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Iypf chronicle dec_2012_3

  1. 1. Six exceptional nominationswere submitted after an opencall to all IYPF members.Now these outstanding candi-dates are going to go throughthe voting process.If you are a full member andhave not receive a ballotform, please contact us viainfo@iypf.org or ad-min@iypf.org. Unfortunately,associate members are notentitled to elect the newBoard; however they canacquire voting rights as wellas many IYPF services by up-grading their status to fullMembership.Meet the Nominees !When: Sat 22nd Dec 2012Every year when the IYPFputs out a ’Call’ for Direc-tors, we are looking foryoung inspiring leaders whoare passionate about playing apivotal role in creating “aglobal community of youngprofessionals creating a bet-ter world for current andfuture generations throughlocal and global action”The International Young Pro-fessionals Foundation (IYPF)is a not-for-profit public com-pany with a membershipspanning 100 different coun-tries. It is focused on enablingyoung professionals to makea positive difference in theworld and currently has anemphasis on engaging youngprofessionals in achieving theMillennium DevelopmentGoals. IYPF utilises and pro-motes the resources, skillsand knowledge that youngprofessionals can bring to thisarena in order to create abetter world for current andfuture generations.There are four positionsavailable starting from the2012 Annual General Meetingin December. The role ofIYPF Director is filled bynomination from within, andelection by its membership atIYPF AGMs. Each Director’sterm of service is until thecompletion of the secondAGM after their election(approx. 2 years).To be eligible one must be afull-member of IYPF. Nomina-tions must be seconded byanother full-member of IYPF.Nominations closed on 2359GMT November 20, 2012.It’s now time to cast yourVOTE!"we cant solve problems by usingthe same kind ofthinking we used when wecreated them"Albert EinsteinI N T H I S I S S U E :Victoria Nguyen:IYPF N. AmericaRegional Facilitator,2Dennis Leading theWorld: IYPF AfricaRegional Facilitator3Humanitarian Tech.Implementation Prog4Sustainable Cities20304Socio:nextLennart ClerkxIYPF EuropeRegional Facilitator5Global Youth ServiceDayWhat Qualities doYoung ProfessionalsNeed to be Sustaina-bility Leaders: EveMorris67Opportunity Knocks 8D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2The ChronicleI N T E R N A T I O N A L Y O U N G P R O F E S S I O N A L S . . .In this Issue we cele-brate Sustainable Lead-ership and its key rolein the achievement ofthe MDGs with ourspecial feature on theIYPF AGM 2012. Fordevelopment toachieve long-term im-pact, the various lead-ership vacuums thatexist must be filledwith passionate, ener-getic and talented indi-viduals who not onlypossess the wisdomand know-how to en-rich old truths withnew innovations butalso the heart to rec-ognize and respecthumanity in its entirety.The IYPF Familyiypf@iypf.orgS e a s o n s G r e e t i n g s !Living More Sustainably . . .The IYPF Annual General Meeting . . .Are these the 4 key elementsof Leadership for Sustainabil-ity?1. Mindfulness - stay aware ofand pay close attention to thepresent moment, fully ques-tion the status quo and beopen to change..2. Advocacy – prudently ar-gue in favour of sustainability;clearly understand the pro-cess, the when and how toastutely implement it.3.Holding discomfort longenough - quick, fast fixes areso appealing, however ex-- ploring and staying with thedifficult stuff increases thechance of finding new solu-tions4. Feminine Attributes - ex-plore and utilize them withfull cognizance of our moremasculine organizational hab-its
  2. 2. P A G E 2“I have alwaysbelieved thatdiversity definesthe worldaround us.Differences incultures arewhat make theworld sointeresting”Victoria Nguyen . . .My Name is Victoria Ngu-yen and I’m a new RegionalFacilitator for the NorthAmerica region. I am veryexcited to take on this rolebecause I’m thrilled by theidea that this group of ac-tive and passionate individ-uals from all over the worldcan be connected for agood cause despite thedistances and time differ-ences between us!I have always believed thatdiversity defines the worldaround us. Differences incultures are what make theworld so interesting. Alittle about myself – I wasborn and raised in Califor-nia, USA, but I am of Viet-namese descent. I’ve