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ALISSS AGM Minutes 2014

  1. 1. ALISS AGM 11th June 2014 Senate House Attending Jane Alderson-Rice (University of Kent); Victoria Bird (SOAS Library); Beth Clark (SOAS) Laura Cowdrey (National Archives); Heather Dawson (LSE Library); Gill Downham (University of Surrey); Fiona Durham (Open University); Deborah Furness (UCL); Seven Gray (Open University); Shauna Harris (CAFCASS); Lisa Hawksworth (University of Liverpool); Ruth Houghton (Middlesex University); Charles Inskip (UCL); Margaret Kitching London South Bank University); Alison Knight (ProQuest); Wendy Lynwood( Birkbeck College); Helen Mackin (Barnardos); Emma Milnes (Zoological Society London); Maria O’Hara (KCL); Sally Patalong (Coventry University); Helen Porter (SOAS); Sarah Puzey (Cardiff University); Ruth Russell (UCL); Mary Seeley (SOAS); Vimal Shah (KCL); Mirriam Tarron (University of Surrey); Joanna Tate (LSE); Evi Tramantza (University of Surrey), Joanna Wood (CAFCASS) Committee membership The following were re-elected as officers by the AGM Sally Patalong - Coventry University, Chair Heather Dawson – LSE Library (Secretary) Joanna Tate, LSE Library. Treasurer Jennie Grimshaw Lisa Hawksworth, University of Liverpool Helen Mackin - Barnardos Norma Menabney Queens University Belfast Angela Joyce, University of Bristol Victoria Bird, SOAS library Jenny Collieson (SCIE) stood down from the committee ALISS Finance A thorough report and statement of accounts for the year up to 2014 was presented by Jo Tate This has been verified by the independent financial examiner John Helm ACA and was approved by the AGM Income Corporate and personal membership fees and sales of ALISS Quarterly extra copies totalled £3,898 and so covered the cost of producing the journal (£2,470) money was saved by reducing the print run. The 2013 summer conference made surplus of £1,023 a decrease from £1,460 in 2013. This was due to the fact that the conference was held in London where room hire is more expensive. Expenditure Expenditure on the AGM in 2013 totalled £851 comprising £75 in prizes for
  2. 2. best articles in ALISS Quarterly, £776 for catering and room hire. Expenditure on the summer conference consisted of £1,095 for catering and room hire and £167 travel expenses. Expenditure for the Christmas event consisted of £174 for catering and room hire. Office costs, including accounting and website fees totalled £427 Review of Activities. Heather Dawson Presented a review of events Conferences The main event in 2013/14 was the annual summer conference held in London in August 2013. This focussed on Supporting evolving research needs. There were six speakers: • The Systematic Review – is the social sciences librarian involved. If not, why not? – Alan Gomersall. Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Evidence & Policy, King’s College London. • What did I do wrong?”A project to support independent learning practices to avoid plagiarism Helen Hathaway, Liaison Team Manager Science and Information Skills Coordinator, University of Reading Library • Supporting the Research data management process- a guide for Librarians - John Southall, LSE Data Librarian. • Identifiers for Researchers and Data: Increasing Attribution and Discovery - John Kaye, Lead Curator Digital Social Science, British Library • Sharing information literacy teaching materials openly: Experiences of the CoPILOT project – Nancy Graham Subject Advisor (Medicine), Library Services, Academic Services, University of Birmingham and Dr Jane Secker, Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor, Centre for Learning Technology, Information Management and Technology, London School of Economics and Political Science • Supporting research by becoming a researcher - Miggie Pickton, Research Support Librarian, Northampton University A Xmas half day event was held in London on 9th December 2013. The theme was Collaborate, engage and invigorate- Working with our user communities to develop library services. It included presentations from Maria Lampert, Information Expert – Business and Intellectual Property, British Library- British Library engagement with its user communities; Cathy Walsh, Director of Library and Learning Services, University of East London - Information skills and the student voice: working together to promote information literacy at UEL; Norma Menabney, Subject Librarian , Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Queen’s University, Belfast - Prepped for University: introducing academic literacy skills to secondary school
  3. 3. students. Lisa Hawksworth, Faculty Librarian, University of Liverpool - Skills for Success: Library involvement in the Liverpool Scholars Programme Visits. ALISS also has a very active programme of professional visits to libraries open to members free of charge and to non-members at £5. Visits in 2013/14 included Royal Asiatic Society Library, Greenwich Maritime Museum Archives; William Morris Gallery Archives, Transport Museum Library, Royal College of Nursing Library, Science Museum Library, Geological Society Library, Freemasons Library, City of London School Library, Kings College London Special Collections, Salvation Army Heritage Centre, Wellcome Library. Membership. 2014 2013 Membership corporate 95 101 individual 27 33 student 0 1 total 122 135 Attendance agm 31 32 Summer conference 35 35 Christmas event 28 27 total 94 94 Journal ALISS continues to publish the journal ALISS Quarterly which offers short topical articles on recent professional developments. ALISS Quarterly is available in print (free to members) and online. The current online issues are password protected and available to members only. An archive from January 2009 to April 2013 is freely available. Special Issues for 2013 included: Evolving Roles, Supporting Evolving Research Needs, Working with User Communities to Develop Library Services, Supporting Staff and Staff Development. This year we nominated for our best articles prize Plagiarism avoidance for new students’ Anne Costigan and Sarah George, October 2012 vol. 8 no.1-6. Describes development of the plagiarism avoidance for new student’s course at the University of Bradford. It aimed to smooth the transition into higher education by introducing students to ideas of citing and referencing in a non- threatening way.
  4. 4. 'Using social media to promote archive use - Laura Cowdrey, National Archives July 2013 Describes range of methods used by the National Archives to attract users. Based on a presentation given at an earlier ALISS AGM. Website Developed by Vicky Bird provides information on events and activities. Twitter updates sent out regularly. A higher education news service created and monthly new letters sent out. Forthcoming Activities/ priorities Forthcoming Activities. Visits RIBA Library, Rhodes House, Zoological Society London Conference July Cardiff focussing on innovation in staff development. During 2014/15 the committee will be reviewing membership to try to contact and produce more appealing events for non HE members and also to try to attract more new individual and/or corporate members from this sector. We will also be examining the possibility of transferring the journal to an online only version to decrease costs, promote wider access and enable better display of images. Heather Dawson. ALISS Secretary