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Cmx 2019 find your superfans


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Do you want to learn how to attract the right people into your community - and get input from the RIGHT hot-core Superfans? This talk will teach you how.

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Cmx 2019 find your superfans

  1. 1. Game Thinking Find Your Hot-core Superfans
  2. 2. Is this you? I need to • get customer feedback from the right people • know WHO to listen to & WHAT to listen for • focus on what’s actionable & relevant - even when I’m overwhelmed with feedback
  3. 3. What You Will Learn Today A powerful, proven technique for
 identifing your hot-core Superfans & supercharging your design process
  4. 4. Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D.
 Community Architect Game Designer Startup Coach
  5. 5. I help startups, game studios & global brands build deep engagement from the ground up
  6. 6. Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D.
 Community Architect Game Designer Startup Coach Author
  7. 7. Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D.
 Community Architect Game Designer Startup Coach Author
  8. 8. I’ve worked on a diverse set of innovative worldwide hits
  9. 9. online marketplace
  10. 10. Massively multuplayer RPG
  11. 11. Multi-player rhythm action game
  12. 12. PC simulation game
  13. 13. mobile fashion game
  14. 14. digital mental health app
  15. 15. online toy rental service
  16. 16. Some teams I worked with created breakthrough hits
 Others didn’t cross the chasm
  17. 17. What’s the difference between 
 teams that succeed & fail?
  18. 18. Game Thinking 5 steps to product/market fit Game Thinking 5 Steps to Product/Market Fit
  19. 19. Game Thinking Quotes Step 1: Hypothesize articulate your strategy & prioritize your assumptions
  20. 20. Game Thinking 5 steps to product/market fit Step 2: Empathize find hot-core customers & learn their habits & needs
  21. 21. Game Thinking 5 steps to product/market fit Step 3: Design sketch out your customer’s journey to mastery
  22. 22. Game Thinking 5 steps to product/market fit Step 4: Playtest Validate your assumptions by testing with Superfans
  23. 23. Game Thinking 5 steps to product/market fit Step 5: Validate distill your results & create your product roadmap
  24. 24. Game Thinking Learn the basics at Game Thinking TV
  25. 25. Game Thinking Today’s Topic How to find & leverage your hot-core Superfans
  26. 26. Have you ever listened to the wrong customers?
  27. 27. Game Thinking Quotes “Build something just a few people want - even if most people don’t get it right away”
 Paul Buchheit Partner, Y-Combinator
  28. 28. Game Thinking Quotes Innovation diffusion theory EVERETT ROGERS, 1961
  29. 29. Game Thinking Quotes Crossing the Chasm GEOFFREY MOORE, 1991 CHASM
  30. 30. Finding & leveraging Superfans
 can determine whether you thrive - or fail
  31. 31. This innovative gaming platform didn't make it across the chasm
  32. 32. This innovative mobile health service became a hit
  33. 33. Game Thinking Quotes CHASMSTART NOT  If you want to cross the chasm…
  34. 34. Who to listen to - & who to ignore?
  35. 35. don’t rely on friends & family
  36. 36. or people in your ultimate target market
  37. 37. increasing value over time
  38. 38. your super-fans are SPECIFIC to your project
  39. 39. Alex Rigopalous
 CEO, Harmonix
  40. 40. When the game was further along, we DID test our ideas with these casual gamers. But in the early days, it was our super-fans who helped us bring the game to life. In a very real sense, those hard-core music gamers were our co-creators -- our collaborators — able to see what our crude mockups and simple artwork could become, and — crucially — give us actionable feedback on how to make it better. rhythm game nerds comfortable with Alpha
  41. 41. Will Wright
 Creator, The Sims
  42. 42. simulation enthusiasts who love to make things
  43. 43. Mary Lou Song
 Product Manager, eBay
  44. 44. enthusiastic early sellers making a living off the site
  45. 45. And then it happened! Remember Ranan - the CEO of Pley? He challenged me to deliver my toolkit to his team online -- and empower them to make 6 months of progress in 6 weeks That scared the hell outta me... Ranan Lachman
