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  1. 1. Some thingabout mySAPERPSAP AGSome thingabout mySAPERPSAP AG
  2. 2. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 2In this session you would learn some thing aboutWhat is mySAP ERP ?Evolution of ERP ?Landscape of my SAP ERP implementation ?Landscape of my SAP ERP implementation ?
  3. 3. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 3SAP ERPWhat is ERP?Starting PointTasks and ApproachThe ProductBest Practices for mySAP RetailImplementation and ServicesRange of Use and BenefitsLifecycle IntegrationDemo, Prototype, Implementation ProjectOutlookThe Next StepsSolution Architect
  4. 4. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 4mySAP ERP – The e-Business SolutionEnterprise Resource Planning,also referred to as ERP, is asuite of module softwareapplications that helpcompanies better manage theirbusinesses. EnterpriseResource Planning systemstypically impact other systems,such as:• Product planning• Maintaining inventories• Sales and marketing• Providing customer service• Tracking orders• Purchasing• Accounts payable/receivableand other financial functions• Logistics; supply chain• Human resources functions
  5. 5. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 5Evolution of ERP
  6. 6. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 6Input to Best Practices for mySAP RetailBestPracticesProjectsInternalConsultants PartnersSurveys +Market ResearchCustomers
  7. 7. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 7PurchasingThe Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS)Basic Enterprise StructuresVendorsVendorsLogisticsSalesCustomersCustomersMaster DataMaster Data"As simple as possible,as complex as needed."
  8. 8. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 8V001 / V2Distribution ChainStore DistributionE001Purchasing organizationThe Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS)Basic Enterprise StructuresVendorsVendorsV001 / V3Distribution Chain WholesaleV001 / V1Distribution ChainPOS SalesCustomersCustomersConsumersConsumersVZ01Distribution CenterVZ01Distribution CenterM003FilialeM003FilialeM002FilialeM002FilialeM001StoreM001Store"As simple as possible,as complex as needed."
  9. 9. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 9The Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS)Mapping of integratedprocesses in a unifiedorganizational structureVendorsVendorsCustomersCustomersVendorsVendorsAdditionalsAdditionalsReplenishmentReplenishmentWarehouseWarehousePhysicalInventoryPhysicalInventoryPromotionPromotionCustomersCustomersArticlesArticlesProcurementProcurementPlanningPlanningFlowthroughFlowthroughAllocationAllocationSales PriceCalculationSales PriceCalculation Store OrderStore OrderCouponsCouponsRequirem.PlanningRequirem.PlanningCross-DockingCross-DockingPOS SalesPOS SalesSales OrderSales Order
  10. 10. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 10POS SalesPOS SalesCouponsCouponsStore OrderStore OrderPromotionPromotionWarehouseWarehouseThe Product: Preconfigured Systems (PCS)The integrated processescan be combined asneeded to match thecustomers individualoperations.VendorsVendorsArticlesArticles ProcurementProcurementRequirem.PlanningRequirem.PlanningPlanningPlanningPhysicalInventoryPhysicalInventory
  11. 11. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 11Documentation – Process StepsDifferences inwarehouse managmentDifferences inwarehouse managmentList of differencesList of differencesInventory statusInventory statusCheckstock overviewStock overviewStock overviewIf needed:post goods receiptIf needed:post goods receiptCreate physicalinventory doc.Create physicalinventory doc.Record results of countingRecord results of countingPCS Process Steps Warehouse Physical InventoryAnalysephysicalinventoryCleardifferences Process physicalinventoryPreparephysicalinventoryInitalize re-countInitalize re-countRecord results of re-countRecord results of re-countDifferences ininventory managementDifferences ininventory management
  12. 12. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 12Classic Implementation LandscapeProductive SystemProductive SystemProductiveClientProductiveClientQuality AssuranceSystemQuality AssuranceSystemTestClientTestClientDevelopment SystemDevelopment SystemDevelopmentClientDevelopmentClient
  13. 13. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 13Building a Development System with Best PracticesComplete Installation of the Preconfigured System for Retail(incl. master data)Serves as demonstration and sandbox client for evaluationof functionality, training, Business Blueprint, ReferenceDevelopment SystemDevelopment SystemDevelopmentClientDevelopmentClientSandboxClientSandboxClientPrototypeClientPrototypeClient(optional) Contains just the PCS CustomizingThis client is roughly customized to the customer’s needsin order to serve as a Prototype during Business Blueprint.This allows a system based discussion of the processesand facilitates the testing of possible realization alternativesfor critical issues, avoiding problems during realizationproactively.The development client is created from the prototype client,the PCS Customizing transports or client 000, according towhat fits best for the project.All further settings are recorded in change requests as usual.
