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To introduce CAS to the teachers in the school.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY & SERVICE @ akshar arbol International school
  2. 2. What is CAS in IBDP
  3. 3. What IB says about CAS The key features of CAS from IB ‘s point of view are: A focus not just on what participants have done, but how they have used their CAS involvement for their development into a worthy personality. A move away from service than being something we do for others, to do something with others for mutual benefits. A conscientious/ attentive effort from the participants to learn more about communities with whom they work and also to contribute to the various communities in which they live.
  4. 4. Why CAS is important in IBDP CAS is considered to be one of the central pillars of IB Diploma Program. It is the mission statement in action. CAS is the experiential part of IBDP which educates participant to a whole person- well said as “experience plus reflections equals learning.”
  5. 5. What CAS does to participant… CAS provides Diploma students with an opportunity •to develop skills and talents, as well as areas of growth. •to work to make the world a better place through active involvement in the community.
  6. 6. CAS help the participants to develop into special individual
  7. 7. What do the C,A and S stands for • C – Creativity • A- Activity • S- Service
  8. 8. Creativity could also mean to learn how to salsa, hip- hop, Bharatanatyam or any new skill which you always wanted to do. Create your own app or website, write a poetry…. Develop a plan to reduce the green house gas emission in school or house. To take something which you already know to a new level or try something which you have never done before. The list is endless- The point to be noted is that you are engaged in creative thought process.
  9. 9. This strand is included in CAS to encourage the physical workout of the participants that will benefit their wellbeing and this should not be a mundane and monotonous work. It can be: Learning Yoga or Pilates Go to the Gym Learning aerobics or dance. Outdoor activity like climbing, Continue with sport which you already like Try another sport. Taking part in a marathon……
  10. 10. Service meant to be a social act , working with people outside the family and not for profit. It can be a direct service, indirect service, advocacy and research. This requires collaboration with the community to see what you can do to service this particular need. Service has a direct impact on others, so it is needed to be well planned and supervisors and coordinator has to provide the needed guidance while doing this strand.
  11. 11. Where to do CAS • CAS can happen anywhere, in school and outside community.. Who can be the CAS supervisor •Anyone other than the family member of the CAS participant who gives a honest support for the participant to complete his experience successfully.
  12. 12. CAS carries no points in IBDP certificate One of the main reason for having CAS in IB Diploma Programme is to encourage personal growth and development of the participant. • Each student has a unique starting and finishing point in CAS. • Each student’s growth is different from the other. The attempt to make a judgement about the distance they have come and the benefits they have received from it is difficult to be judged even after the students have left school.
  13. 13. How CAS is assessed • The CAS is not counted on the hours , but on a continuous commitment to CAS over 18 months. • There should be evidence of meeting all seven learning outcomes at least once during their diploma program period. • The participants should collaborate with others to plan, initiate and carryout a CAS project in one or more strands of CAS which needed to be at least one month long.
  14. 14. Continued… • The evidence of achieving the seven learning outcomes as their reflections should be shown in their CAS portfolio. • Reflections can be in any form- written, illustrated, video, photograph…. • Five stages of CAS(investigation, preparation, action, reflection and demonstration)should model while planning and carrying out a CAS experience
  15. 15. To successfully complete all the components of CAS, the student must: • Meet 7 Learning Outcomes • Complete CAS website/portfolio for 18 months with a reasonable balance between the 3 Strands of Creativity, Activity, and Service • Develop the attributes of the Learner Profile • Connect a CAS experience to something the student is learning in the classroom (this is called Service Learning) • Complete a Project with at least 2 other students that lasts at least 1 month and includes Stages. • Incorporate 5 different Stages for any CAS experience that is a series of events and/or a Project • Reflect. Reflection is ever-present throughout CAS, but Reflection on outcomes and personal learning is required • ENJOY and CELEBRATE that you have made a difference in the world!
  17. 17. CAS and other subjects Examples… History, Geography and Economics can be related to elderly people’s home visit, to immigrants…. Language- Articles about social issues, human rights.. Could be gathered from news papers and becomes the topics of discussion and use of language in classroom.
  18. 18. • Sciences- Teachers could start research project to protect and promote local environment… • Provide the ideas for starting projects like soap making in school… • Art, Music- A lot of creative ideas can be provided by these teachers. • A music troupe, art gallery set up…. Every subject teacher can be a CAS Mentor and a CAS supervisor
  19. 19. Thank You Bibliography- • CAS guide for students graduating in 2016. • IB CAS category 1 workshop material • Creativity, Activity , Service (CAS) for IB Diploma , An essential guide for students