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This is a bold and historic declaration to a nation that has yet to rally around investing and supporting the success of its Black boys.

Our approach is to inform and educate leaders and influencers: i.e. policymakers, educators, professionals, business and community leaders, investors, philanthropists, clergy, pro athletes and celebrities.

We believe too many leaders and influencers of America's Black boys are disconnected from the knowledge and networks that drive the 21st century innovation economy.

The result is a generation of lost, confused and angry youth who grow into lost, confused and angry men. They, in turn, continue to perpetrate the cyclical problem. The goal of our campaign is awareness and intervention.

So, we focus on the adults. The leaders. Those in positions of power and influence. And it is these folks we call to gather at our summits. It is these leaders and influencers we call upon to support our efforts.

Our campaign speaks of the problems and challenges, but only as the opening toward introducing and implementing solutions. Our summits Introduce unique visionary frameworks and call for a coalition of committed collaborators to work with us in implementing solutions that will disrupt the status quo and leverage today's innovative constructs, networks, technologies and opportunities to produce exponential (versus incremental) progress. The result is what we call Inclusive Competitiveness. The process is what we call Pipeline2Productivity. 

Our boys are talented. They are creative. They are smart. They hold within an inherent ingenuity that, if sufficiently tapped, could unleash a torrent of innovative entrepreneurs, job growth and generational wealth creation that benefits the overall economic competitiveness of every local region and the global economic competitiveness of the nation.
Will you join us in making an investment in America’s Black Boys?

We believe it is a 21st century national economic imperative.

We hope you agree.

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Saving America’s Black Boys National Campaign Launch

  1. 1. What’s the next BIG idea? SXSWedu Launches Next Big Idea: Inclusive CompetitivenessMarch 7, 2013 March 4, 2013“Since Twitter took the show by South by Southwest (SXSW) is astorm in 2007, and Foursquare massive conference wheredid the same in 2009, there collaboration is king, and big ideashasnt been a breakout product emerge. It is the innovation andor service of the same technology platform where Twittermagnitude at the South By and Foursquare were launched.Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) More than 2,000 miles from Austin,show…” something big is already happening in Portland, Oregon that will debut on a national stage at SXSWedu. Its called "Inclusive Competitiveness.“ Read more …
  2. 2. a national economic imperative A national campaign to Save America’s Black Boys (SABB) was THE NEXT launched in Austin, Texas at the South By Southwest Education BIG IDEA! Conference on March 4, 2013, followed by a full-day SABB Solutions Summit at the George Washington Carver Museum. We know the problems. Let’s talk solutions!NO blame game MY TIMENO egos is a terribleNO silos thing to waste!Real TalkReal Solutions
  3. 3. a national economic imperative Led by SABB Campaign founder, Mike Green, an expert panel at Austin’s SXSWedu Conference established STEM education, high-growth entrepreneurship, access to capital, character and Inclusive CompetitivenessTM as THE framework necessary to develop a pipeline of black male talent flowing from public schools and connecting to both higher education THE NEXT and local innovation ecosystems. Investing in developing this 21st century framework BIG IDEA! is a national economic imperative.Saving Black boys requires first informing leadersand influencers who are disconnected fromsolutions inherent in a 21st century innovationeconomy and the local innovation ecosystem.
