Crandall Chronicle                                                         December 2012                     Classroom New...
PAGE 2 OF 5          Reading ContinuedWe began our reading unit with a         to nonfiction, biographies, andfocus on the...
PAGE 3 OF 5Social Studies                               culminating activity, the students will be                        ...
PAGE 4 OF 5                 Class Website Updates! Visit our class website and check out these recently added items:    Cl...
PAGE 5 OF 5Student Challenge    This month’s challenge: Create a timeline showing the years    that each of the Midwest st...
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Crandall Chronicle December 2012


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Crandall Chronicle December 2012

  1. 1. Crandall Chronicle December 2012 Classroom News from 3-1 I hope you all had a wonderful Right before Thanksgiving Thanksgiving break (It seems break, the students filled our so long ago now.) filled with class pillar with 200 smiley faces delicious food and fun times (earned each week for keeping with family and friends. Thank all 6 pillars). They voted on a you all so much for meeting class reward and decided to with me at your child’s have a movie party with conference. I really enjoyed popcorn and pajamas. This, sharing all of the successes combined with our Solars Award that the students have had so Ceremony, made for a very far in third grade. special end to the 3rd trimester! Please continue to thank the friends and family members who send postcards to our class. We recently counted 112 postcards from 32 different states and 17 international destinations! The students really enjoy learning about the states and locating them on the map. Visit our class website to see which states we still need postcards from!In this issue: Reading 1 Reading Cont. 2 What We’re Studying Writing 2 Reading Science 3 Math 3 During the week before and determining an author’s Cursive 3 Thanksgiving Break, we purpose for writing. They completed the second unit of carefully decided if the author Web Updates 4 our Treasures Literacy was trying to inform, Reminders 4 Program. Throughout this persuade, or entertain us. We Dates/Events 4 unit, the students practiced continued to work on using Student reading comprehension context clues to find the Challenge 5 strategies that include meaning of a word with generating questions, multiple meanings. The summarizing, identifying text students were introduced to as fantasy or reality, poems and poetry features like identifying facts and opinions, alliteration and repetition.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 OF 5 Reading ContinuedWe began our reading unit with a to nonfiction, biographies, andfocus on the genre of fantasy. A autobiographies.purpose for reading was set for the As your child continues to read atstudents, and they had to identify home, please engage in aparts of the story that were conversation about what he or shecompletely fantasy and those that has read. This will help the children towere realistic. Our focus then turned think more critically of the book.Writing The second part they were looking forThe students have been hard at work was an area that they thought mighton their writing. During the weeks be lacking focus or showing details.before Thanksgiving break, the Their job was to then add morestudents were working on writing sentences or modify their alreadypersonal narratives for our WEX written sentences to use the writing(Writers’ Express) writing program. skills they had been practicing inThey selected one of their pieces they class.had written this year that they wanted The next step in the writing processto expand upon and improve. The involved the students editing theirstudents began the revision phase of own work. They whispered their piecethe writing process. Each student was of writing to themselves so that theyresponsible for reading through their could listen for missing or extrajournal entry and finding at least two words. They also double-checked forparts that they thought they could capital letters and correct punctuation.improve. Since the students self-edited theirThe first part they were looking for pieces and they checked for spellingwas an example of something they on their own, you may notice thatthought they did very well. This could some words are spelled incorrectly inhave been a section in which they their final published pieces. Our focuseffectively focused on a single during writing was on their ideas, somoment or an area where they felt correct spelling was not required forthat they included exceptionally good this piece unless they were ourdetails that show the reader exactly monthly writing words. I encouragewhat they were thinking. They wrote students to take risks with their wordtwo or three (or even more) choice, which results in them usingsentences continuing to demonstrate more challenging or exciting wordsthese wonderful writing skills. they may not be familiar with spelling.
  3. 3. PAGE 3 OF 5Social Studies culminating activity, the students will be taking an imaginary train ride throughIn social studies, we began our Midwest the Midwest. As we pass through eachUnit right after Thanksgiving break. The state, the students who studied thatstudents have been reading about the particular state will share importantland in the Midwest and will be learning information with their classmates throughabout the types of transportation that has a previously recorded podcast. Thebeen used throughout its history. We will students will learn about each state’salso learn about the people of the natural resources, state symbols,Midwest and its economy. manufacturing and agricultural products,Each student selected a state from the important tourist sights, and otherMidwest that they are interested in interesting facts.learning more about, and they began The students are responsible for learningresearching their states in class. At the the states and capitals for the Midwestend of this unit, the students will have a region and will be tested on them beforescrapbook containing all of the winter break. They need to be able toinformation that they learned while on match states with their capitals and locate the states on a blank map.our “journey” through the Midwest. As aMath CursiveWe completed our fourth math unit The students have been workingbefore break. The students were extremely hard on their lowercaseexcited about learning new cursive letters. Our cursive packetsmultiplication math facts and are nearly complete. Once studentspracticing their multiplication and have finished their lowercasedivision skills. The students learned letters, they will move on to thenew vocabulary (factor, product, capital cursive letters. They aredividend, divisor, and quotient) to working hard to make sure theydescribe the numbers that they are are forming each of the lettersmultiplying or dividing. We will correctly. I am very pleased withcontinue to use this vocabulary daily the time and effort they are puttingduring our math lessons. The class has into making their cursivebeen practicing multiplication and handwriting neat.division in number stories through theuse of workbooks, hands-on activities,and games. Please continue to haveyour child practice his or her mathfacts daily! We are currently practicingwriting and reading large and smallnumbers.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 OF 5 Class Website Updates! Visit our class website and check out these recently added items: Class Pet Adventures Frozen Clock Graphing Activity Calculating Grandpa’s Age in Minutes and Seconds! Race Across the States Everyday Math Parent Letters (offers homework help) are posted under the Everyday Math section on the “Learning Links” page. www.ccrandall3.blogspot.comMONTHLY REMINDERS * Remember to send your child to school with appropriate clothing for outdoor recess. As the days get colder, this may include hats, mittens, winter coats, and warm pants. If your child wants to play in the snow, he or she must be wearing snow pants and boots. * Please continue to encourage your child to practice his or her math facts nightly. Remember, there are many different math games on our class website!IMPORTANT DATES & UPCOMING EVENTS December 21st – Spirit Day (Pajama Day) December 24 – January 4 – Winter Vacation (NO SCHOOL)
  5. 5. PAGE 5 OF 5Student Challenge This month’s challenge: Create a timeline showing the years that each of the Midwest states became a state and joined the United States of America. You will need to do a little research to find out what years each of the 12 states became a state and an interesting fact about each one. You may use the internet, books at the library, encyclopedias, or any other resources that might be helpful. (The state quarters have the dates!) Next, draw a neat timeline using a ruler or yardstick. Fill in the dates, the names of the states, their capital cities, and an interesting fact about each Midwest state. Turn in your neatly completed timeline before winter break! Don’t forget that names of cities & states need capital letters. The Midwest states include: The capitals include: Illinois Missouri Bismarck Indiana Nebraska Columbus Iowa North Dakota Des Moines Kansas Ohio Indianapolis Michigan South Dakota Jefferson City Minnesota Wisconsin Lansing Lincoln! Madison Pierre Springfield St. Paul TopekaDon’t forget to keep practicing your Midwest states and capitals!