  14. 14. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 14Further Procedure … as usualLive SystemLive SystemProduktiv-mandantProduktiv-mandantQuality AssuranceQuality AssuranceTestClientTestClientDevelopment SystemDevelopment SystemDevelopmentClientDevelopmentClientPrototypeClientPrototypeClientTransports with the delta-customizingClient CopyProductive SystemProductive SystemProductiveClientProductiveClientQuality AssuranceSystemQuality AssuranceSystemTestClientTestClient
  15. 15. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 15Life Cycle Integration Positioning andselection ofbusiness processes Scope definition Implementation ofselected businessprocessesSupportConsulting Trouble-shooting basedon predefined content Access to mySAP.comKnowledge BaseSalesall project team membersIntegrated instrument for
  16. 16. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 16Life Cycle Integration Testdrive SAP software Evaluate SAP software withBest Practices and itsWorkplaces Create your BusinessBlueprint Monitor and speed upconfiguration activities withthe tools provided Automatically create yourown master data Easily verify systemsettings and run integrationtests based on yourBusiness Blueprint
  17. 17. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 17Benefits of PrototypingBusinessBlueprint RealizationThe Business Blueprint determines theprocess customizing during realization.Problems during Realization lead todiscussions and changes to the Blueprint.A common project situation ...
  18. 18. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 18Benefits of PrototypingBusinessBlueprint RealizationBuilding a prototype during Blueprint helpsto identify and solve critical issues.Changes to the Blueprint after the start of theRealization phase are cut to a minimum....can be avoided by Prototyping:Prototype
  19. 19. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 19Use of Best Practices by ASAP PhasesInstallation of the PCSFirst steps / EvaluationTraining of the project teamBlueprint workshopsPrototypingBlueprint reviewSandbox as reference clientImprovement of the prototypePreconfigured development clientSandbox as reference client
  20. 20. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 20Evolution from AcceleratedSAP to Solution Architect Focus: Rapid R/3 implementationbased on ASAP implementationmethodology Tools Question & Answerdatabase Implementation Assistant BPML/Masterlists Focus: Value-oriented approachconsidering the entire customerengagement lifecycle Tools and methodologies also forDiscovery & Evaluation andCBI phase Content: Industry-specific businessexpertise from SAP Solution Mapsand Best Practices includingpreconfiguration Focus: Efficient evaluation andimplementation of Tools: R/3-based - integratingASAP offline and R/3implementation tools Content: Best Practices andintegrated business contentacross componentsin addition to collaboration (C-Business Maps)ASAP/Global ASAPValueSAP/Best Practices Solution Architect
  21. 21. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 21Solution Architect includes ...ImplementationImplementationImplementationDiscovery & EvaluationDiscovery & EvaluationSolution Architect:SAP portal for solution-orientedevaluation and implementation• Aligned with process model• Integrated with Solution Manager andSAP Service MarketplaceBusinessContentmySAP WorkplaceMethodology ToolsBestPracticesASAP Project administration Blueprint definition Configuration using BC Sets/IMG Customizing Scout forconsistency checks Test Workbench to organizeand conduct tests
  22. 22. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 22Automated steps fromInstallation GuideCRM(new)ProductionQualityexistingR/3Dev.CRM(new)ProductionQualityExistingR/3Dev.Technical Installation Using Installation GuidesI haveSAP R/3SAP CRMBusiness ScenarioInternet SalesMobile SalesTelesalesCustomer ServiceCampaign ManagementBased on Best Practicesfor scenario(s)• Configure• Connect• Generate• Connect
  23. 23. © SAP PPT Title Company (Name) / 23Copyright