spentconsiderable time living andstudying in the UK for myMaster’s degree, and sometime during my undergradu-ate degree doing a studyabroad program through-out 4 cities in Europe. Inaddition, I have a passionfor traveling and I feel thatmy travels throughout theworld and my own back-ground give me a well-rounded outlook on theworld and the plethora ofcultures that make us whatwe are. While I’ve visitedcountries on 6 differentcontinents, there is somuch more to see aroundthe world and I’m excitedby the opportunity to dothis!I believe that being a YoungProfessional is a specialtitle, and there are manyimplications for it. Afterr e c e i v i n gtwo degrees(a Bachelor’sand a Mas-ter’s degree)and workingin the so-called “real”world for afew years, Ifeel thatbeing aYoung Pro-f e s s i o n a lopens thedoor to nu-merous op-portunitiesto changethe worldwhether it isthrough theo r g a n i z a -tions wework for orthe extra-curricular activities we areinvolved in. It becomes ourresponsibility, as membersof the working community,to really devote our timeto our jobs, but so muchmore than that. The experi-ence I’ve had with extra-curricular activities likevolunteering with the com-munity and taking on lead-ership roles in various or-ganizations while in school,working, and job searchinghave given me a push to-wards doing more with mycareer and gives me anedge on the job market.Plus, it makes life moreinteresting!I was excited by the oppor-tunity to join IYPF becauseI feel that Young Profes-sionals are an ideal groupto connect together on aglobal level. Personally, be-ing a part of this interna-tional community is greatfor me to have a forum tolearn from others aroundthe world in order to con-tribute to my own work inthe field of InternationalRelations, especially incor-porating this with my ownperspectives from growingup in the U.S.. Workingtogether with others fromaround the world not onlyhelps individuals to under-stand their own work andhow it can affect change inthe world, but ultimately, ithelps to create an intercon-nected network of respon-sible individuals workingtowards common goals onboth a local and global lev-el.VictoriaT H E C H R O N I C L E
  3. 3. P A G E 3“When you’rechanging a girlslife, its not justthat life. You startto affect a family,a community, anation. “Oprah WinfreyOprah . . .Dennis Leading the World . . .The story of IYPF RegionalFacilitator in Africa, DenisKateregga, unveils inspiringdetails of how he contribut-ed to the 2013 Youth Lead-ing the World, a globalmovement in which IYPFwas a key partner. http://youtu.be/hRoK_GZUc_By organising a local semi-nar, the participants inUganda joined a worldwide3 day youth leadership con-gress conducted simultane-ously in multiple locations,connected by digital media.Innovative workshop tech-niques combined with so-cial networking and web2.0technologies focused atten-tion on 3 ways to make adifference: INFORM: learning tolive within the limits ofone planet; INSPIRE: inspirationand social innovationto create change; INVOLVE: connectingchange makers locallyand globally.OzGREEN piloted YouthLeading Australia in 7 loca-tions in 2009. Through IYPF– YLTW partnership Denis,alike other IYPF RegionalFacilitators, underwent afree-of-charge two day in-tensive training (19 – 20November 2012), equippinghim with, among othercompetences, the skills tosuccessfully facilitate aYouth Leading the Worldcongress. A few days later -on 27 – 29 November 2012Suubi Centre ( located inMasaka, Uganda) hosted thecongress with dozens ofyouth and 3 communityleaders attended. The am-ple ideas produced by theparticipants give IYPF newbold directions for action.Denis is particularly thank-ful to the Suubi Centre, theYouth Leading Tthe Worldteam and Rachael Young.He is continuously lookingfor more opportunities tocooperate with young pro-fessionals from all acrossthe world to promote andfurther the IYPF values.DennisOWLA is now looking for40 young profession femaleleaders to join 10 youngSouth African leaders for afor a week of intensiveleadership training at theirbeautiful facility.Oprah will hopefully bejoining by SkypeThe OprahWinfrey Lead-ership Academy(OWLA) wasset up to nur-ture and raisethe next gener-ation of trans-formative SouthAfrican leaders.For more information visit:http://www.owla.co.za/#Captiondescribingpicture orgraphic.T H E C H R O N I C L E
