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MVP Design Club - VIP coaching program for innovative product teams


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Wanna innovate smarter and faster with Game Thinking? Here's your chance.

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MVP Design Club - VIP coaching program for innovative product teams

  1. 1. Getting2Alpha MVP Design Club premium coaching for innovative product teams
  2. 2. You’ve got a 
 great idea
  3. 3. How do you know if it’s 
 the right one?
  4. 4. What’s the fastest. smartest way to 
 bring your compelling 
 idea to life?
  5. 5. Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D. • Social Game Designer • Entrepreneur • Startup Coach
  6. 6. Amy Jo Kim, Ph.D. • Social Game Designer • Entrepreneur • Startup Coach
  7. 7. Getting2Alpha MVP DESIGN CLUB bring your ideas to life faster and smarter 
 with Game Thinking premium coaching for innovative product teams
  8. 8. This invaluable program helped us connect our ideas and prototypes to the needs of a real audience. Ori Ratner CEO,
  9. 9. Getting2Alpha What will YOU accomplish 
 in the 
 MVP Design Club?
  10. 10. design a simple, compelling product experience
  11. 11. collect feedback from the Right Customers
  12. 12. drive retention & engagement with Game Thinking
  13. 13. Ideas Design & 
 Build Product Measure Data Learn quickly test & iterate your ideas with 
 high-learning experiments
  14. 14. dramatically increase your 
 odds of
  15. 15. Amy Jo helped us create our MVP in 
 record time. An invaluable investment that’s still paying off. Ranan Lachman CEO, Pley
  16. 16. Amy Jo has a refined and effective process for bringing early product ideas to life. Blair Ethington VP Covet Fashion, Crowdstar
  17. 17. Getting2Alpha What EXACTLY do you get when you join the MVP Design Club?
  18. 18. Getting2Alpha • Kickoff: MVP Bootcamp • Private Design Coaching • Done-with-you Alpha Plan • VIP Community Access • Bonus Case Studies Everything You Need
 to super-charge your MVP design process
  19. 19. MVP Design Bootcamp
 accelerated learning with the G2A Toolkit
  20. 20. Customer Insights Funnel 
 inform your product design with actionable insights
  21. 21. Customer Narrative & Core Loop 
 design for retention & engagement
  22. 22. Game Thinking Roadmap streamline & focus your efforts
  23. 23. Getting2Alpha Alpha Plan Template Done-with-you Alpha Plan Accelerate your MVP progress 
 with a strategic Alpha Plan
  24. 24. Getting2AlphaPrivate Design Coaching 
 12 weeks to turbo-charge your MVP Design Solve problems faster with • weekly online meetings • expert design feedback • customized templates • strategic Design Sprints
  25. 25. Getting2AlphaVIP Community Access
 connect with experts & practitioners Get advice & feedback from expert designers 
 & fellow Club members
  26. 26. Live Alumni Case Studies Alexie Harper Mark Porter Skout Deals Tomer Ben-Kiki Happify
  27. 27. This program gave me the skills and confidence to build a product that 
 our customers love & need. Amanda Pouchot Co-Founder, stealth startup
  28. 28. Getting2Alpha TO SUMMARIZE 
 why should YOU
 apply for the MVP Design Club?
  29. 29. Amy Jo’s MVP methodology is fantastic. The ROI you’ll see is a no brainer. Ofer Leidner Co-Founder, Happify
  30. 30. use rapid customer insights to 
 build a 
 faster MVP “I had an epiphany"
  31. 31. Our tools, training, & expert coaching take the guesswork out of building 
 your MVP
  32. 32. our proven system & 
 time-saving templates 
 accelerate your 
 path to 
 product/market fit I’m blown away by the progress we made in a few short weeks!
  33. 33. This program gave me a framework for turning my startup ideas into concrete reality. I’m now pursuing my idea full-time. Megan Berwick CEO, Sunreach
  34. 34. launching Jan 2016 MVP Design Club high-impact coaching program for product teams