  4. 4. Solutions Summit On March 5, 2013 a group of concerned leaders from around the nation gathered at Austin’s George Washington Carver Museum THE to have a frank discussion about the challenges facing America’s Black boys and NEXT investment opportunities available that offered a patchwork quilt of 21st century solutions to cultivate the talent of Black boys. BIG Those ideas ranged across a system of Pipeline2ProductivityTM that included STEM IDEA! education, high-growth tech entrepreneurship, access to capital and the overall impact of Inclusive Competitiveness.TMSponsored by
  5. 5. Solutions Summit speakers Mike Green: Founder SABB Campaign; Co-founder, America21 Tammara McDonald: President, Game Changerz, SABB Partner Diatra James: VP, Game Changerz, SABB PartnerSPEAKERS AUSTIN, TXSPEAKERS Dr. John Butler, Ph.D.: Director, IC2 Institute at Univ. of Texas Larry Jackson: local Civil Rights Movement iconSPEAKERS Jonathan Lewis Clark: former Motown executiveSPEAKERS CLEVELAND, OH Johnathan Holifield, Esq.: VP of Inclusive Competitiveness atSPEAKERS Nortech & Co-founder, America21SPEAKERS PORTLAND, OR Patrick Quinton, Executive Director of the Portland Development Commission (PDC) Ben Berry, Chief Technology Officer for City of Portland and CEO of Airship Technologies Dwayne Johnson, Founder of Ideal Portland Andres Montgomery, CEO of Dreem DigitalSPEAKERS Enrique Washington, Managing Partner at Generator Group OAKLAND, CASPEAKERS Jarvis Sulcer, Ph.D., Executive Director at the Level PlayingSPEAKERS Field Institute & SMASH Academy PHILADELPHIA, PASPEAKERS Chad Womack, Ph.D.: National Director of STEM Education atSPEAKERS the United Negro College Fund & Co-founder, America21 CHARLOTTE, NCSPEAKERS James Staton Jr., Managing Partner at Top Flight LLC and former national executive at NMSDC
  6. 6. Solutions Summit outcomes Introduced:OUTCOMES Pipeline2ProductivityTM solution process TMOUTCOMES Inclusive Competitiveness economic framework Connected:OUTCOMES Cutting edge aviation technology CEO in Portland,OUTCOMES OR with new prospective investors in Dallas, TXOUTCOMES Leading STEM education scholarship program with new opportunities for expansion in Portland, OROUTCOMES Announced: New Portland, OR startup challenge search for minority founders Solidified: Ongoing support for SABB National Campaign andOUTCOMES Solutions Summit Series from PortlandOUTCOMES Development CommissionOUTCOMES Attracted: New prospective sponsors to support the SABBOUTCOMES National Campaign and Solutions Summit seriesOUTCOMESSummit seeks to leave behind a framework process implemented by a SABB Solutions coalition of committed stakeholders. The SABB Campaign will work with local leaders toOUTCOMES establish a Pipeline2Productivity infrastructure that cultivates the ground for instituting a strategy of Inclusive Competitiveness that results in inclusive economic opportunity and growth of economic competitiveness throughout the region.
  7. 7. Solutions Summit Choose Your Role WE NEED YOUR SUPPORTCHOOSE Supporter: Subscribe to our blog. Stay updated on the issues and ourYour Role events. Help us spread the word. Note: We are building a website (coming soon).Your Role Contributor:Your Role Help support this historic campaign with your donations. We cannot do this work without your funding support. It’sYour Role easy and takes less than 2 minutes.Your Role SABB Solutions Summit Sponsor: We’re now seeking interested cities, organizations,Your Role universities and colleges to host our ongoing SABB Solutions Summit series. To learn how your city can be the next stop on our national campaign, contact Mike Green at:CHOOSE Philanthropic Funding:Your Role The SABB National Campaign is a historic 21st centuryYour Role approach to informing and educating leaders and influencers of America’s Black Boys about how to prepareYour Role and equip Black boys to fully engage and compete in today’s innovation economy, from the pipeline of STEMYour Role education to the productivity of high-growth techYour Role entrepreneurship. You can help ensure the success of our awarenessYour Role campaign by building the capacity of our nonprofit organization with your funding support. Contact Mike Green:
  8. 8. Solutions Summit Thank You The first positive step we can take toward saving America’s Black boys isThank You simply to show up.Thank YouThank You Below are some of the many institutions represented by leaders who showed up for the SABB National CampaignThank You Launch at SXSWedu and SABB Solutions Summit. Thank you.Thank You SABB Austin, TX Solutions Summit SponsorThank YouThank YouThank You Some of SABB Austin, TX Solutions Summit Attendees Adaptive Architecture, Inc.
