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Aliss AGM 2012 minutes


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Aliss AGM 2012 minutes

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Aliss AGM 2012 minutes

  1. 1. ALISS AGM 11th June 2012 British LibraryAttendingLucy Ayre (LSE Library), Vonnie Bee (LSE Library), Victoria Bird (SOAS)Thomas Butler (Croydon College), Ruth Chell (Keele University), SamuelCaulkin (Croydon College), Timothy Collinson University of Portsmouth) NickCullis, (HMRC), Heather Dawson, (LSE Library, ALISS Secretary), JackieDunn (Newcastle University), Diana Elliott (Croydon College), Emma Furderer(London South Bank University), Jennie Grimshaw (British Library, ALISStreasurer), Honor Hania (University of Glasgow), Erika Jagielko (University ofGlasgow), Angela Joyce (University of Bristol, ALISS Committee), JeremyLarkin (Centre for Policy on Ageing), Helen Mackin (Barnardos, ALISSCommittee), Rachel Nelligan (UCL), Hend Pagdin (Buckinghamshire NewUniversity), Sally Patalong (Coventry University, ALISS Committee), JeanPortman, (University of Surrey), Jane Shelley (Anglia Ruskin University), RosSmith (London South Bank University), Brenda Spooner ( London South BankUniversity), Christine Stevenson (University of Sunderland), VivienneStiemens (Policy Studies Institute), Joanna Tate (LSE Library, ALISSCommittee), Angela Upton, (SCIE, ALISS Chair), Rebecca Ursell (Proquest),Kate Walker (University of Southampton), Emily White (UniversityofPortsmouth)Helen Webb (University of Sussex).ApologiesNorma Menabney Queens University, Belfast.Committee membershipThe following were re-elected as officers by the AGMAngela Upton – SCIE (Social Care Institute for Excellence) ChairHeather Dawson – LSE Library (Secretary )Jennie Grimshaw - British Library (Treasurer) Jennie is due to retire during2012/13 art which point she will hand over to Joanna TateHelen Mackin - BarnardosNorma Menabney Queens University BelfastJoanna Tate LSEAngela Joyce, University of BristolSally Patalong University of CoventryVictoria Bird SOAS was welcomed as a new committee member MargaretAnderson Queens University Belfast stood down due to new workcommitments. The committee praised her contribution to organising eventsover the years.
  2. 2. ALISS FinanceJennie Grimshaw gave a full report on financial position to the AGM. All accounts has been signed off by the independent auditor John Helms and were accepted by the AGM as correct.IncomeCorporate and personal membership fees and sale of aliss quarterly totalled£4,544 the 2011 summer conference made a profit of £852ExpenditureExpenditure on the AGM totalled £1019 expenditure on the summerconference was £455 for catering and £13 speakers expenses. Expenditureon the Christmas event was £182. Public health seminar expenditure £156Costs of developing a new website was £1000. Accounting advice £396 plustechnical support £50Financial PositionCash at bank 31 march 7,807This led to a deficit of 1,120The main cause of this was increased website fees. £500 was a one off fee.Increased catering costsOne off public health seminar costsDecreased income from the summer conference due to lower attendance.This was believed to be due to the financial situation.Membership relatively steady some decreased corporate membership fromthe charity sector offset by increased individual membershipHowever if deficits contine membership fees may need to rise in the nextfinancial year. Non members attendance fees will be raised at all events.Review of Activities.Heather Dawson provided a brief summary of ALISS Events during 2011/12ConferencesALISS One Day Summer Conference 2011: Social Media, Libraries Librarians and Research Support. Papers online at Health Public workshop took place at the British Library in November2011Provided free training on key databases including Informit, OECDHandouts online at:
  3. 3. Xmas Special: Open Doors – Gateways to Social Science Information online Presentations included demonstrations of leading social science portals.These included.Third Sector Knowledge Portal; DERA (Institute of Education) and ConnectedHistories: Sources for Building British History, 1500-1900 papers online at took place to the following social science libraries/ information centresand continued to prove very popular.Visits took place to the following social science libraries/ information centresand continued to prove very popular.SOAS Library and archives July 2011Stanley Kubrick Archive University of the Arts August 2011Supreme Court Library August 2011Bank of England Archive September 2011Imperial War Museum December 2011French Institut March 2012Guardian Archive April 2012University of Surrey Library and special collections March 2012School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library June 2012Croydon College June 2012Membership.During 2011-12 we were able to retain membership fees at the same cost.This encouraged more individual members to join. Efforts are continuing tocontact pressure groups and more universities across the UK.Student membership will be promoted in the future.JournalALISS continues to publish the journal ALISS QuarterlySpecial issues were onSupporting Researchers: eBooks Todayand the Digital Promises of TomorrowSocial Media, Libraries, Librarians and Research SupportNew developments: Library orientation/ information literacyThis year we nominated for the first prize (£50)Exterminating Boredom: synergy and creativity in an academic library October2011Emily C. White, Library Assistant, University of PortsmouthTimothy Collinson, Faculty Librarian, University of Portsmouth
  4. 4. This helps libraries who are stuck in a rut with induction! Describing a numberof innovative projects at the university of PortsmouthThe second prize winnerAsk Scotland: the National Virtual Reference Service April 2011Gillian Hanlon, Information Officer, SlainteWebsiteTwitter account maintained!/aliss_infoWorking with Sage Social Space to post weekly social science internetupdates on key websites.AGM 2012featured the following presentations.These are available on the ALISS website Joyce, University of Bristol, Dear Mr Angela. on the use of socialmedia, as well as more traditional methods, to engage with internationalstudents.Thomas Butler, Head of Libraries and Learning Resources, Croydon CollegeHistorical baggage on the replacement of traditional issue desks with self-service and roving help.Helen Webb, Research Support Supervisor, University of Sussex on thecreation of the Research Hive as a social space for researchers in the library.Jennie Grimshaw showcased the new Social Welfare at the BL portal.Forthcoming eventsA series of visits are planned including: Royal College of Physicians Library,Wallace Collection, Wiener LibrarySummer 2011 conference planned for August Supporting diverse studentpopulations.Heather Dawson.ALISS