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Oracle SOA Suite for High availability Enterprises


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Oracle SOA Suite is a complex piece of software which required good knowledge and research to install, configure and later maintain it. This session will highlight the best practices to install, configure and maintain for a High availability enterprise and share some real world performance solutions and basic Administrative tasks.

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Oracle SOA Suite for High availability Enterprises

  1. 1. Oracle SOA Suite for High Availability Enterprises Session# 283 Presenter: Zeeshan Baig Co-Presenter: Deepak Sharma AST Corporation
  2. 2. Agenda• Why High availability is Important• Determining your HA• Oracle SOA Suite Installation• Oracle SOA Suite Basic Topology• Oracle SOA Suite Topology for HA Enterprises• Oracle SOA Suite Administration• Best Practices• Q&A All images used in this presentation is courtesy of Google images and Oracle documentation.
  3. 3. About Zeeshan• 13+ Years of Technical experience in Oracle products• Technical Manager in Middleware Practice at AST• Oracle ACE Member• Oracle OCP Certified• Technical Blog at• YouTube Channel
  4. 4. About Deepak• 6+ Years of Technical experience in Oracle products• Senior Consultant in Middleware Practice at AST• OCP Certified
  5. 5. What is High Availability?• As per WikiHigh availability is a system design approach and associated service implementation that ensures a prearranged level of operational performance will be met during a contractual measurement period.• High Availability Characteristics • Be transparent to most failures • Provide built-in preventative measures • Provide proactive monitoring and fast detection of failures • Provide fast recoverability • Provide the HA solution to meet your SLA
  6. 6. Why High Availability is Important • Impact on Business • Customer Relationship • Downtime = Lost productivity & Revenues • Negative publicity • Possible Legal actions
  7. 7. Determining Your HA• Questions to Answer • Business Impact Analysis • Cost of Downtime • Recovery Time Objective • Recovery Point Objective • SLAs • HA Architecture
  8. 8. How to setup SOA Suite for HA • Follow Oracle’s Enterprise Deployment Guide • Deployment Guide is based on best HA practices • Provides Built-in Security • Separation with other components • Provides Component level High availability
  9. 9. Oracle SOA Suite Installation Flow Chart
  10. 10. Oracle SOA Suite Simple Topology• Web Tier is a HTTP server• Application Tier is where SOA resides• Database tier is where Meta Repository resides
  11. 11. Enterprise Topology - Directory Structure Admin Server (Shared) Managed Server (Shared or Local) Fixed Name Installation-dependent name
  12. 12. Enterprise Topologies – Shared Storage
  13. 13. Enterprise Topologies – Web Tier
  14. 14. Enterprise Topologies - SOA
  15. 15. Enterprise Topologies - Database
  16. 16. Best Practices / Lesson Learned • Check Platform certification • Follow Enterprise deployment Guide • AdminServer on Shared drive • Schedule SOA Purge scripts • Shared file system based JMS • Ensure HA at Database Layer • Implement OSB virtualization
  17. 17. Basic Administration Tasks• Managing SOA Composites • Instance Monitoring • BPEL Process Recovery • Composite State management• Deployment of SOA Composites • Deploy, Re-deploy• Securing SOA Composites • Policy Management, SSL• Managing Database Growth • Instance Purging • Partitioning Component Tables
  18. 18. Summary• High availability is important for us• Oracle’s Enterprise deployment Guide is based on best HA practices for SOA suite• Automate basic Administration task to avoid problems later on
  19. 19. AST Corporation Overview (Booth# 1261) • In Business for Over 17 Years • No Failed or Terminated Projects - Ever! • Awarded 2011 Top Small Company Workplaces by Inc. Magazine. • Focused Exclusively on Oracle Technology and Applications • Oracle Platinum Partner • Oracle’s “Go To” Transportation Partner • 80% of Work with Public Sector Customers • Oracle Public Sector Partner of the Year • 100% On-Time, On-Budget Track Record
  20. 20. Q &A
  21. 21. Contact Information• Zeeshan Baig • Email: • Twitter: @baigsorcl • Blog: • LinkedIn:• Deepak Sharma • Email: