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September 2012


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September Crandall Chronicle

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September 2012

  1. 1. Crandall Chronicle September 2012 Classroom News from 3-1 Welcome to the 2012-2013 Next week the students will school year! We are already take MAP (Measures of off to a great start! We have Academic Progress) a class full of children who assessments in the subject are eager to learn. There areas of math and reading. was a wonderful turnout at The students’ fluency is also Curriculum Night. Thank you being assessed using all for coming! Each month I AIMSweb. The data from will be posting a newsletter these tests will be used to on our class website plan for classroom highlighting what we have instruction. You will receive done over the past few your child’s scores with his weeks and what we are or her progress report in looking forward to in the November. Additional coming weeks. I will information about the generally have newsletters assessments can be found available on the first Friday at the Arlington Heights of each month. I decided to district webpage:In this issue: wait a few weeks before Reading 2 posting this first issue of the Spelling 3 Crandall Chronicle since the Assessments Overview Writing & school year just began. MAP Assessment Grammar 3 Please take time to check Social Studies 4 our class blog frequently, as AIMSWeb Math 4 new information and Science 4 student work will be added Web Updates 5 regularly. Reminders 5 Dates/Events 5 Student Challenge 6
  2. 2. PAGE 2 OF 6 What We’re StudyingReading A few weeks ago we began our first in reading, word study, writing, and unit in our literacy program called content literacy. The students are Treasures. This balanced literacy responsible for completing the work program includes instruction in at all four centers each week. They reading, writing, spelling, and are graded based on the neatness grammar. Each week in reading we and accuracy of their work, their focus on a specific genre, strategy, quiet participation, and how well and skill. During whole class they get along with their group instruction, the class will read two members. short texts and one longer selection On Fridays, the class takes an over a five-day period. During the assessment that covers what we first full week of school we read a have studied in reading, grammar, humorous fiction story titled First and spelling that week. The points Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. The that the students earn on these students were able to connect well assessments will be factored into to the weekly theme, which was new their total points that they beginnings. accumulate each trimester for The students have been focusing on reading. However, the main purpose analyzing story structure by of these assessments is to identify identifying the characters and areas that the students may need setting of the story, and finding additional support with and to inform important events that occurred in me of strategies that may need to the beginning, middle, and end of be taught again or reviewed. We the text. We continued to work on completed the assessment together our skills in analyzing characters, during the first week so that good setting, and plot as we read our next test-taking strategies could be main selection, Dear Juno, by modeled. The students took their Soyung Pak. The theme was about first assessment independently last communicating and keeping in touch week. We reviewed these graded with friends and family. tests today before the students took Recently, students also began their second test. Please look for this working on centers. These include assessment in your child’s take various activities that focus on skills home folder.
  3. 3. PAGE 3 OF 6SpellingThe students completed their third list Since the purpose of the homework isof spelling words this week. Each to help the students learn theirMonday, the class takes a spelling pre- spelling words, it is crucial that thetest. Students who score a 90% or spelling words are spelled correctly onhigher on their pretest will have the these assignments. If homework isopportunity to study spelling words turned in with misspelled spellingfrom a challenge list. We will complete words, the students will be required toin-class activities throughout the week practice writing each word correctlyto learn and practice spelling patterns. ten times. This will help to ensure thatHowever, it will also be the students’ the students will be prepared for theirresponsibility to practice their spelling post-test, which will be given weeklywords at home, particularly if they are on Fridays.on the challenge list that week. Twospelling homework activities will besent home each week to help the Spelling lists will be posted onstudents practice their words. These our class website on Mondaysassignments will be due each Thursday. after the pretest has been given.Writing & GrammarDuring our first weeks of school we In grammar the students are learningreviewed some of the writing strategies to distinguish between a variety ofand skills that the students learned in types of sentences includingsecond grade. The students spent time statements, questions, exclamations,drafting, revising, editing, and and commands. They continue to workpublishing the letters you read at on forming complete sentencesCurriculum Night. I hope you took as containing correct capitalization andmuch pleasure in reading them as the punctuation instead of sentencechildren did writing them! fragments. In third grade, the studentsThe students recently developed “juicy are held accountable for writing thesesentences” that are rich in detail. The complete sentences. Missinggoal was to include so much detail that punctuation, incorrectthe reader could picture the exact same capitalization, and sentencething that the writer has pictured. Their fragments will lead to studentsfinal products were illustrated and are losing a half point for eachhanging in the hallway. occurrence on graded assignments.
