Project planning: A career path


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Project planning: A career path

  1. 1. A presentation to the APM Project Planning: A Career Path
  2. 2. Project Planning: A Career Path 1.Project Environment – Need! 2.What is a Project Planner 3.Qualifications & Assessment 4.Training and Development 5.Career Prospects 6.Summary --------------------------------------------- Workshop
  3. 3. Project Environment “ Without competent project planning most projects will invariably fail to meet their given time constraints”
  4. 4. Project Environment Complex Projects Contracts Collaborative Change
  5. 5. Project Environment COMPLEX PROJECTS Variety of Organisational & project Interfaces Increased trades & stakeholder information Volume of Reactive issues Continual Benchmarking & Forecasting Incorporation of Records and data
  6. 6. Project Environment
  7. 7. Project Environment Dedicated Clause for “Time” The programme should record the actual progress on each operation Include effects of implemented compensation events….. Provisions for Time Risk Allowance & Float Activities resource loaded Activity Health & Safety Requirements A statement for how the contractor plans to do the work
  8. 8. Sanction Model Role Delay BIM Puts a massive emphasis on the ‘Project Planner’Specifies detailed requirements for progress-records and scheduling Requires an independent third party audit of the quality, consistency and compliance of the entire planning function Provides for liquidated damages for failure to manage the planning functionThe programme must be a dynamic critical path network The employer has the power to instruct others to provide as-built data and make an as-built schedule if not provided by the contractor Assessment of delay & disruption to be calculated and awarded as the project progresses with actual implications reviewed later Workable with integrated computerised drawings and BIM Project Environment CIOB Contract for use with Complex Projects
  9. 9. Project Environment Planner
  10. 10. Project Environment
  11. 11. Project Environment
  12. 12. Project Environment An evaluation of 975 light And heavy industrial projects by the Construction Industry found that only 5.4% met “best in class” predictability in terms of cost and schedule Poor planning estimates and missed deadlines are among the largest contributors to project failure, according to Insights and Trends, PwC‟s 2012 Global Project Management Survey of participants in 28 countries Research carried out by EC Harris highlighted that UK construction disputes hit an average value of £17.7m in 2012, while the average time taken to resolve disputes stretched to 12.9 months. 25% of global infrastructure projects are delivered late
  13. 13. Project Environment
  14. 14. Project Environment
  15. 15. Project Environment Dedicated Focus Support Unprejudiced
  16. 16. The Project Planner
  17. 17. Project Planner Curriculum Vitae Software! Pretty Picture!
  18. 18. Project Environment “ A competent Project Planner is the most important person on a project” The Project Planner “Project Planning is the establishment of a projects duration through scheduling & sequencing of activities and the management of time through the project lifecycle to facilitate delivery of projects to their given time constraints”
  19. 19. The Project Planner
  20. 20. Project Environment Scheduler Collates programme information Transfers the plan into a software Update from given information Planner Establish the plan from first principles Performance management Review, revise, communicate and report Project Controls Identification of status Strategy Risk and Contingency
  21. 21. The Project Planner - Delivery of projects to their given time constraints - Management of change - Management of risk and opportunity - Management of the full supply-chain - Communication and reporting
  22. 22. Project Time Management Model The Project Planner Strategy Management DevelopmentCommunication
  23. 23. The Project Planner Strategy Objectives Stakeholders Contract Type Familiar Environment IT Infrastructure Terminology & Procedures
  24. 24. The Project Planner PROJECT DESIGN PROCUREMENT CONSTRUCTION COMMISSIONING AREA A AREA B AREA A AREA B AREA A AREA B AREA A AREA B Contractual compliance Structure Scope of Works Activities Durations Logic (Critical Path) Resource & Cost Loading Sanity Check Baseline Development
  25. 25. The Project Planner Development
  26. 26. The Project Planner
  27. 27. The Project Planner
  28. 28. The Project Planner
  29. 29. The Project Planner
  30. 30. The Project Planner
  31. 31. The Project Planner
  32. 32. The Project Planner
  33. 33. The Project Planner
  34. 34. The Project Planner
  35. 35. Tool - Software The Project Planner
  36. 36. The Project Planner
  37. 37. Project Environment “ A competent Project Planner is the most important person on a project” The Project Planner “Project Planning is the establishment of a projects duration through scheduling & sequencing of activities and the management of time through the project lifecycle to facilitate delivery of projects to their given time constraints”
  38. 38. Competence Assessment
  39. 39. Competence Assessment Project Management Institute PMI-SP Degree & Experience Multiple Choice Examination CPD
  40. 40. Competence Assessment Association of Project Management APMP APM Body of Knowledge Examination Paper
  41. 41. Competence Assessment Engineering Construction Industry Training Board NVQ/CFC Working Qualification Coursework & Assessment
  42. 42. Competence Assessment Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International AACEI-SP 8 Years experience Multiple choice examination or 4 years with a Degree
  43. 43. Competence Assessment Chartered Institute of Building PTMQ Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time Multiple choice examination
  44. 44. Competence Assessment 1 Strategic considerations Establishing the project controls environment, stakeholder considerations. 2 Development The establishment of the processes, systems and practices that will function in accordance with the established strategic framework 3 Management & Control The mechanics of operating the project controls environment (progress updating, change impact. 4 Communicating Possibly the most important aspect of a project controls environment…how to engage with the project community 5 Specialist skills Key areas of the project controls environment that are often adopted by „specialist‟ on account of the depth of their potential knowledge base and application 6 Personnel and team development Non-technical areas that are necessary to foster an effective project controls team environment
  45. 45. The Project Planner
  46. 46. Competence Assessment
  47. 47. Competence Assessment None Awareness Basic Competent Expert
  48. 48. Competence Assessment
  49. 49. Competence Assessment
  50. 50. Competence Assessment
  51. 51. Competence Assessment
  52. 52. Competence Assessment
  53. 53. Competence Assessment
  54. 54. Training and Development
  55. 55. Training and Development • Planning and Project Controls foundation course • Online • Public • Practical Management of Construction Delay and Disruption • Bespoke company courses • No courses based on use of software
  56. 56. Training & Development
  57. 57. Training & Development
  58. 58. Career Prospects
  59. 59. The Project Planner
  60. 60. Career Prospects BIM Scheduler Planner Project Controls
  61. 61. Career Prospects Global construction growth is forecast to reach $12 trillion by 2020, according to Global Constructive Perspectives and Oxford Economics
  62. 62. Career Prospects
  63. 63. Summary: A Career Path Get assessed Establish development needs Training Get qualified Dirty your boots! Scheduler Planner Project Controls
  64. 64. Thank You Andrew Jones Planning Manager 07985 220 845