  4. 4. The Humanitarian Tech. Implementation ProgramP A G E 4I N T E R N A T I O N A LThis IYPF supported project,Humanitarian TechnologyImplementation Program(HTIP) is built on previoussuccesses of humanitarian tech-nology development and imple-mentation from the Universityof Adelaide, IYPF wants it to goglobal.The plan is to work with localcommunities to provide solu-tions that will provide genericsolutions that can be tailor-made for the specific areas.HTIP needs keen members witha passion to provide input intohelping some of the world’smost needy. We need peoplewith science and engineeringbackgrounds, but also peoplewith knowledge and skills inmarketing, communications,health, management, rural envi-ronments, networks, or justenthusiasm and passion to help.Two existing projects includecook stove designs for waste-fuel burning and sustainableenergy production from scrapmaterial.If you are interested in contrib-uting to this program, via thementioned projects, or otherprojects you want to support,contact::cristian.birzer@iypf.orgwill last for many years, devel-oping every year, and providingsolutions to make citiesthroughout the world cleaner,greener, more vibrant and sus-tainable. It provides a mecha-nism for change.The program has started as apilot program in Adelaide,South Australia, with studentsfrom the University of Adelaide.What should your city look likeby 2030? How will we getthere? How do you get a say inwhat tomorrow will look like?Sustainable Cities 2030 pro-vides a platform for Young Pro-fessionals to formulate imagina-tive, creative ideas and convertthem into innovative plans tohelp shape the future of citiesworldwide. It is a program thatThey are currently developingcomputational and physicalmodels of the city and sur-rounding parklands to investi-gate air pollution distribution,the urban heating islandeffect and means tooptimize publictransport in the city.However, IYPF arenow calling for volun-teers to make it global.Sustainable Cities 2030 . . .If you are interested in makingyour city, village or town sus-tainable, contact cris-tian.birzer@iypf.org“ What shouldyour city looklike by 2030?How will we getthere? How doyou get a say inwhat tomorrowwill look like? ”
  5. 5. P A G E 5I N T E R N A T I O N A LHigh expectations have beenset for the current generationof young professionalsacross the globe. We aresaid to break with fixed soci-etal norms, form uniqueviews on the world, learnexperientially, think innova-tively, and perhaps most im-portantly, we are expected tohave an increased sense ofurgency to act on societal,developmental or sustainabil-ity issues.These traits exist in manypeople around us, but moreoften than not, they need tosee examples before theyare motivated to act upontheir beliefs. Far from con-demning people’s need for ademonstration effect, I think itis understandable. The para-dox in our societies is thatdespite a ubiquitous realisa-tion that it is up to us to tack-le the complicated problemsof our time, there still existssocial pressure in our envi-ronments to conform to thetraditional expectations theprevious generation createsabout our careers and lifechoices.The Socionext Foundationstrives to give the next gen-eration of leaders a windowto a more societally relevantand fulfilling career path. Incooperation with businesses,young entrepreneurs and thepublic sector, Socionext of-fers opportunities for univer-sity students to develop so-cial entrepreneurship pro-jects that generate incomefor scholarships for SouthAfrican students from disad-vantaged communities. Thesuccess of the program wecreated in 2010 at the Uni-versity of Amsterdam wasevidence that our generationindeed needs an outlet for itsdrive to have positive impactin the world.By demonstrating the suc-cesses and rewards of re-sponsible leadership, bothSocionext and IYPF providean essential spark that cankickstart the career of anylatent sustainability practi-tioner or social change agenta young age. Therefore,since this month, IYPF andSocionext have started towork towards our commonvision by putting our headstogether by sharing our expe-riences in working with stu-dents and young profession-als. I’m excited about thepossibilities and look forwardto a long and fruitful coopera-tion!Lennart Clerkx, BusinessDeveloper at Socionext& IYPF Regional Facilitator,Europe“ I’mexcited aboutthepossibilitiesand lookforward toa longandfruitfulcooperation!”
