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Newsletter gr4

  1. 1. hey May 2012 Grade 4 English, Math and Science Newsletter Lessons covered in Math eStudents have spent the past few weekslearning about writing fractions and mixednumbers as decimals, read, write, compare, andorder decimals to thousands. They also learnedhow to round decimals to nearest tenths andhundredths, estimate sums and difference ofdecimals, write sums and difference ofdecimals.The students have finished measure area andperimeter of polygons using nonstandard andstandard units, use formulas to find the areaand perimeter of polygons. Lessons covered in ScienceAnd finally students identify solid figures bytheir faces, edges, and vertices and find the Students have spent the past few weeks learningvolume of rectangular prism. about Electricity , what is electricity, how are electricity and magnetism related, what are some sources of electricity, and how do people use energy resources . We reviewed in the class, they took review worksheets and we solved the worksheets in the class. A caption describing the graphic Lessons covered in English The students have finished the selection “Antarctic Journey”. In Phonics the students have taken (Related Words, Schwa & Words with Silent Consonant).In Grammar the students have taken Adverbs, and Comparative & Superlative Adverbs. In Writing the students have taken the following: Main Idea & Details, Proofreading, Descriptions, and Personal Narratives.
  2. 2. English, Math & Science Newsletter page 2 English ActivitiesThank you to all the students that participated inthe “Extra Reading Material” Competitions. Pleasestudents keep reading during the summer!!! Thereare a variety of wonderful books please pick up astory and enjoy. Keep up the good work!!Reminder to Parentsfrom the English Department, during examsplease make sure your child receives *an adequate amount of sleep*a healthy breakfast*a quiet place for studying Lessons covered in Computer This month we started to learn how to program in the language LOGO. The students know now the basic commands in LOGO, FD – Forward, BK – Backward, RT – Right, LT – Left, CS – Clearscreen. The final examination will cover all skills covered in LOGO. We would like to wish all our students and their families a fun and safe holiday and a spiritual Ramadan, inshaAllah. This Newsletter has been preparedThank You Students! byThe English Department would like to thank our Math and Science Teacher/Coordinator-fourth graders for a wonderful year! You have allbeen a real pleasure to work with and a (Mrs. Hiba Mehyar)magnificent bunch of angels. God bless you! Wewill miss you! See you in September. English Teacher/Coordinator (Mrs. Nadia Elatrash) Computer Teacher (Mrs. Amal Chafic)