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  • Power of High Income
  • Include portrait slide
  • Martini Social: 1,2 ,3 (fade in and out come in social, mobile and video)
  • Targeting Slide:Best of Madison Ave, NY, and London + Best of Silicon Valley-all the forms of targeting
  • Complete Product Segment Data: http://extranet.martinimedianetwork.com/JBobbin/eXelate_Segments_BrokenOutForJuly2011.xls
  • In 1962,Influence is We took a step further With the advent of the internetWhat was the criteria used to differentiate Pollinators from Influentials? It was heavily based on online behavior, . . . We saw a consistent theme of behavioral patterns in Pollinators than in any other groupPollinators build their influence by the behavior – 5 actionsTalk about and share opinionsMake recommendations to others before purchaseEarly adoptersQuick to share opinions in online social forumsBlog about experience/productInfluentials may do some of these things sometimes or do at least two, but not all of the actions
  • The new influencers thrive on sharing experiences online, positive and negative
  • We asked about spending in some of the passion areas, and not surprisingly, even within specific categories like travel or golf, pollinators far outspend influentials and the rest of the internet. Here we show the median spend across passion categories which is 7x for pollinators compared to non-influentialsAgain, a key difference among the pollinators is their relationship with brands – they are twice as likely to agree that brands not only reflection who they are bust also help them feel more confident.
  • What is Zuberance?

    1. 1. Where Influence Meets Affluence™ Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    2. 2. Martini Straight Up Reaching theMost Valuable 90+ MM $100k + Spend Money monthly uniques household income Audience across US & Europe to Save Time At the Point 1000 + At Work & Invite Only niche sites publisher network of Passion Play To Drive Brand & DR High Impact Audience solutions creative Targeting Success Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    3. 3. The Most Valuable Audience* 21% 70% of U.S. of total U.S. households HHI 26.2 2x 3.2x hours spent more likely more spentonline weekly to buy on purchases Simply put, consumers earning $100k+ Surf, Shop, Spend, & Share More Than Other Consumers… *Source: IAB & Ipsos Mendelsohn, 8/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    4. 4. Eager to Share the Message* 64% Go out of their way to tell friends, family & colleagues about a product 74% Say a good ad is worth talking about *Source: Martini Media & WPP/Added Value Group, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    5. 5. Meet Martini Media’s $100k + Audience $60,000, Mechanic $80,000, Analyst Passion: Tennis Passion: Electronics $40,000, Nurse $36,000, Admin Asst. Passion: Cooking Passion: Museums $100,000 HHI $116,000 HHI $225,000, CEO $175,000, Sales Single Single Mom Passion: Cars Passion: Fashion $225,000 HHI $175,000 HHI $55,000, Mailman Retired Officer Passion: Hiking Passion: Investing $63,000, Owns Boutique $55,000, Teacher Passion: Wine Passion: Travel $118,000 HHI $335,000 Net Worth Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    6. 6. Martini’s PublishersDeep Reach Across the WebMartini Media has built strong partnerships with publishers across a variety of passion points. 1000+ Invite-Only Long Tail Destinations Across Lifestyle and B2B Channels 90+MM Monthly Uniques* News & Travel & Sports & B2B Food & Wine Art & Culture Style & Design Autos & Tech Finance Leisure Recreation 10.8M 31M 9.2M 12.4M 20.3M 4.6M 6.1M 13.5M Uniques Uniques Uniques Uniques Uniques Uniques Uniques Uniques *comScore + proprietary publisher data, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    7. 7. Benefits of Long Tail, Niche MediaDid You Know? 70% of display media dollars go to the short tail sites, yet Internetusers spend only 14% of their online time there*. Passion: Passion: Passion: Golf Passion: Wine Outdoors Travel Business Arts Hiking Tech Investing Fashion Sports Autos Advertisers can reach Allows advertisers to Greater cost the same type of begin a conversation with effectiveness, audience with the online consumers while unduplicated targeted same demographics they are exploring their reach and measureable as that of the short tail passions on lesser-known lift in CTR sites Source: “Long-Tail Websites Boost Ad Efficiency,” eMarketer, March 2011 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    8. 8. Marketing From the Inside OutMartini Media leverages an array of solutions to reach specific audiences wherethey are highly engaged. By judiciously targeting consumers in the long tail, MartiniMedia creates a unique opportunity to generate mass impact by mobilizing thecore influencer groups that set everyone else in motion. Our Audience Spreads the Message Across the Web Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    9. 9. Custom Solutions to Drive ROI Down the Sales Funnel • Long-Tail Content AWARENESS • IAB Rising Stars (exclusively Martini) • Custom Video • Custom Creative Services CONSIDERATION • Custom Content & Advertorials • Incentives & Lead-Gen Data Capture • User Polls & Surveys PERSUASION • 1st Party Audience Data & Targeting • mShare™: Social Sharing through Creative SALES • Optimization of CPA goals • Re-targeting Interested Brand Consumers Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    10. 10. The Portrait Provides a Canvas for CreativityMartini Media has exclusive rights to offer IAB’s Portraitacross select sites; it’s rich media at scale.• Compared to standard ads, the Portrait is noticed 2x as fast, and viewers look at it 4x more often and 4x longer• Consumers spend an average of 47 seconds more with an IAB Portrait ad (236%) lift 300px• Consumers play 24 seconds more of video X 1050px (100%) lift• At 300X1050 pixels, IAB Portrait integrates the functionality of three applications, granting users access without leaving the page• Site-level transparency *Evolution of Digital Branding, IPG Media Lab w/Affectiva, Dynamic Logic, & AOL, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    11. 