  6. 6. P A G E 6I N T E R N A T I O N A LThe International YoungProfessionals Foundationhas been selected to serve as aGlobal Youth Service Day(GYSD) 2013 RegionalPartner in the South Amer-ica and North Africa MiddleEast regions. After contrib-uting to the GYSD since 2003and a multiple-stage competi-tion lasting from August untilearly December 2012, IYPF wasconferred upon with a globalresponsibility!As a Regional Partner, our or-ganization will be an invaluableasset and Youth Service Ameri-ca partner. IYPF will coordinateand oversee Global Youth Ser-vice Day celebrations in SouthAmerica and MENA regions,engage at least 10000 youthvolunteers, and promote GlobalYouth Service Day throughengagement of media and publicofficials.Entering its 25th year, GlobalYouth Service Day (April 26 to28, 2013) is celebrated by hun-dreds of thousands of youngpeople in more than 100 coun-tries and recognizes the posi-tive impact that young peoplehave on their communities 365days a year. Through youth-ledservice initiatives, young peopleaddress critical issues such ashunger and homelessness, child-hood obesity, and environmenttal well-being.Do you want to be part of ourGYSD 2013 team? Or you havesome inspiring ideas to share?Give us a notice at:info@iypf.org.While more details regardingIYPFs activity as a RegionalPartner would come in the up-coming Januarys edition of theChronicle, you are very wel-come to find more informationabout the Global Youth Serviceat the website:www.gysd.org .“Doyouwant tobe partof ourGYSD2013team?”
  7. 7. ence of working overseas, as theanswer to this question coulddictate their understanding of the> interconnectivity of the planet’sproduction and consumption is-sues, thus making them a valuableaddition to a company that iscentred on sustainability. A re-cent article in business magazineSUCCESS highlighted the fact thatdiversity in the workplace<http://www.success.com/articles/544-diversity-leaders-not-labels> isimportant for success in any busi-ness, irrespective of whether it issustainability-based or not.*Innovativeness*Another main value that the pro-fessionals identified as being im-portant for sustainability leadersto possess was capacity for inno-vation. This is integral for thinkingup new solutions to problemsand pioneering ways in which tohelp conserve resources.*Leadership in Action* magazinestates that innovation is im-portant for motivating employ-ees<http://www.ccl.org/leadership/pdf/publications/lia/lia27_2Good.pdf>. It creates ex-One of the main roles of the International YoungProfessionals Foundation is to equip young profes-sionals as sustainability practitioners. There is moreto sustainability than simply having good intentionsthough; it is essential for these individuals to pos-sess the necessary drive that is required in orderfor them to excel at what they do. Whilst somewill be happy successfully incorporating environ-mentally friendly practices into their businesses,others will want to become leaders in the field ofsustainability. Research carried out by the Interna-tional Institute for Sustainable Development sug-gests that communication is the most importantskill needed for doing this. Young professionalswere asked what qualities were required in orderto become a leader in the area of sustainability andthe ability to communicate was ranked at the top.The IISD concluded that mastering the art of en-gaging people irrespective of their personality typesand cultures is the key to sustainability leadership.*Exposure to Other Cultures*Professionals who answered questions as part ofthe study also emphasized the importance of expe-riencing other cultures and possessing a truly globalperspective. They noted that this was instrumentalin developing an international mindset and increas-ing geopolitical awareness. This suggests that itmight be beneficial for young professionals who arelooking for employees <http://www.recruitmentgenius.com/> for their businessesto ask potential candidates if they have had experi-citement within the workforce byensuring that new ideas are con-stantly generated, therefore en-suring that workers remain pas-sionate about the organisation.*Sense of Urgency*A sense of urgency was identifiedas being just as important forthose wishing to become leadersin the field of sustainability topossess. The IISD says that youngprofessionals recognise the needfor faster progress towards theimplementation of initiatives thatwill be beneficial to the environ-ment. This means that a goodsustainability leader should beone who does not procrastinateand is efficient at putting ecologi-cally friendly measures into prac-tice. A true leader should besomebody who does not hesitatemore than is necessary beforeputting a plan into action.