 CEO, Pley
  46. 46. Lego-loving families who enjoy sharing photos
  47. 47. Jeff Tsang & Blair Ethington CEO & Exec. Producer, Crowdstar
  48. 48. Our mission was to create an mobile game for fashionistas that would feature hot-off-the-runway designer clothes, and bring in a much broader female audience than any previous game they’d published. non-gaming fashionistas who love fashion apps
  49. 49. Ofer Leidner
 President, Happify
  50. 50. stay-at-home parents who’ve recently left the workforce
  51. 51. Finding superfans for a mental health app CASE STUDY
  52. 52. who is our game for?
  53. 53. hard-driving entrepreneurs?
  54. 54. people diagnosed with depression?
  55. 55. stay-at-home ex-professional parents?
  56. 56. 6-question Superfan Screener
  57. 57. TITLE:
 Get passionate customers to tell you what they want SECTIONS: 1: Recap & Who I Am 2: Find your super-fans with 5 key discovery questions 4: Foreshadow Video #3 (+ CTA) 5-min Speed Interviews
  58. 58. sort them into the right buckets
  59. 59. start testing your assumptions
  60. 60. diagnosed with depression?
  61. 61. coping with a major life change?
  62. 62. what do you do when you’re feeling down?
  63. 63. what tools & activities make you feel better?
  64. 64. how often do you actively seek out 
 an activity that lifts your mood?
  65. 65. Which mood-lifting techniques did 
 you try last week? What worked?
  66. 66. Given the apps & techniques you’ve tried, what could be improved?
  67. 67. If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change?
  68. 68. Happify built a thriving super-fan community…
  69. 69. and leveraged that to become the market leader in digital happiness
  70. 70. How can YOU find & mobilize your
 passionate, high-need early customers?
  71. 71. Game Thinking Put the Superfan Funnel to work
  72. 72. Game Thinking 1. SCREEN your audience 1 Superfan Screener
  73. 73. 5 Magic Discovery Questions Customize these questions for your project
  74. 74. Game Thinking Write a 6-question Superfan Screener 3 mutiple choice questions • Life situation (sorting) • Existing behavior (proxy for need) • Alternatives tried (seeking change) 3 open-ended questions • Day-in-the-life (existing habits) • What’s working (insight into needs) • What could be better (imagination)
  75. 75. Game Thinking Greenlight your Speed Interview subjects
  76. 76. Game Thinking 2. INTERVIEW promising respondents 2 Speed Interviews
  77. 77. Game Thinking Invite them to a 5-min followup interview Interviewer Note-taker
  78. 78. Game Thinking Ask 2-3 revealing followup questions
  79. 79. Game Thinking Greenlight your Superfan Testers
  80. 80. Game Thinking 3. DISTILL key insights from Superfans Job Stories 3
  81. 81. Game Thinking Job Stories bridge research & design
  82. 82. Game Thinking Surface relevant patterns across your data
  83. 83. Game Thinking Identify existing habits to piggyback on
  84. 84. Game Thinking Summarize those patterns into Job Stories
  85. 85. When I’m feeling down & blue I want to get out & connect with other moms So I can feel less alone and get some exercise
  86. 86. When I get home after dropping off the kids I want a quick dose of pleasure & inspiration So I can feel motivated and energetic
  87. 87. Game Thinking 5 steps to product/market fit Use research-based Job Stories to Design your Customer Journey
  88. 88. AKA Community Membership Lifecycle
  89. 89. Game Thinking So now you know how to 
 find & leverage your hot-core customers
  90. 90. Game Thinking So now you know how to
 find & leverage your hot-core customers 1 Superfan Screener
  91. 91. Game Thinking So now you know how to
 find & leverage your hot-core customers 2 1 Superfan Screener Speed Interviews
  92. 92. Game Thinking So now you know how to
 find & leverage your hot-core customers 2 1 Superfan Screener Speed Interviews Job Stories 3
  93. 93. Game Thinking … which sets you up to deliver a compelling customer experience
  94. 94. Want more? Take our innovation quiz & get your free cheatsheet at
  95. 95. TAKE THE QUIZ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @amyjokim GET IN TOUCH Here’s to your success!