  9. 9. SOLUTIONSSUMMIT Program Booklet A national economic imperativeSAVING AMERICA’S BLACK BOYS Austin, Texas | March 5, 2013
  10. 10. Mike Green Founder, SABBThank you for joining us in a historic gathering ofleaders and influencers from around the nation to focuson investing in solutions to save America’s Black boys.We’re launching a national campaign to catalyze a SABB FOUNDERconversation across America that leads to actionableinvestments in developing measurable outcomes inSTEM education, entrepreneurship and job growth.URGENT ACTION!We move with a sense of urgency, understanding thechallenge of “saving” our Black boys from wanderinglost and confused, equipped with a 20th centurymindset while immersed in a 21st century InnovationEconomy. This cause requires informed, committedleaders / lifesavers who will connect Black boys to localinnovation ecosystems and economic opportunities.NATIONAL INVESTMENTThe investment in saving America’s Black boys is anational economic imperative. These are our fathers,sons and brothers, many of whom are stuck in theschool-to-prison pipeline. Many are wasting unrealizedtalents, skills and ingenuity simply because they lackaccess to resources, infrastructure and mentoring tohelp them in their struggles to be the best they can be,and add to the economic competitiveness of the nation.My Huffington Post series, “3 Ways to Save America’sBlack Boys,” inspired the organizers of SXSWedu tooffer me an opportunity to share these ideas withleading educators from around the nation.The SABB Solutions Summit in Austin, TX is a full-dayextension of my SXSWedu session that affords anopportunity for stakeholders across the spectrum ofAustin’s successful innovation ecosystem to go beyondthe talk. Concerned leaders and influencers from acrossAmerica have invested their time to be here with theAustin community. I thank you all for joining me and mypartners in a commitment to implementing solutions. Mike Green
  11. 11. Tammara McDonald Founder, President Game ChangerzGreetings Everyone!It is with great admiration that I welcome you here SABB PARTNERtoday for the national campaign launch, "SavingAmericas Black Boys" Solutions Summit.I am ecstatic that you have elected to join us for sucha historic moment, as we attract a growingcollaborative of concerned thinkers and doers. I mustsay that you are certainly in the appropriate place atthe appointed time!In order to save Americas black boys, we have tochange the game. We have to teach and equip themto be "Game Changerz“ through collaborateinnovative solutions that yield measurable results; anddevelop permanent infrastructure with a pipeline thatprovides disconnected communities vital accesschannels to economic networks.Albert Einstein said it best, "We cannot solve aproblem by using the same kind of thinking we usedwhen we created them."Americas black boys are OUR black boys, and they arethe future! The best way to predict the future is toinvent it. A discovery is said to be an accident meetinga prepared mind. This building is full of preparedminds we intentionally gathered to increase thechances of accidental engagements that may lead todiscoveries of innovative collaborative outcomes.Innovation and inclusive competitiveness are essentialgame-changing components that will result in savingAmericas black boys. Innovation is anything butbusiness as usual. SOLUTIONS + ACTIONS = RESULTS!Thank you for your attendance. Tammara McDonald
  12. 12. Diatra James CFE, CICA Vice President Game ChangerzWelcome to the official launch of Saving America’sBlack Boys Solutions Summit (SABB) here in thebeautiful city of Austin, TX. SABB PARTNERSome of you may have asked yourself, “What is theSABB campaign all about?” It is a national outreachconsisting of a series of educational workshops,summits, forums and symposia. The offline events arebolstered by an online media platform through whichthe campaign’s efforts are promoted and amplified toan engaged national audience and growingcommunity of thought leaders.YOUR presence here today proves that we are on theright track and that THIS campaign is needed.As we host the launch of the Summit today at thebeautiful George Washington Carver Museum, I mustquote him by saying, “When you do the commonthings in life in an uncommon way, you will commandthe attention of the world.”Today that world is US!Saving America’s Black Boys means “Changing theGame.” We, at Game Changerz, believe that if youchange the mindset of our nation’s black boys byeducating them in the Science, Technology,Engineering and Math (STEM) arenas, they willbecome more competitive among their internationalpeers.So let this day be the start of our collaboration insolving the challenges that face our nation’s blackboys — challenges that keep them disconnected fromthe pipeline of innovation and inclusivecompetitiveness. Thank you for joining us! Diatra James, CFE, CICA
