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Greater Good


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This deck was part of a session. A guest lecture in the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. On Ethics in Advertising/Marketing. Being in advertising, it is skewed towards that.

I believe that Life teaches us more about Ethics than text books. It is very subjective.
If there is one yardstick I can think of, it is maybe, Greater Good.
That became the core of my conversation.

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Greater Good

  1. GREATER GOOD Ethics. Life. Advertising.
  2. Before advertising, let’s talk about Life and Ethics
  3. A Boy. A Train. A Bridge. The Story.
  4. A trainload of lives. A little boy. Coming towards each other on a single track drawbridge. The little boy running towards his father. The train racing to cross the bridge. Only one can have the right to the track. The drawbridgekeeper has to choose. Stop the train. Or let it cross… He chooses .One life versus many. The one life is his only son. The little boy running towards him…. The father sacrifices his son for the lives of the people in the train.
  5. Its not always about Right Vs Wrong
  6. It is often about GOOD VS GREATER GOOD
  7. Kill Vs Save
  8. Animal testing
  9. Test Vs Protect
  10. Sex Workers
  11. Work Vs Pleasure
  12. Mercy Killing
  13. Prolong Vs Relief
  14. Factors that influence ethics Cultural Codes Political Canvas Societal Value System Moral Intensity Literacy Rewards/ Punishment
  15. Let’s pause for 2 minutes. And think. Maybe jot it down in memory. What was/is your moment of ethical conflict? What did you do?
  16. Moving on to Advertising
  17. It’s a business of Provocation
  18. Advertising is a brand conversation. We need conversations. To inspire, to choose, to enjoy.
  19. Ethics vis Creative Licensein advertising
  20. 1.TRUTH Exaggeration is a figure of speech. As white as snow.
  21. A Great ad Vs An ad for Greater Good. Let’s look at some examples and ask ourselves the question. There is often just right and more right. That’s what makes this hard.
  22. Fastrack India
  23. Truth in Advertising OK to Exaggerate , Provoke, Hype up Offer choices. Reasons. Attract.Appeal. NOT OK to Mislead, create controversies, be deceptive and mask the product truth. This works against the Greater Good.
  24. 2.RESPECT Cultural sensitivities. Local sentiments. Religion. People. Some ads work for a greater message. And are effective. Others are simply a provocation that works against ethics. Let’s look at some more ads. Let’s ask ourselves which ones work for greater good. Some definitely do.
  25. Save our Sisters. A campaign against Women Abuse by showing the Goddesses we worship in India.
  26. Benetton
  27. Girbaud
  28. Respect Be sensitive. Do the right checks. Provoke :Religion. Values. Beliefs. Only if it makes a point for greater good.
  29. 3. BEAUTY
  30. The question is WHO WRITES THE BEAUTY CODES?
  31. Women? Industry? Culture?
  32. The ads that follow are just to show that beauty is getting more stereotyped than ever. Someone is definitely drawing the blueprint for the “aspirational look”. But, they do inspire women to look good. Feel confident. Go out there and make a point. Some make more impact. Resonate more. Which ones…. Let’s decide for ourselves…
  33. Beauty Democratisation of beauty means more responsibility Is the shift from Inspiration to Compulsion? The self worth story- what role does it play in beauty? Beauty and Wellness- the greater good equation?
  34. 4. ICONSThey inspire. They are pin ups. Kids revere them. Spend their pocket money for the brands they endorse. Are these super heroes of advertising ethical….
  35. IconsInspire not Endanger Responsible endorsement
  36. Four areas. There are more. Truth Respect Beauty Icons
  37. Creating the Balance Investing in Greater Good
  38. Give Back
  39. SUSTAINABILITY Give back to society. To Nature. Complete the cycle. Recreate.
  40. Cultivating and investing in conservation of marine life while running his excellent sea food chain. Billy Marinelli. The Oyster bar. A great example of giving back for greater good.
  41. FAIRTRADE Source with fairness. Ensure prosperity.
  42. TRANSPARENCYHonesty is a part of communication. Always.
  43. People. Planet. Profit. Finally, it zeroes down to the 3.
  44. If we focus on all three, there will be decisions for greater good.
  45. Thank You @babitabaruah