADF Faces skins (Look and Feel)  ADF Databinding (JSR 227)  Open Source per January 2006 – docs/faq_adffaces_apache.html
  21. 21. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Oracle ADF Faces
  22. 22. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Oracle ADF Faces  ADF Faces also includes many of the framework features most needed by JSF developers today: – File upload support is integrated at a component level – Client-side validation is automatically derived from Validators and Converters for an improved user experience – A pageFlow scope makes it easier to pass values from one page to another – A new hybrid state saving strategy gives developers the best of both client and server-side state saving
  23. 23. JSF Architecture with ADF  EL accesses “bindings” object to value bind UI components  ADF “bindings” object is set through ADF Filter in web.xml  Bindings object accesses ADF Binding container, which then accesses DataControl  Business Services provide access to various data sources ADF “bindings” Object ADF Binding Renderer UI Component Expr. Language JSF Page RDBMS ADF DataControl Business Service 1 Business Service 2 Business Service 3 XML URL WS
  24. 24. JavaServer Faces (JSF) Oracle ADF Faces – Extend the JSF life cycle Happens through a registered phase- listener
  25. 25. Oracle Web-Logic Server Oracle WebLogic Server is Oracle's preferred platform to provide both a standard Java EE environment and an environment specifically tailored to Oracle Fusion Middleware providing:   Complete Java EE 5 compatibility    Complete Java SE 6 compatibility  Web Services support  Integration with Oracle's Fusion Middleware tools
  26. 26. Oracle Fusion MiddleWare Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM, also known as Fusion Middleware) consists of several software products from Oracle Corporation. OFM spans multiple services, including Java EE and developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, collaboration, and content management. OFM depends on open standards such as BPEL, SOAP, XML and JMS. Oracle Fusion Middleware provides software for the development, deployment, and management of service-oriented architecture (SOA). It includes what Oracle calls "hot-pluggable" architecture, designed to facilitate integration with existing applications and systems from other software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft.
  27. 27. Developer Tools JDeveloper IDE
  28. 28.  Javaprogramming  Servlets  JSP  JSF  OracleSQL  ADF I  ADF II Course Content
  29. 29. Brain Touch polymorphism inheritance Player Platform framework ADF JSF Encapsulation