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President and power of veto


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President and power of veto

  1. 1. PRESIDENT ANDPOWER OF VETOA power vested in the President bywhich he may return a bill toCongress unsigned with the reasonfor his objection.Congress may override apresidential veto with a 2/3 vote inboth housesArticle I,Sec VII
  2. 2. Congress then has 3 choices... Put right the ‘wrongs’ andreturn for signature – veryunlikely Attempt to override –demanding and rarelyachieved Realise they don’t have thevotes, do nothing and acceptthe President has won – mostlikely
  3. 3. Clinton and the veto Used regular veto 36 times Congress attempted to override on13 occasions Succeed on 2 So, Clinton won on 34 out of 36occasions when he vetoedlegislation 2 that were overriden: Securities bill(1995), and Military ConstructionAppropriations bill (1998)
  4. 4. Jimmy Carter and the veto Used veto 13 timesagainst a Democrat-controlled Congress 2 occasions they overridehis veto: Oil Import Feebill (1980), and Veteran’sHealth Care bill (1980)
  5. 5. Bush and the veto Became first President in 150years to go through an entire4 year term without using aveto 2006 days before issuing hisfirst veto in 2006 Suffered first override in 2007on Water ResourcesDevelopment bill Then suffered three moredefeats in 2008 leaving himwith the lowest success scoreof any modern day President
  6. 6. Overall In 220 years presidentshave used 1500 regularvetoes Only 110 have beenoverriden by Congress That is a success rate of93%!