President and power of veto


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President and power of veto

  1. 1. PRESIDENT AND POWER OF VETO A power vested in the President by which he may return a bill to Congress unsigned with the reason for his objection. Congress may override a presidential veto with a 2/3 vote in both houses Article I, Sec VII
  2. 2. Congress then has 3 choices...    Put right the ‘wrongs’ and return for signature – very unlikely Attempt to override – demanding and rarely achieved Realise they don’t have the votes, do nothing and accept the President has won – most likely
  3. 3. Clinton and the veto  Used regular veto 36 times  Congress attempted to override on 13 occasions  Succeed on 2  So, Clinton won on 34 out of 36 occasions when he vetoed legislation  2 that were overriden: Securities bill (1995), and Military Construction Appropriations bill (1998)
  4. 4. Jimmy Carter and the veto  Used veto 13 times against a Democratcontrolled Congress  2 occasions they override his veto: Oil Import Fee bill (1980), and Veteran’s Health Care bill (1980)
  5. 5. Bush and the veto     Became first President in 150 years to go through an entire 4 year term without using a veto 2006 days before issuing his first veto in 2006 Suffered first override in 2007 on Water Resources Development bill Then suffered three more defeats in 2008 leaving him with the lowest success score of any modern day President
  6. 6. Obama and the veto    Used the regular veto on 2 occasions Most recent was the ‘Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act’ of 2010. Among other things it tried to speed up the process for banks to repossess house. Obama decided it was too ‘bankfriendly’ and not in the interest of the people. Congress attempted an override but failed to get the numbers.
  7. 7. Overall In 220 years presidents have used 1500 regular vetoes  Only 110 have been overriden by Congress  That is a success rate of 93%! 