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ALISS AGM 2006 Minutes

  1. 1. ALISS AGM 222nd May 2006 British Library Attending Jane Secker, LSE Centre for Learning Technology (Chair), Heather Dawson LSE Library (Secretary), Jennie Grimshaw British Library (Treasurer), Angela Upton SCIE, Helen Mackin Barnardos, Anne Dagpunar SOAS, Barbara Merchant SPRU, Caron Conolly (Department of Health) Sarah Pavey (College Librarian, Epsom College), Yvonne Hamblin Research Project Manager Department of Information Science, Loughborough University; Ian Hodges Services Manager Digital Preservation, National Archives; Beverley Kemp, Head of Library Services, The Women's Library; Jeremy Larkin (NCH Library), Diane Kearns (Subject Librarian University of Bradford), Barbara Humphries (Assistant Librarian LSE Library), Sue Donnelly (Archivist LSE Library); Laurie Salemohamed (Academic Librarian, Loughborough University); Cathy Phillpotts, Teamleader (Social Sciences, Senate House Library); Susan Tarrant(Academic Liaison Librarian Senate House Library), Meena Shah Edexcel, Eilis Rafferty (Subject Librarian, Queen Mary, University of London), Janet Morton (Faculty Team Librarian, University of Leeds), Janet Corcoran (Web Content and Resources Officer, Imperial College); Barbara Spina (Faculty Librarian SOAS), Liz Verran (Information Officer, Amnesty International), David Clover (Librarian, Institute of Commonwealth Studies) Vivienne Stiemens, (Librarian, Policy Studies Institute), Rozz Evans (Collection Development Librarian Institute of Education) Jacquie Carter (British Library), Polly Geater (Subject Librarian UCL Library Services), Nick Joint (Andersonian Library, University of Strathclyde) Apologies Rose Coughlan (Royal Holloway), Angela Joyce (ILRT, University of Bristol) ALISS Finance Jennie Grimshaw presented the draft accounts for 2005/6. This showed that in the first year of operation ALISS had established a firm financial footing. Marcus Wooley University of Luton Treasurer of the CILIP Information Group was elected as Treasurer 2006/7 Review of Activities. Heather Dawson provided a brief summary of ALISS Events during 2005/6 The awards for most interesting and informative article in ALISS Quarterly was made to: Yvonne Hamblin Research Project Manager Department of Information Science, Loughborough University. for her article on Library Portals. The runner up prize to Sarah Pavey, College Librarian, Epsom College for her article on information literacy and the School Librarian.
  2. 2. Committee Membership 2006/7 The following were elected as committee members. Jane Secker (LSE Centre For Learning Technology) (Chairperson). Jennie Grimshaw - British Library (Treasurer) Heather Dawson – LSE Library (Secretary) Angela Joyce (ILRT University of Bristol) Helen Mackin - Barnardos Angela Upton - SCIE Caron Connolly - Department of Health Library Anne Dagpunar SOAS Library Barbara Merchant SPRU Diane Kearns (University of Bradford) (new member) Rose Coughlan (Royal Holloway) resigned from the committee . Other committee members thanked her for her contribution to events and hoped that she would be able to retain some future involvement with the group. Future Developments. A programme of visits to key information services and libraries was being arranged for the Summer A Summer one day event on a themed topic was in the planning stage and would be publicised on LIS_SOCIALSCIENCE Planning was underway to improve and relaunch the ALISS web site. Heather Dawson.