Nov. 16


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Nov. 16

  1. 1. Crossroads Charter Academy Big Rapids, MI Nov. 16, 2012 Mrs. Nawrot’s Classroom News Class News This Week’s Academics Spelling  AR – Students should be at 25% of their AR Next week we will have a short fun unit on common reading goals today. Thanksgiving words.  Students should be prepared for the middle Reading of the marking period on Dec. 7th. Next week we will be reading our independent  Christmas Musical- 4th grade is honored to reading books. Students enjoyed comfy reading around the room today. put on the annual Christmas program. Students have received their information on Writing Next week we will continue prewriting and drafting a parts, costume requirements, and their legend. Students should be looking to explain how scripts. The program will be on Dec. 7th at 7 something came to be or why something is the way it pm in our auditorium. Students must meet is. in their classroom at 6:30 to get costumes on Math and get settled for our show. Invite your Fractions have begun! Next week we will continue friends and family and save the date! comparing fractions and adding/subtracting them.  Scholastic Book Fair – The library will be Social Studies having the book fair from Nov. 26 – Dec. 3. It Economics will continue next week. We looked at the assembly line and how Henry Ford was able to make will be open each school day from 7:30am -4 cars quickly and affordably. Students found the pm. system pretty interesting!  Last Book Order of 2012- I am including our final book order of the year. Students may want to purchase a book from this order for the Christmas party, Special Notes where students will be exchanging wrapped 2nd Annual Craft and Bake Sale- books. There are several excellent titles atAs part of our Economics unit and to raise $ great prices! Orders are due on Nov. 20th.for our upcoming field trips, all students areasked to prepare a craft, a baked good, or IMPORTANT DATESboth. We will be having a sale that is open to • Nov. 17- Festival of Lights Parade at 6pmthe whole school on Dec. 4th from 1-3 pm. • Nov. 20 – Book Order DueI have now received most of the product • Nov. 21 – Half day * 11:30 dismissalproposals, and students will receive their • Nov. 22-23 – No Schoolapproved proposals on Monday. • Nov. 26-Dec. 3 – Book Fair*Feel free to attend our sale on Dec. 4th. You • Dec. 4 – Craft and Bake Sale from 1-3 pmwill find that the students do a nice job and • Dec. 7 – Midterm of Marking Periodlearn a lot!! • Dec. 7 – 4th Grade Christmas Program