  13. 13. James Staton Jr. SABB CONSULTANT Managing Partner Top Flight LLCAs we develop, educate, empower, nurture and vetbusinesses who, in turn, empower otherbusinesses, our communities facilitate excellenceand prosperity.In addition, we facilitate opportunities through ourassociates. Introducing our youth to businessownership is key to the long term generation ofwealth in our communities.Business ownership builds character and families,and sustains communities.Education — in particular STEM education — is thefoundation which we must build from in the 21stcentury.The Saving America’s Black Boys national campaignis the solution to many challenges in ourcommunities.Thank you for joining us on this journey to success. SABB Campaign Supporters The America21 Project Level Playing Field Institute Jarvis Sulcer, Ph.D., Executive Director Hines Media Group Jaymes Hines, Founder Global Energy Initiative, LLC Jonathan Lee, CEO
  14. 14. Patrick Quinton Executive Director Portland Development Commission SABB SPONSORABOUT PDCCreated by Portland voters in 1958, the PortlandDevelopment Commission has been a driving forcein Portland’s reputation for vibrancy and livability.As Portland’s urban renewal and economicdevelopment agency, PDC focuses on investing inthe job creation, innovation and economicopportunity that will transform Portland into one ofthe world’s most desirable and equitable cities.The PDC is headed by an executive director, whoreports to a five-member board of commissioners,local citizens appointed by the mayor and approvedby Portland City Council. The structure allows PDCto exercise independence in programimplementation and resource allocation.STARTUP PDX CHALLENGEPDC encourages innovators to engage our recentlylaunched StartupPDX Challenge. The platform is anopportunity for entrepreneurs from underservedpopulations to access the city’s startup ecosystem.Challenge winners will receive free rent for a year,a $10,000 grant and in-kind services from theregion’s top professional firms and accelerators.We’re excited about supporting innovativeopportunities that foster inclusive economicecosystems and stronger, sustainable communitiesin Portland, Oregon. Patrick Quinton
  15. 15. George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center 1165 Angelina Street, Austin, TX 78702The George Washington Carver Museum and CulturalCenter is dedicated to the collection, preservation, SABB VENUEresearch and exhibition of African-American historicaland cultural material. The museum offers gallery andonline exhibits, programs, classes, theatre productionsand a genealogy center.THEATERThe Boyd Vance Theatre is a proscenium stage withstadium seating to fit 134 patrons, including seatingfor those who are mobility impaired. Our plushseating has served audiences for many different typesof events, from City of Austin meetings to danceperformances.LOBBYOur lobby serves as the grand entry to the museum.The lobby, affectionately referred to as the "Drum," isa wonderful open space designed to maximize naturallight and is perfect for receptions.
  16. 16. Johnathan Holifield, Esq. Co-founder, The America21 Project VP Inclusive Competitiveness, Nortech SABB KEYNOTEMr. Holifield is a co-founder of The America21 Project.He developed the Inclusive Competitiveness model,which is informed by over 20 years of experiencecultivating partnerships with universities, nonprofits,governments, civic organizations, and businesses togarner broad-based support and investment for newinitiatives, including innovative and actionable strategiesto address economic inclusion, angel and early-stageprivate capital formation, STEM education and nurtureentrepreneurship ecosystems.Results include collaboratively securing more than $40million of grant funding, cash investments, and in-kindoperations support, creating Ohio’s first informationtechnology-focused high school, forming a $40 millionventure capital fund, enabling a regional network of$250 million of early-stage risk capital and designingcommunity benefits and economic inclusion strategiesfor development projects totaling nearly $1.5 billion.A recognized thought leader on innovation andtechnology-based economic development, Mr. Holifieldreceived Ohio gubernatorial appointments to theMidwest Governors’ Association Investments for theKnowledge-based Economy Project and the Ohio Houseand Senate Joint Commission on High-Tech Business. Hehas written extensively on technology and innovationdevelopment and inclusion and was a featured bloggerfor Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and co-authored the Economic Development Journal article“Inclusive Clusters: Embedding Inclusiveness in ClusterPolicy and Practice,” the first enterprise to connectequity, inclusion and cluster selection, development andleadership.He is founding executive director of CincyTech USA –Cincinnatis Voice of Technology and Innovation – andhas held executive leadership positions with CincinnatiUSA Chamber of Commerce and Cleveland Urban Leagueand was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL.Mr. Holifield holds a bachelors degree in PoliticalScience from West Virginia University, a masters degreein Educational Foundations and a law degree from theUniversity of Cincinnati. Mr. Holifield is also a graduateof the University of Oklahomas Economic DevelopmentInstitute.
