infodevice2008 - Egg timer


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infodevice2008 - Egg timer

  1. 1. Infodevice 2008 Hideyuki Fujikawa Have a COLOUR EGG for minimising fridge opening time. You can save energy and money!!
  2. 2. Motivation Overview The project proposal of my device focuses on the refrigerator for energy saving. The colour egg timer persuades people to minimise the opening time of their fridge. What is the problem? If the fridge door is opened for a minute, it will take three minutes for it to regain its temperature. Unnecessary door opening will certainly raise the electric power usage. The device is designed to encourage people to save both energy and money.
  3. 3. Inspiration: Related works 1. Fridge Alert You can simply leave this fridge alarm inside your fridge. It warns you if the fridge isn’t properly closed over 30 seconds. Link: 2. Colour Fusion Shower Link: This shower light generated by water pressure. LED is attached to a shower head. Its colour changes depending on the water temperature. It obviously represents the temperature of the water. Less than 27 degree: Deep Purple 28 ~ 34 degree: Light Blue 35 ~ 42 degree: Purple Over 43 degree: Red
  4. 4. Concept Principle The colour egg timer is displayed on a suitable position in the fridge. This device directly interacts with the fridge opening times. A variety of actions of its colour and vibration patterns are reflected by the opening times of the fridge. Design aesthetic: Main function The tri-colour (RGB) LED is installed in the egg-shaped light and its colour is slightly changed from blue, green, yellow to red within 10 seconds.
  5. 5. Design Aesthetic 1 If the fridge is opened over 10 seconds, the egg does not only start to blink but also the egg container vibrates till you close the door. Examples of flashing patterns: This colour egg also tells how many times you opened the door by changing LED flashing patterns. 1. Simple colour blinks (0.5 seconds delay) 2. Various colour patterns (More colours can be added) 3. Slow blink motion (No blink function is also available)
  6. 6. Design Aesthetic 2 Techniques of persuasion Lego block is used for creating the egg container to get an attention to young children. It can be used as an energy saving educational tool in their daily life. Vibration is desirable to persuade people to close the door immediately rather than only using LED flashing.
  7. 7. Approach 1 Container Design
  8. 8. Approach 2 Lego block container
  9. 9. Approach 3 Prototype A breadboard fits in the box
  10. 10. Approach 4 Wire connection & soldering
  11. 11. Demonstration Let’s try the colour egg timer !!
  12. 12. Summary It is not difficult to change your behaviour. You can change your behaviour immediately and it has beneficial effects on energy saving and your electrical bills!!