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Working with Portlets in ADF and Webcenter


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Working with Portlets in ADF and Webcenter

  1. 1. Working with Portletsin Oracle ADF & Webcenter Presenter: Zeeshan Baig Session # 288 1
  2. 2. A little about me….• Currently working as Senior Architect Developer at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.• 12+ years of experience in Oracle Development tools (Database, Forms, APEX, ADF, Fusion)• Oracle ACE, OCP DBA certified in 8, 8i and 10g• Technical blog on ADF and other fusion technologies at• YouTube channel The views expressed are my own and does not affiliates with my employer Images used in this presentation courtesy of Google images and Oracle Documentation Session # 288 2
  3. 3. Agenda• ADF & Webcenter Overview• What is Portlet?• Portlets Producer Types and Modes• ADF Task flows v/s Portlets• Developing Portlets in ADF• Testing and Deploying Portlets• Consuming Portlets in Webcenter Portal and Spaces• Portlet Communication• Tips & Guidelines• Demo• Q&A Session # 288 3
  4. 4. Survey• How many people are familiar with Java?• How many people are working with Oracle ADF OR WebCenter?• How many people have worked with Portlets? Session # 288 4
  5. 5. ADF & WebcenterWhat is ADF? End to end framework builds on JEE standardplatform to develop Web 2.0 ApplicationsWhat is Webcenter? Extensional framework builds on top of ADF todevelop Enterprise 2.0 portals with features likePortlets, RSS, Discussion forums and ContentmanagementWhat is Jdeveloper? A free integrated tool to build Java-SOA basedapplications Session # 288 5
  6. 6. Things to do• Download and Install Oracledatabase i.e. Oracle XE• Download and Install OracleJdeveloper version (PS4)• Download and Install OracleWebcenter Extensions for Jdeveloper Session # 288 6
  7. 7. What is Portlet?• As per Wikipedia "Portlets are pluggable user interface software components  that are managed and displayed in a web portal."• Reusable component visible on page• Draws content from different sources• Often compare to web-services and ADF task flows• Can be local or remotely deployed• Can display excerpts from other sites• May or may not be rendered in in-line IFRAME• Can display elements of HTML, formatted text, images Session # 288 7
  8. 8. Portlets Session # 288 8
  9. 9. Portlet Producers Types Works as a communication link between Portal and PortletsWSRP Producer Uses WSDL, allows any standard web-based application to work as portlet.PDK-Java Producer Uses Industry standards like XML, SOAP, HTTP.Portal-Tools Producer Allows to create/consume portlets on Portal without known complex programming Session # 288 9
  10. 10. Portlets ModesVIEW Defines how portlet will be visible on page. All portlets must have View mode.EDIT Allow authorized user to personalize portlet e.g. Title, appearance, contentEDIT – Allow to change system-level personalization on theDEFAULTS portletHELP Allow to display information about functionality of the portletABOUT Display information like version, copyright, contact author Session # 288 10
  11. 11. Task Flows v/s Portlets Local Task Flow Remote Task Flow ADF Based PortletUse same Skin as consumer Use its own skin. opens in Renders in iFrames uses itsportal pop or different window own skinSupport Transactions No Support for Transactions No Support for TransactionsInteraction between task Input output parameters inter-portlet communicationflows via Contextual events,Input output parametersDeployed with consumer app Deployed separately Deployed separatelyFull ADF / Webcenter security Requires Single Sign-on WS-Security with OWSM is used for authentication Session # 288 11
  12. 12. Portlet Types• JSF Portlets• Programmable Portlets • Standard Java Portlet • PDK-Java Portlet• Web clipping• Omni Portlet Session # 288 12
  13. 13. JSF Portlets• Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge allows to convertexisting JSF applications into Portlets• Same code for both portlets and app• Right click Task flow or Page and choose“Create Portlet Entry”• File portlet.xml file contains all metadata Session # 288 13
  14. 14. Programmable Portlets• Standard based JSR 286 Portlets usesWSRP and WSDL• PDK Java Portlets uses standardtechnologies• Ideal for Integration with other apps• Usually Deployed as WAR Session # 288 14
  15. 15. Web Clipping• Clips a complete or section of webpage as a portlet• No Coding experience required• Leverage single sign-on solution withsites requires authentication• Some limitations exists Session # 288 15
  16. 16. Omni-Portlet• Allow to add portlet to your application atdesign time, and customize at runtime.• Supports many Data sourcesincluding SQL, XML, web services,spreadsheets, and web pages.• Supports different layouts like tablesand charts• Allows personalization Session # 288 16
  17. 17. Testing & Deployment• Test in Integrated Weblogic Server• Deploy to Weblogic server • Create WAR deployment description • Right click portlet and create WAR file OR • Deploy directly to Application server Session # 288 17
  18. 18. Consuming Portlets In Webcenter Portal• Get portlet WSDL or Provider URL end- point• Create Connection in Resource Palette or Webcenter Portal application to register the portlet• Drag and Drop the Portlet from connection to JSF Page• Set necessary Portlet tags and parameters Session # 288 18
  19. 19. Consuming Portlets In Webcenter Spaces• Get portlet WSDL or Provider URL end- point• Open Enterprise Manager Fusion middleware Control• Register Portlet with Webcenter Spaces• Edit Webcenter spaces JSF page in Composer mode• Add Portlet from Resource catalog• Enter portlet parameters and Save Session # 288 19
  20. 20. Portlets Communication• Wiring Portlets at Design Time – Edit Page Binding for Portlet 2 – Set source of parameter as source of Portlet 1 – Set Partial triggers• Wiring Portlets at Runtime – Log in as Administrator on Portal – Edit the page and go to Portlet properties – Use EL Expression to set the parameter values – Set partial triggers to portlet Id• Contextual Wiring of Portlets using Events – Uses payLoad instead of parameter values – Set payLoad values at Event tab of portlet properties Session # 288 20
  21. 21. Tips & Guidelines• Use Standard HTML and CSS• Keep content concise• Test in different browsers with window resizing behavior• Never use JavaScript to do redirect inside Portlet. Open a new browser window instead• Pop-ups, Input date, Input color are not supported inside ADF based portlet• Use database persistence store in web.xml specially in cluster environment• Access using HTTP server instead of direct link to WLS Session # 288 21
  22. 22. DEMOSession # 288 22
  23. 23. Thank youCongratulations!! You are now Portlet Certified… Session # 288 23
  24. 24. Session # 288 24
  25. 25. My ContactBLOGhttp://baigzeeshan.comYouTube Channel Session # 288 25