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COTEN: Service Designing Higher Education


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Presentation slides from my talk about the COTEN Project at the Service Design Network Conference in Berlin, 2010.

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COTEN: Service Designing Higher Education

  1. 1. College of Fine Arts • The University of New South Wales • Australia School of Pharmacy • University of Auckland • New Zealand 2 A collaborative online research coten activity exploring service design for higher education in 2010 Examining Higher Education through Service Design SDN Conference, 2010, Berlin Dr. Andy Polaine Lecturer/Research Fellow - Service Design Twitter: @apolaine
  2. 2. I need your help with this Image:
  3. 3. Education is steeped in a production line mindset
  4. 4. Based on the jobs people would be doing Assembly Line At Texas Instruments,1959. Source: Google hosted Life magazine archive
  5. 5. We’re still using the same methods...
  6. 6. ... albeit clothed in new technologies Image:
  7. 7. We spend a lot of time on restructuring & curricula
  8. 8. But we don’t know much about our students’ lives
  9. 9. And we’re unlikely to correctly predict their futures Image:
  10. 10. The Play Ethic (2004) “For the culture of industrialism, in which an individual’s submission to routine is what is most valued, a network society is something of a disaster. The industrial mindset is too brittle to cope with the way that networks operate.” - Pat Kane Shift from industrial to network mindsets
  11. 11. A collaborative online research coten activity exploring service design for higher education in 2010 Re-thinking through the lens of service design
  12. 12. 1999 2002 2003 Virtual Design Studio [VDS] ‘99 Graphics & Contemporary Society Visualising the Science of Genomics 2005 2006 2007 Creative Waves 2005 Omnium Creative Network Creative Waves 2007 Creative Waves - a quick history COTEN set out to answer two questions
  13. 13. 107 Participants 61 Students 22 Teachers/Mentors 22 Countries 35 Colleges 21 Special Guests 2005 - Photomedia
  14. 14. 200+ Participants 120+ Students 80+ Teachers/Mentors 30+ Countries 60+ Colleges 20+ Special Guests 2007 - Visualizing Issues in Pharmacy
  15. 15. A collaborative online research coten activity exploring service design for higher education in 2010 80+ Participants, 9 Special Guests, 24 Countries 1. How can we re-imagine the structure and experience of higher education using service design techniques? 2. Can service design methodologies be used in a purely online, collaborative environment? COTEN set out to answer two questions
  16. 16. Can we re-create some of this (without the Post-Its)?
  17. 17. Special Guests
  18. 18. Discussions
  19. 19. Discussions
  20. 20. Teams
  21. 21. - Problem/brief to broadly framed - Professionals have experience, but little time - Students have more time, but lack experience (but often have great insights) - Timing hard to get right - Difficult to move from talk to action Problems Image:
  22. 22. Don’t do projects during the World Cup Image:
  23. 23. Positives: Cultural Probes
  24. 24. Positives: Cultural Probes
  25. 25. Favourite teaching and meeting spaces
  26. 26. 4. Change the way of teaching ...more engagement/ shift to enablers and facilitators Insights In their cultural probes many people state they have learned the most from a parent or another family member. Fewer state other people they met later in life like teachers, mentors or so. How does this come, is this due to the quality of the relationship, time spent with the influential person or is it something occuring with a transfer of basic values, culture, confidence & trust? I put away my computer except to “Keeping it real” or surreal. Will show examples of things, and took online help or hinder? Action Re- out the marker. What happened? the search? This is more about balance, level of engagement changed in my the difficulty with online is where it classes, unexpected conversations is an economic substitute for ‘face emerged and I transformed from to face’ delivery. teacher to knowledge facilitator. ... teachers should be passionate and inspiring! Synthesis of insights ... a great teacher / trainer. He .... a wonderful person who inspired manages to inspire and really bring me again and again to look at the
  27. 27. The Big Lesson: Small Change
  28. 28. How to create small change and nurture big change? Image © Meena Kadri
  29. 29. Thank you! Take a look at the project and archive here: Dr. Andy Polaine Lecturer/Research Fellow - Service Design Twitter: @apolaine
  30. 30. One more thing....