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Seductive Design


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In the dating game of the web, you need more than just a pretty (inter)face and a winning smile. You need to woo your users in a complex ritual of seduction and delight. Only then will you win their hearts, minds and registration details. Sadly, too many sites focus purely on the chase, adding each new conquest into their little black book of registered users (moleskines presumably) before moving on to their next victim.

While one-night log-ins can be exciting, they aren't particularly satisfying. It's the quality rather than quantity of your relationships that count. A truly meaningful relationship takes time, understanding and sacrifice. The best relationships are born from a sense of shared ideals; they are supportive, caring and fun.

Using examples from the real world, this session will look at the various tips, tricks and techniques you can use to make your users fall in love with your product or service. So dim the lights, put Barry White on the stereo and get ready for a lesson in the fine art of user seduction.

Published in: Design, Technology, Education
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Seductive Design

  1. Seductive Design @andybudd @clearleft
  2. Seductive Design @andybudd @clearleft
  3. “The Graduate”
  4. “Casanova”
  5. Original Sin
  6. Seductive Design
  7. Seductive Interfaces
  8. The Fine Art of User Seduction
  9. Stage 1: The Approach
  10. Create an immediate reaction
  11. The Halo Effect
  12. Unboxing your iPod
  13. Looks count
  14. Attractiveness boosters Status and Security
  15. Get a gimmick
  16. Pick up lines
  17. Be a little mysterious
  18. What is beautiful is good
  19. Which site would you buy a used car from?
  20. Make a good first impression
  21. And be easy to get along with
  22. Trust indicators
  23. Differentiate
  24. Have a gimmick
  25. It makes people think you’re interesting
  26. Be friendly and personable
  27. Generate interest through curiosity
  28. and through playful disclosure
  29. A good date starts with a good first impression
  30. Stage 2: Rapport
  31. Shared interests and values
  32. Familiarity breeds attractiveness
  33. Get in with his/her friends
  34. Liking
  35. Don’t be needy
  36. Attitude similarity effect
  37. Testimonials
  38. Testimonials
  39. Testimonials
  40. Testimonials
  41. Show how popular you are
  42. Virb do this well
  43. Virb do this well
  44. Common interests
  45. Not fun doing it on your own
  46. Make it easy to invite friends
  47. Stage 3: Desire
  48. Be funny
  49. Flirting and Playfulness
  50. Be cheeky
  51. Seductive language
  52. Give a hint of more to come
  53. But then play hard to get
  54. Be a little mysterious
  55. And know when to make the move
  56. Generate interest through curiosity
  57. Sexy interfaces
  58. Sexy interfaces
  59. Frivolous
  60. Carousels
  61. Get a personality
  62. Cheeky
  63. Fun(ctional)
  64. Dopplr toys
  65. Fun and games
  66. Poking
  67. Seductive language
  68. Be a little mysterious
  69. and play hard to get
  70. Limiting supply can drive desire
  71. Stage 4: Commitment
  72. Proximity
  73. Praise
  74. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes
  75. Social exchange theory
  76. Attachment
  77. Rubin Scale
  78. Liking Indicators
  79. Liking Indicators 1. I feel that Andy is a very stable person. 2. I have confidence in Andy’s opinions. 3. Most people would react very favourably to Andy after a brief acquaintance.
  80. Liking Indicators 1. I feel that flickr is a very stable person. 2. I have confidence in flickr’s opinions. 3. Most people would react very favourably to flickr after a brief acquaintance.
  81. Love Indicators
  82. Love Indicators 1. I feel strong feelings of possessiveness towards Andy. 2. I find it easy to ignore Andy’s faults. 3. It would be hard for me to get along without Andy.
  83. Love Indicators 1. I feel strong feelings of possessiveness towards Twitter. 2. I find it easy to ignore Twiter’s faults. 3. It would be hard for me to get along without Twitter.
  84. Find reasons to (legitimately) get in touch
  85. Rewards
  86. Reasons to enguage
  87. Unlocking new abilities
  88. Amazon knows my taste in books
  89. LastFM knows my taste in music
  90. Interfaces that grow with you
  91. Interfaces that grow with you
  92. Help people become experts
  93. Admit your mistakes
  94. Fail Whale
  95. @andybudd @clearleft
  96. So where are the web examples?