  4. 4. PAGE 4 OF 6Social Studies postcards on the iPads using the appsMap Skills is our first unit in social TourWrist and Pic Collage. Thesestudies. We have already been learning postcards feature photos of landformsabout many different types of maps they toured. Links to a slideshow ofalong with the advantages and these postcards and our sevendisadvantages of using each. The continents film are posted on ourstudents are now able to determine class blog.which type of map should be usedbased on the types of information that Don’t forget to have friends or familythey are looking for. Following cardinal send our class a postcard if theyand intermediate directions is another travel to other states or countries! Wemajor topic that we are focusing. The are already off to an incredible start!students were recently assigned a Mrs. Crandall’s Class (3-1)project that reviews the many skills Dryden Elementary Schoolthey have learned during this unit. 722 S. Dryden PlaceThe students have been busy creating Arlington Heights, IL 60005content in class. They created digitalMath The students have been taking timed math fact tests twice a week onWe have been steadily progressing Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is thethrough Unit 1 of Everyday students’ responsibility to continueMathematics and will be taking our first practicing their math facts at home.math test on Tuesday. The students Don’t forget that our class websitehave been reviewing and will continue has a variety of links to websitesto review major math concepts such as that allow children to practice theirnumber patterns, telling time, math facts!measuring, using a calculator, andidentifying shapes. They also reviewed Students are also encouraged to visitdata-related concepts including the Everyday Math website, which iscollecting data, making tally charts and linked to our class website. Once theybar graphs, and comparing data. Thank have logged in using their login nameyou for taking the time to review these and password, they can access askills with your child each night on the variety of online games that will helpHomelinks. In Unit 1 the students have them to practice skills we are learningalso been counting money, finding in class, as well as the Studentdifferences, exploring number patterns, Reference Book that is mentionedand solving word problems. frequently in the homework.
  5. 5. PAGE 5 OF 6 Monthly RemindersI sent home a Scholastic Book order with your child. Pleaseplace your order by Friday, September 21st. The onlineordering continues through Saturday. Our activation code isGRNPB.Please sign (and have your child sign) the school handbookform (blue papers) if you have not yet done so. Yourcooperation is greatly appreciated!Students will have gym class on Wednesdays and Fridays.Please remind your child to wear gym shoes to school on thesedays.Our class will go to the LMC on Tuesdays. Library books thatare checked out will be due after two weeks, but may bereturned weekly on Tuesdays.Please continue to initial your child’s assignment notebookeach evening. Thanks for your cooperation!The students have been doing a great job of filling out theirweekly reading logs. Remember that students need to read100 minutes every week! I will check the logs each Monday.Visit our class blog to view recent updates including classprojects and activities. IMPORTANT DATES & UPCOMING EVENTS September 19 – MAP test (Math) September 21 – MAP test (Reading) October 1 – School Photos October 3 – International Walk to School Day October 5 – SIP Day (No School) October 8 – Columbus Day (No School)
  6. 6. PAGE 6 OF 6Student Challenge Each month’s newsletter will feature a section called “Student Challenge!” In this section, I will propose a challenge for the students to complete. They will have at least one week to submit their answers to me. If they correctly complete the challenge, their names will be added to our Student Challenge bulletin board. For each challenge that they complete, a star will be added next to their names! This week’s challenge: Complete the ABC boxes worksheet that was passed out during class. Think of really juicy describing words that each begin with a different letter of the alphabet. Write at least one word in each box. You can write down words that you read in a book, hear in a conversation, or look up in a dictionary. Make sure that you know what the words mean! Try to write down words that you think will be different from your classmates’ words. Be creative! After finding your words, use each word correctly in a sentence on the back of the paper. An example has been done for you using the letter Z. Turn in your ABC boxes and sentences by next Friday.