  17. 17. TIME ACTIVITY PRESENTER 9am – 10 Registration 10am – 10:20 Welcome Carver / GCI10:20am – 10:45 Summit Mike / PDC Overview 10:45am - 11 Break Networking SABB AGENDA 11am – 11:45 Austin Jonathan Clark Innovation Larry Jackson Ecosystem Dr. John Butler 11:45 - noon Break NetworkingNoon – 12:45pm Lunch 1pm – 1:45pm Keynote: Johnathan $Value Black Holifield, Esq Boys Create America21 Nortech 1:45pm – 2pm Break Networking 2pm – 2:45pm In The Field: PDC / Ideal Lessons Portland 2:45pm – 3pm Break Networking 3pm – 3:45pm Deal Flow Black Tech Entrepreneurs 3:45pm – 4pm Break Networking 4pm – 4:45pm Pipeline2 Jarvis Sulver Productivity Chad Womack J. Holifield James Staton 4:45pm – 5pm Call to Action Mike Green 5pm – 6pm Reception Networking
  18. 18. 1960 1998 201211% 65% Represented in NFL11% 77% Represented in NBA DISCONNECT11% 15% Represented in MLB< 1% < 4% Bio/Health Scientists < 1% < 4% Math / Computer Science Engineers < 1% < 1% High-Growth Entrepreneurs High Growth Job Creators < 1% < 1% Risk Capital Investors Angels / Venture Capitalists < 1% < 1% Biz revenue % of overall GDP
  19. 19. “Across America, the problem of Black male achievement seems intractable. We fail our Black sons more than any other racial or ethnic group. The large gap between Black males and others exists before these children start school and continues throughout their lifespan.” PROFICIENCY 4th Grade 8th Grade ETS Policy Notes Report, Fall 2011Reading: 12% Math: 12% PROBLEM
  20. 20. Black boys also lag behind their Black female Marian Wright Edleman counterparts. President and Founder, Children’s Defense Fund “It is a community“While girls in general perform disaster.better in K-12 and in higher “A national than boys, gender “Black boys are always at the bottomdifferences among African- of the totem pole.”American groups are largerthan among other groups. PROBLEM“African-American womenaccount for 62% of all African-American undergraduates and66% of those who earn anassociate’s degree.” Racial Gaps in Early Childhood: Socio-Emotional Health, Developmental and Educational Outcomes Among African-American BoysAmerica has 3.5 millionBlack boys age 9 andyounger.
  21. 21. United States Black-owned Biz 1.9 million (7% of total) Revenues: $138B Percent of GDP < 1% 1.8 million have zero employees Only 14,000 with revenues over $1M JACKSON, MISSISSIPPIPopulation: 173,000Black: 80%White: 18%Hispanic: 1.6%Businesses: 16,000Black-owned: 45%White-owned: 53% BUSINESSAsian-owned: 2% BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES MICROCOSM of U.S. PROBLEMRevenues as percentage of totalannual local GDP: 1.4%Average number of workers perbusiness: 0.31Average annual payroll: $6,972 Sources: U.S. Census and Jackson, MS Business Development
  22. 22. 19th Century Since 1980, Agriculture all net new jobs in U.S. are the 20th Century result of Manufacturing startups fueled by 21st Century risk capital Tech Innovation investments. Kauffman Foundation STEM EducationSTEM Professions = fastest job growth26% higher wages* ECONOMY STEM-educated tech entrepreneurs create fastest- growing startups Risk capital fuels growth of startups Local innovation ecosystems support tech entrepreneurs *U.S. Dept of Commerce
  23. 23. Born 1955 - 1965 COMPETITIVENESS Children of Civil Rights EraBlack boys can perform.Black boys can compete.Black boys can lead families. Schools & Businesses. Communities & Nations. President Barack Obama signs executive order July 26, 2012: White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. Newark Mayor Charlotte Mayor Cory Booker Anthony FoxxPhiladelphia MayorMichael Nutter JUST 5 DECADES AGO These leaders’ parents faced significant obstacles in a society that was openly hostile. Today, we’re raising boys in an Age of Innovation & Opportunity. What will be the result in 2050?
