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Architecting Human Behaviour


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Published in: Design, Business

Architecting Human Behaviour

  1. Architecting human behaviour
  2. Amsterdam Library
  3. Beautiful Atrium
  4. Downstairs cafe
  5. Big, shopping mall like escalators
  6. Signposting everywhere
  7. Intimate spaces
  8. Full of people in contemplative reading
  9. Upstairs restaurant
  10. Juice bar, pizza bar and stir-fry bar
  11. An amazing public space
  12. By stark comparison
  13. Hulme crescents /
  14. A place only a mugger could love /
  15. Winchester Mystery House
  16. Unplanned development /
  17. Seattle library
  18. The book spiral
  19. The elevator
  20. The plan
  21. Te Papa museum
  22. Aquatic realm
  23. Amazing graphics
  24. Interactive experiences
  25. Rainforest discovery
  26. Retail design
  27. Supermarket planning
  28. Customer flow
  29. The sweet smell of success
  30. Whole Food Market
  31. Starbucks
  32. Apple store
  33. Planograms
  34. Planograms
  35. Planograms
  36. Planograms
  37. Vegas baby, yeah!
  38. Evil navigation
  39. User focused and highly optimised
  40. Architecture guides behaviour
  41. Whether conciously or not
  42. Experiences need to planned
  43. “ A computer qualifies as a persuasive technology only when those who create, distribute, or adopt the technology do so with an intent to affect human attitudes or behaviors ” B.J. Fogg
  44. “ When I am working on a problem I never think about beauty. I only think about how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong ” Buckminster Fuller