*Understanding Equity*An understanding of the im-portance of equity also featurednear the top of the list. The IISDpoint out that in some countries,the huge gap between the richand the poor has been taken forgranted. Even though eight hun-dred and seventy million peoplein the world do not have enoughto eat, there are still individualswho choose to ignore the plightof the impoverished. A truly car-ing sustainability leader wouldhave to avoid falling within thisdemographic, as there is littlepoint in somebody professing tocare about the environmentwhilst simultaneously proving thatthey do not care about the indi-viduals that they share the planetwith.*Passion and Enthusiasm*What Qualities do Young Professionals Need in Order tobe Sustainability Leaders?P A G E 7
  8. 8. convictions on the issue of sus-tainability to translate intoknowledge and action within awork environment, the individualhas to make an effort to practicewhat is preached and respect theenvironment throughout thecourse or his or her everyday life.*Conclusion*It is evident from the IISD’s studythat most young professionalsbelieve clear communication,cultural awareness, innovative-ness and a strong belief in uphold-ing a sustainable and ecologicallysound way of life to be the quali-ties that define a sustainabilityleader. The findings reflect theneed for leaders who are bothPassion for sustainability was highlighted as anotheran important characteristic to possess. The profes-sionals who were questioned stated that futuresustainability leaders require a deep sense of enthu-siasm guided by strong ethical principles. They alsoexpressed the opinion that an individual’s commit-ment to sustainable living in his or her own person-al life can set him or her apart from the rest. Theview was put forward that in order for somebody’scapable at what they do and pos-sess a genuine love of environ-mentalism. There is also call forsustainability leaders who aremorally upstanding and unwillingto put the needs of the wealthyabove those of people who areless economically advantaged.These are qualities that youngprofessionals who wish to gainpositions as leaders in the field ofenvironmentalism should attemptto cultivate. They provide some-thing to aim at for people whoare not only ambitious but alsocare about the world and wishto preserve it so that future gen-erations will get to enjoy it just asmuch as they are currently doing.Eve MorrisOpportunity Knocks . . .Dear IYPF Members,Alumni, Friends,You may have noticed that over the last two years IYPF has become very active. However, to continue building and growing,we need additional funds. We are therefore requesting once-off financial donations from all friends of IYPF starting from 15December. Together we aim to raise at least US$3000 (AUD3000) by the 15thof January 2013, as a critically invaluable compo-nent of our set organisational funding trajectory.The funds will be used for seed funding, debt consolidation and on-going initiatives under direct management by the IYPFBoard . These actions are expected to have great impact on our organizations resource mobilization initiatives which are acritical component of our ultimate strategy aimed at catapulting IYPF into its prime stage.For any further information do not hesitate to contact Rassel Chisango through iypf@iypf.org.Connie Walyaro, Cristian Birzer, Rosen Dimov, Rassel ChisangoThe IYPF BoardP A G E 8What Qualities do Young Professionals Need in Order tobe Sustainability Leaders? [cont.]* The Friends of IYPF Fundraiser *
  9. 9. Dear Comrades,As we bid farewell to 2012 and welcome 2013 we say ‘Thank you very much!’ for your yearlong sup-port. We hope your friendship with the IYPF family has enriched your lives in big positive ways. Aswe move forward, we are very confident that you will continue to walk with us on this grand adven-ture as we chart the future of the IYPF.We value your support and we are always eager to work with volunteers, young professionals, ex-perts and world leaders in our many efforts to add to the world’s beauty and enhance the world’sjoy. If you would like to leave your footprint on this planet, why not start here? Visit our Opportuni-ties Pool page for more information on how to get involved in building a better world.We greatly appreciate your continued commitment, feedback, comments and recommendations,please continue to walk and talk with us. Also, frequently visit the website for more news and up-dates.Today we celebrate you, our friends, members and alumni, and we wish you all Happy Holidays anda Fantabulous 2013Viva IYPF!!Opportunity Knocks . . .P A G E 9* Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013! *