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Learning Now!


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Published in: Education
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Learning Now!

  1. 1. Learning NOW! Presented by Angela Maiers
  2. 2. 21st Century Skills
  3. 3. knowledge is google images:
  4. 4. to KNOW
  5. 5. to BE
  6. 6. photo on great infosumers!
  7. 7. synthesizers photo on
  8. 8. question askers photo on
  9. 9. TRANSLATORS photo on picasa by Diamond Coach
  10. 10. contributors photo on
  11. 11. Where? Who? Is it? How? Will you?
  12. 12. Slow Down Notice World Think Smarter Solve Problems Care More
  13. 13. what we’re what we doing COULD BE NOW doing
  14. 14. Those who only look to the past or focus on the present are certain to miss the future.
  15. 15. Angela Maiers AUTHOR PRESENTER CONSULTANT COACH WORLD CHANGER To learn more, check out Angela Maiers © on Twitter: @angelamaiers