  24. 24. Economic CEDS: 21st Century Economic Phenomena! Development & Policy Language In NADO’s 540 RDO Do you speak 21st century ecodev and policy? member regions, Black communitiesWhat is CEDS? have a remarkablyThe Comprehensive Economic Development consistent dismalStrategy (CEDS) is a federally mandated five-year plan — updated annually — designed to economy, decadeguide the economic growth of a region. after decade, withSee Austin, TX CEDS 2010-2015. no change in sight.Who produces a region’s CEDS? Do metropolitan Black communitiesTypically, the Regional Development have an economicOrganization (RDO) for each region will strategy roundtableproduce the federally mandated CEDS. A seated withnational association of development collaborativeorganizations (NADO) has 540 member RDOs. leadership attuned toDo you know who manages the RDO in your needs of the region?region? See NADO membership map.Why should I care?If you aren’t involved in establishing theeconomic strategy for your region and developing NADO.orgthe plan for funding programs and activities thatfit within the architecture of the economicstrategy, then you’re likely not in the value chain CEDSand may be left complaining far down the lineafter funds have been allocated and yourcommunity’s economic issues haven’t beenadequately addressed in the funding process.The front of the line is at the CEDS strategy table.If you care about your community, you have toinvest the time to sit at a table of collaborativeinput and economic strategy. Does yourcommunity have such a table of collaborativeleadership that understands the local Innovationecosystem?See Capital Area Economic Development District.
  25. 25. Continued economic growth and competitiveness is unsustainable without including disconnected minority sectors into the urban innovation economy. URBANECONOMY AMERICA’S STARKREALITY URBANECONOMICS96% Venture Capital85% New firm starts81% R&D employment75% America’s GDP69% High-growth firms68% America’s jobs Live in74% of Blacks metropolitan80% of Latinos regions Black and Latino Americans comprise nearly 1/3 of the population, yet their businesses account for LESS than 3.5% GDP and employ roughly 1% of working adults.
  26. 26. EduTech BLACKINNOVATION CEO of a Dreem Digital, a startup focused on developing curriculum based games and services for mobile devices in classrooms – apps for students, Andres teachers and parents. Montgomery Former Chief Strategy Officer at the edutech company, Bookbyte.Provided consulting services to Microsoft, Cisco andother major tech companies. Helped Microsoft’sMergers & Acquisitions Dept. acquire more than 15tech companies. ( Aviation Chief Technology Officer for the City of Portland, Oregon. CEO and Chief Technology Officer for the AirShip Endurance VTOL UAV DroneBen Berry Jr. and AirScape geo-spatial intelligence service.Former Chief Information Officer for OregonDepartment of Transportation’s (ODOT), the secondlargest state agency. ( Design Founder, CEO of Pensole Academy. Former shoe designer for Nike (Jordan D’Wayne Brand), L.A. Gear, Skechers. Edwards After leaving Nike in 2010,Edwards began teaching his craft to a largeraudience in partnerships with the University ofOregon, Parsons The New School of Design in NewYork and the Art Center College of Design inCalifornia. 23 of Edwards former students werehired as footwear designers, including four at Nike,two at Jordan Brand and two at New Balance.
  27. 27. COLLABORATION Can we invest in best practices that IS THE KEY already produce results in STEM education, high-growth entrepreneurship and access to capital that fuels the growth of startups? SOLUTIONSCan we form a collaborative table ofstrategic thinkers, planners and doerswho represent the framework of the21st century innovation economy?Can we establish privateinvestments, without waiting ongovernment or foundations, towarddeveloping infrastructure essentialfor Black boys to understand the bigpicture and learn how to compete inthe economic game?
  28. 28. Investing in entrepreneurship is key to building generational wealth. Sustaining such wealth requires a current working knowledge of the evolving innovation economy.How do we buildGENERATIONAL SOLUTIONS WEALTH?
  29. 29. 3 Ways to Save Change theirAmerica’s Black Boys languageLANGUAGEIf we don’t know the language of the 21st Invest in theircentury innovation economy, how can weprepare youth to seriously compete in a creativitycapitalist society that’s based uponcompetitive advantages and barriers toentry? Communication barriers lock doors, Mentor thembar access to opportunity and undermineprogress. It is essential that we understand into thehow to converse in 21st century economics if mainstreamwe are to expect that our youth will becomefluent in the economics of innovation. Read Mike’s 3-partINVESTMENT series in the Huffington Post,Steve Blank, professor of entrepreneurship which became theat Stanford University said: “without a catalyst for aculture of risk capital, Silicon Valley would be national campaign.just a bunch of smart engineers tinkering intheir garages.” 3 WAYSA cursory look at most any Black communityand the evidence is striking: There is noculture of investment in innovation. There isno culture of risk capital. We do not provideincentive for our kids to create, collaborateor even compete in the marketplace withtheir counterparts. Our youth suffer becausewe are risk averse.MENTORINGAnyone who has tried to find their way on aroad trip without a map or GPS understandsthe frustration of being lost and confused.Our boys need good guidance, counseling,encouragement, and support. Daily. Theyneed coaches who understand the game.
