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What is a BarCamp? What you can expect to get out of it?


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This slidedeck describes a typical Barcamp using pictures from older Barcamps held in India between 2006 and 2010.

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What is a BarCamp? What you can expect to get out of it?

  1. What is a BarCamp? And what can you expect to get out of it!
  2. A BarCamp is about conversations Essentially, a meetup of friends
  3. At a BarCamp, you…
  4. …share what matters, To you, to others, to everyone
  5. …engage in intense conversations, Discuss everything under the Sun
  6. …meet lots of interesting people,Some of them will always be very, very interesting
  7. … more people, Anyone remembers 3 Idiots?
  8. …build stuff with them,BarCamp planning is one of my most memorable experiences
  9. and, start long-lasting friendships.5 out of 7 people in this BCB2 picture formed Headstart
  10. Don’t forget, it is abouthaving loads of fun too! The ‘freedom from structure’ is intoxicating.
  11. Okay, so how do you do it?
  12. 1. Some Enthu people get together They just emerge from the community!
  13. 2. The team worksNo one tangibly gains much from a BarCamp
  14. 3. Introduce in one lineBreaks the trend, makes you aware of who’s who
  15. 4. Use ‘Paper Wiki’3M never thought Post-Its could be used for creating event agendas!
  16. 5. Lead engaged discussions There is no ‘speaker’ and no ‘audience’: Everyone is a participant
  17. …break the structure,All that matters is you contributing and gaining new ideas!
  18. … make yourself count! Everyone contributes, no exception!
  19. 6. Carry the session outside The discussions in a corridor are the most exciting ones!
  20. 7. Iterate 5-6 over and over Improvise, build, collaborate, improvise again…
  21. 8. In the end, celebrate! A BarCamp well done is memory forever!
  22. So, what are the rules? Are there any?
  23. #1 Talk about anythingAs long as it interests you and someone else too!
  24. #2 Law of two feetIf you aren’t contributing to a session, move out to one where you can
  25. #3. Everyone is equalThere are no ‘speakers’ and no ‘audiences’. All conversations are many-to-many
  26. #4. Everyone contributesThere are no organizers. If you think something is not working, feel free to set it right
  27. Okay, thanks for explaining.So, what do I expect today?
  28. 8
  29. First, one-line intros Finish yours in less than 30 seconds
  30. Then, open the Paper Wiki Strictly on FCFS basis
  31. Then, let the dogs be out Talk , share and present till you drop
  32. So, we are ready to begin Anything else?
  33. Special thanks to sponsors Venue and Lunch sponsor Snacks and Stationery sponsors
  34. Before we begin…Make sure all of you have registered and got a nametag 
  35. [All pictures in this document are copyright by respective owners]