April 2013


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April 2013

  1. 1. Crandall Chronicle April 2013 Classroom News from 3-1 Welcome back! I hope you all I enjoyed meeting with all of had a very relaxing and you during Parent/Teacher enjoyable spring break. The conferences before spring class definitely earned it! break. It was nice sharing all March was a very busy month of the successes and progress for the third graders. They the children have been put forth a lot of effort in making throughout the school studying for and taking the year. ISATs, and I am very proud An exciting opportunity will of all their hard work. We had soon be coming to our class. a great time celebrating our The school has a grade level achievements and the set of iPads that are being culmination of the state shared throughout the testing during our ISAT party. grades. It is our turn to Thank you to everyone who incorporate them into our brought in movies, activities, daily instruction over a three- games, and electronics to week period. Ask your child share with the class. The to share with you the students certainly had fun! engaging ways we are usingIn this issue: them! Reading 1 Cursive 2 Writing 2 Grammar 2 Math 3 What We’re Studying Science 3 Reading Student During the last few weeks of have been learning Challenge 4 March before spring break, throughout the school year. Reminders 4 we took a brief break from We will continue to use a Dates/Events 4 our Treasures reading variety of comprehension program. We focused on strategies along with some delving deeper into a single wonderful digital tools as we piece of literature, using all of begin reading some iBook the reading strategies we novels in guided reading.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 OF 4As we approach the end of the school Please encourage your child to useyear, students will be completing a cursive regularly at home. Ask him orgreater number of assignments in her to help you write out a grocerycursive. I will also be using only list, address an envelope, or even jotcursive in the classroom to help down a note for another familyensure that students are able to read member. This additional practice willthings that have been written in help the children to improve theircursive. cursive writing skills.Writing This week we began the third unit,The students are continuing to work which teaches students how to writeon their writing using the Writers’ well-developed realistic fiction stories.Express program (WEX). They The students began by selecting arecently finished the second unit, photograph on which to base theirwhich focused on writing responses to first character. They used theirliterature. Please look for a copy of observations of the children in thetheir final published piece and a rubric photographs to develop anexplaining how it was graded. They understanding, based on inferences,did a very nice job combining their of that character’s personality traitsown ideas with details from the novel, and the setting. I look forward toMy Name is Maria Isabel, by Alma Flor helping them create adventures forAda. these new characters to experience!GrammarIn grammar, we are currently learning revealing them to their classmatesabout pronouns and their correct and teacher. After practicing tousage. Through the use of the iPad identify and correctly use pronouns inapp “DoodleBuddies,” the students a variety of sentences, students willwill be able to remain engaged during learn about other types of nouns andthe lessons and actively participate by parts of speech.writing answers on the iPad and
  3. 3. PAGE 3 OF 4MathDuring March, we concluded Unit 6 and units, the class was introduced tospent a couple of weeks preparing for several of the basic multiplicationthe math portion of the ISAT. Students facts, and this unit introduced thewere required not only to correctly remaining facts along with some moresolve a math problem, but they then complex concepts.had to describe the steps they took Please continue to have your childtoward solving the problem and also practice not only his or her math factsexplain why they did each step. that correlate with the weekly timedThis was challenging for the students, fact tests, but practice all of thebut they worked hard and showed multiplication facts as well. I am verytremendous progress each time that we pleased with how the students aredid the exercise. I am extremely improving their timed fact test scorespleased with all their efforts! Our and are progressing through the mathcurrent unit in math focuses on facts. Way to go!multiplication and division. In priorScienceThe students have really been Perhaps the most excitement in ourenjoying our new science unit. We class came from our three new classbegan studying habitats this week pets. Our hermit crabs arrived to helpwith an emphasis on organisms and teach about habitats, organisms, andtheir basic survival needs. The survival needs. The students have beenstudents learned about the different so eager to observe their every move.organisms that live in and around an We voted on names for our new crittersoak tree and how they have an impact and the winning names are Sandy,on one another. Each student created Little Claw, and Mr. Fill. The studentsan organism to add to our oak tree will take turns caring for the crabs andbulletin board and we had a rich making sure that their survival needsdiscussion about how each of them are being met accurately. Visit our classeither provide a survival need or blog to see photographs of our hermitreceive a survival need from another crabs and updates on their activities.organism.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 OF 4Student Challenge Research the plants and animals that live in one habitat. Create a food web that involves a total of at least 20 plants and animals. (20 total, not each) Use pictures cut out of magazines, printed from the computer, or your own drawings. Label each picture (tell me what type of plant or animal it is) and don’t forget to draw the arrows showing where the energy is going! Remember to use only plants and animals from a single habitat. Turn your food web in any day in April.Some habitats you might choose from = desert, ocean, grasslands, rainforest, tundra, forest, marsh, lake, etc.MONTHLY REMINDERS* I am sending home the last Scholastic book order for the year. Please return any order forms to school by Friday, April 12th or online by Saturday, April 13th.* The students’ assignment notebooks are communication tools that help keep the students organized and the parents informed of homework assignments and upcoming tests or projects. Please check your child’s assignment notebook each night. This is a great way to stay involved and informed.* Don’t forget to return your child’s report card envelope. Thanks! IMPORTANT DATES & UPCOMING EVENTS April 8 – Bus Evacuation April 8 – Robert Crown Presentation April 11 – Dryden Roller Skating Party (Orbit) April 13 – Just Move it Challenge April 16 – Robert Crown Presentation April 22 – Earth Day April 23 – Robert Crown Presentation April 23 – MAP Testing Begins April 29 – Arbor Day / Walk to School Day April 30 – Robert Crown Presentation