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Our evaluation of our chase sequence


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Our evaluation of our chase sequence

  1. 1. OUR EVALUATION OF OUR CHASE SEQUENCE Hazel Nasho, Amy Crow, Olivia Dixon, and Natalie Wood
  2. 2. INITIAL IDEA We were given a plot to create a short sequence of a chase, which had to beunder a minute long. We decided to base our chase around a female with amobile phone. We chose this because we felt that we could play around a lotwith the plot. One thing we wanted to achieve was that there could be possiblestorylines behind the sequence; we wanted to give it two meanings. A) the female could be getting mugged for her phone OR B) the chaser is going to get her phone back from the female using it.
  3. 3. FILMING PROCESS When the plot had been finalised, we then began to decide on whichlocations would be suitable for the sequence and particular scenes. We also used boards to hold up at the beginning of each take so that whenit came to the editing process we know which takes of each shot were correct. We had to make sure that when we were filming we picked locations withsimilar lighting to ensure that when the sequence was pieced together therewere no dramatic changes.
  4. 4. MISE-EN-SCENE In the first shot Hazel is alone, this makes her vulnerable. At the start ofthe sequence she is walking in an alleyway which connotes danger. A change in location half way through the sequence allows the audience togage how far the chase has travelled. Amy is the chaser. She wears a hooded jacket which is stereotypical for acriminal. Woodland areas are typical locations for hiding in. We used a small area oftrees for the end of our sequence when Hazel was hiding from the chaser.
  5. 5. SHOTS Using different camera angles is essential to ensure you portray differentemotions. A selection of the shots we used were: over the shoulder, high angle, panand long distance shot. We also made sure that there were a combination of shots that were filmedon a tripod and were filmed handheld. A handheld shot was useful in the chasescene as it gave the effect of running.
  6. 6. EDITING When piecing the film together we originally put cuts between every shot, butthen changed it to having cuts only at the end so that the chase section appeared tobe quicker. We added fades at the beginning to make transitions between shotssmoother so there is a contrast. We had to choose a soundtrack that would be fitting to the plot. Aninstrumental track seemed more appropriate than a track with lyrics. We usedPalladio. When placing the track over the visual clips we chose to have the slowerparts at the beginning and the faster more dramatic parts at the end when the chaseis developing.
  7. 7. HOW WILL THIS HELP US? We have learnt how to use iMovie and edit together a short film adding soundtracks andeffects. We have learnt that different shots portray different moods and that certain shots workbetter in certain genres of film. We have learnt how to set up a digital camera and tripod correctly and learnt differentstyles of filming. When watching the film back we realised that in one shot the tripod can be seen in thebackground. When filming our main task later on this is something we shall have to take intoconsideration and make sure everything is moved out of the area being filmed. ALL OF THESE POINTS WILL HELP US WITH OUR MAIN TASK
  8. 8. SUCCESS CRITERIA - ADVANCED PRODUCTION Candidates must show a controlled use of the camera, attention to framing , varietyof shot sizes and close attention to mise en scene. (We took into consideration whatwas in the shot and where the characters were positioned in the shot.) Candidates must use a range of shot transitions, captions and other effects whilstediting film together. (We thought carefully about which transitions should go where inthe film. We kept the cuts for the latter half and used fades nearer the beginning. Candidates must make sure there is proficient organisation of location, costume orprops. (We made sure the chaser was wearing a hooded jacket to make her look moredangerous and we picked locations which made the victim look more vulnerable.