  30. 30. Black Leadership Action SABB Solutions Summit Outcome: Coalition of the Committed CoalitionBLAC works with SABB in BLAC BRIDGEpartnership to build bridgesthat connect the economicallydisconnected to the localinnovation ecosystem.BLAC is comprised of stakeholders inthe innovation ecosystem:K-12 educators and policymakersUniversity leadersSmall business ownersStartup entrepreneursCorporate CEOsFinancial industry professionalsRisk capital investorsCommunity leadersClergyParentsPublic-private partnersEconomic development orgsFoundationsElected officialsMedia
  31. 31. Ask Yourself INFRASTRUCTUREIs there a culture of innovation andentrepreneurship in my communityand schools?Do any schools, churches orcommunity organizations hostHackathons, brainstorms, StartupWeekends, Pitch Competitions,Innovator Meetups, EntrepreneurMixers, etc?I have an idea for a product, serviceor business. Is it readily known in myschool, church and community whereI can turn for my next step?How many community innovationshave been invested in by members ofmy community?Where can interested parties go in mycommunity to learn aboutcrowdfunding, angel investing, venturecapital and SBIR/STTR grants?Am I willing to invest my time, moneyand energy in developing activitiesthat lead to building an innovationecosystem and infrastructure in mycommunity?
  32. 32. BIOGRAPHY Award-winning Journalist / Editor Digital Media Innovations LeaderMike is an award-winning national journalist with16 years media experience, including hosting hisown talk radio program in San Diego. He is a NewYork Times Leadership Academy Fellow withtraining in social media and building online MIKE GREEN mike@blackinnovation.orgcommunities from Mike currently blogsfor the Huffington Post. Digital Media ConsultantMike assists groups and organizations with theirmedia strategy, understanding media trends,marketing, PR, and building and sustaining onlineaudiences while monetizing digital content. Impact StrategistMike produced a ScaleUp Innovation rally forOregon Governor John Kitzhaber in Nov. 2012 thatlaunched a national ScaleUp campaign.Dow Jones: Mike worked with a team ofdevelopers to design, implement and manageaward-winning digital innovations. Two CEOs calledMike’s achievements “phenomenal!”World of Wine: In Spring 2011, Mike designed astrategy to transform an eight-year-old single-daylocal event into a 4-day annual regional festival. Visionary LeadershipCo-founder, The America21 Project: Mike isrecognized nationally as one of the leading expertmedia voices addressing economic challenges andopportunities facing minorities across in America inthe 21st century global Innovation Economy. Honorable VeteranMike served 12 years in the Navy, which includedreceiving Sailor of the Year as a propulsionengineering supervisor aboard an amphibiousassault warship, decommissioning a guided missilecruiser and receiving many awards in recruiting. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson“No discussion about education of minorities is completewithout speaking with Mike Green.” (MED Radio Show Jan 20, 2011)
  33. 33. BIOGRAPHY Game Changerz, Inc. Founder, PresidentTammara McDonald has 16+ years’ cumulativeexperience in Human Resources / Relations,Finance, Administration and Accounting. TAMMARA MCDONALDMs. McDonald is a Senior Administrator andCOBC Regional Coordinator, currently workingin Internal Audit Service and Controls locatedwithin the Finance and Accounting division atHalliburton Energy Services.Ms. McDonald is also an independent Businessand HR Consultant, as well as providingPR/Media management services to individuals,professional athletes and entertainers.Ms. McDonald is a native Houstonian and aproud alumnus of the University of Houstonwith a Bachelors of Science Degree inInterdisciplinary Studies with minors inBusiness Administration, Management andEntrepreneurship.Known as “Team McDonald”, Tammara alongwith her husband, former NFL Pro Athlete,Ricardo, are devoted to humanitarian effortsand are true Champions 4 Charity (C4C), asthey are actively involved with severalcharitable, philanthropic organizations andcommunity initiatives. The McDonalds’ havethree children together.Ms. McDonald actively serves on several non-profit Board of Directors, and is Co-Founder,“Team McDonald” and “Love Away FromHome” organizations.
  34. 34. BIOGRAPHY Game Changerz, Inc. Vice PresidentDiatra James has 20+ years in accounting,including BP, City of Houston, BMC Software,PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Equiva DIATRA JAMESServices LLC (Joint Venture between Shell,Texaco and Aramco). Ms. James is a CertifiedFraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified InternalControls Auditor (CICA) with SupportServices Accounting as a Lead Accountantwhere she supervises, reviews, and trains astaff of five with Halliburton Energy Services.Prior to her current role, Ms. James was aSenior Auditor in Halliburton’s Internal AuditDivision.Ms. James is a native Houstonian and proudgraduate of Texas Southern University,amongst 10 in her family, with a Bachelors ofBusiness Administration Degree inAccounting.Ms. James recently became a contributingwriter for Business Journal.Ms. James zealously serves on several non-profit Board of Directors, is owner ofPenelton Consulting Services, and Co-Founder of “Love Away From Home”organizations.Despite being a highly accomplished andresourceful business professional, she pridesherself on being pro-active, not reactive,employing innovation, imagination andingenuity.
  35. 35. BIOGRAPHY James Staton Jr. President and Managing Partner, Top Flight LLC Charlotte, North Carolina Industry: Business DevelopmentPrevious JAMES STATONBoard Member/Executive Committee at CarolinasMinority Supplier Development CouncilChairman at National Minority Enterprise BusinessInput CommitteeBoard Member/Executive Committee NationalMinority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)Managing Director Hoist Manufacturers InstituteManaging Director Monorail ManufacturersManaging Director Overhead Material HandlingManufacturersManaging Director Crane ManufacturersDirector of Sales Material Handling AllianceDirector of Membership Material Handling AllianceManaging Director: Crane Manufacturers Assoc.Managing Director: Monorail Manufacturers Assoc.Management Executive: Overhead MaterialHandling Systems CouncilManagement Executive: Plastics ManufacturersProduct Section MHIDirector of Membership: Material HandlingIndustry AllianceDirector of Sales: Material Handling IndustryAllianceVice President Sales: The Trade Show GroupPlant Engineerat Miller Printing EquipmentSales Engineer: Mechanical Transmission SupplyPresident: Staton AssociatesProcess Engineer: General Motors CorporationEducationDartmouth College - The Tuck School of BusinessQueens University of CharlotteDuquesne University
  36. 36. INVEST IN AMERICA’S BLACK BOYS. SUPPORT THE SABB CAMPAIGN.This is a bold and historic declaration to a nation that has yet to rallyaround investing and supporting the success of its Black boys.Our approach is to inform and educate leaders and influencers: i.e.policymakers, educators, professionals, business and community leaders,investors, philanthropists, clergy, pro athletes and celebrities.We believe too many leaders and influencers of Americas Black boys aredisconnected from the knowledge and networks that drive the 21st centuryinnovation economy.The result is a generation of lost, confused and angry youth who grow intolost, confused and angry men. They, in turn, continue to perpetrate thecyclical problem. The goal of our campaign is awareness and intervention.So, we focus on the adults. The leaders. Those in positions of power andinfluence. And it is these folks we call to gather at our summits. It is theseleaders and influencers we call upon to support our efforts.Our campaign speaks of the problems and challenges, but only as theopening toward introducing and implementing solutions. Our summitsIntroduce unique visionary frameworks and call for a coalition ofcommitted collaborators to work with us in implementing solutions thatwill disrupt the status quo and leverage todays innovative constructs,networks, technologies and opportunities to produce exponential (versusincremental) progress. The result is what we call Inclusive Competitiveness.The process is what we call Pipeline2Productivity.Our boys are talented. They are creative. They are smart. They hold withinan inherent ingenuity that, if sufficiently tapped, could unleash a torrent ofinnovative entrepreneurs, job growth and generational wealth creation thatbenefits the overall economic competitiveness of every local region and theglobal economic competitiveness of the nation.Will you join us in making an investment in America’s Black Boys? Webelieve it is a 21st century national economic imperative.We hope you agree. A national economic imperative
  37. 37. SOLUTIONSSUMMIT INVEST IN AMERICA’S BLACK BOYS. SUPPORT THE SABB CAMPAIGN.Sponsored in part by: Host a SABB Solutions Summit A national economic imperative