11. Reaching Your Audience Beyond Display SOCIAL MOBILE VIDEO Users Can Share their Favorite Ads with Friends via mShare ToolbarmShare Brings Your Campaign Martini Media Delivers Your Martini Media Brings Your to the Conversation Campaign Everywhere Campaigns to LifeAllows users to share the Ads they Martini Media delivers dynamic rich- Not only can Martini help to createlove across Facebook, Twitter & media on all types of mobile devices original video, but we can also provideLinekdIn. with real-time reporting and access to unique distribution opportunities and geo-targeted data. the ability to bring scale to yourWorks with any existing flash banner campaign.or custom unit. Selects in real-time, the appropriate ad-serving partner based on the Custom VideomShare toolbar is fully customizable; device type, publisher, and class ofbuttons can be resized, or moved to media. In-Unit Videoany corner, or fixed inplace, depending on needs of Global Distributionadvertiser. Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    12. 12. mShareHow mShare Functionality Can Increase the Reach of your Campaign. Original Ad Seen on ValetMag.com Emailed to a Friend Offer Shared on Twitter Offer Shared on Facebook (Seen by 621 Followers) (Seen by 279 Friends) Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    13. 13. Find Your Ideal Customer Across the Web Demographic Geo-Targeting Based on users’ registered Find users in target DMAs demographic information Conquest In-Market/Behavioral Based on users’ expressed Based on past browsing interest in competitors’ brands behavior/purchase history Re-Targeting Contextual Find users who have already Based on semantic content of web expressed interest in your brand pages (cookie-less targeting) Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    14. 14. Data, Intelligence & Learnings to Drive PerformanceCAPTURE VALIDATE• Place pixels on publisher sites and • Leverage qualitative audience data from advertiser landing pages Crowd Science to prove fit• Place cookies on users visiting sites • Leverage web-based audience data from and ads comScore to prove fit• Create robust audience profiles • Leverage verified offline audience data from exelate to prove fit • Leverage proprietary Martini Media 1st party audience data to prove fit REACH LEARN• Engage your audience across Martini Media’s • Leverage weekly analytics to assess campaign network of 1000+ sites performance• Amplify the message by re-targeting • Leverage 3rd party findings from surveys and consumers validated by online and offline data polls to address performance• Expand the message across the web by • Optimize creative assets based on new learnings targeting consumers validated by online and offline data Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    15. 15. Beating Out the Leading Media PortalsMarketing intelligence leader, comScore, verifies that Martini Media reaches 54.6 million unique visitorsmonthly, far exceeding brand-name competitors in the digital space. 20,608 44,994 13,860 16,397 54,610 13,961 19,914 Total Unique Visitors (000) *comScore, 9/2011 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    16. 16. Unparalleled Reach to the $100k+ Audience Top 5% Regardless of overall network size, Martini Media has a highpropensity to attract users witha HHI of $100K or more (top 5% of all networks) Index 134Advertisers are 34% more likely to find users with a HHI of comScore’s Composition Index UV for Martini Media puts it$100K+ on Martini Media than among the top 5 networks for reaching the $100k market atthey are to find them across the internet as a whole work and play across the US – July 2011 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    17. 17. We’re Passionate About ResultsDriving Meaningful ROI for Over 350 of the World’s Leading Brands… Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    18. 18. Featured Partner: IXIIXI provides a comprehensive understanding of the nation’s financial position by integratingmulti-dimensional market and household insights into its platform. Their data comes directlyfrom the sources that collect financial information, such as brokerage firms and banks, asopposed to survey-based data that can be unreliable and outdated. Wealth Spending - Total Assets (Credit & Debit Cards) - Deposits - Total Discretionary - Investments - By Category Income - Total Household Income - Compensation Income/Wages - Liquid (Disposable) Income - Real Wage GrowthCredit/Liabilities- Mortgage- Cards- Auto- Capacity and Behavior- Delinquencies Segments - Mass Affluent - Affluent - High Net Worth - Demographics/Lifestyle Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    19. 19. IXI Products for Martini MediaIXI and Martini Media offer several products to target consumers based on various financialmeasures: WealthComplete Financial Cohorts Sophisticated Investors Income 360 Description: Description: Description: Description: Estimate of consumers’ Segmentation system based Investors in margins, Estimates total income, household-level total asset on estimated: assets, options and short positions including wages and income wealth in tiers up to $25 income, spending, and generated from assets million+ and their credit usage, plus household-level deposit behavioral characteristics wealth in tiers up to $250K+ Discretionary Spending Economic Cohorts Ability to Pay Economic Spectrum Digital Description: Description: Description: Description: Estimate of spending after Segmentation system based Ranks consumers based on Combines income and accounting for cost of living on estimated: income, their estimated ability to pay discretionary spending and fixed expenses of life spending, and credit usage, their financial obligations estimates plus behavioral characteristics and geo- demographics Complete Product Segment Data: http://extranet.martinimedianetwork.com/JBobbin/IXI_SegmentCount_MM_July2011.xls Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    20. 20. Featured Partner: eXelateeXelate provides Martini with the ability to recognize the influencers on its network who fitcertain demographic characteristics, intend to purchase certain products or services, orhave particular interests. Demographics Finance Interests • Gender • Income Level • Sports • Age • Usage of Assets • Hobbies • Career • Entertainment • Lifestyle Intent – Auto Intent - Services Intent - Shopping Intent – Travel • Type of Auto • Professional • Fashion • Domestic • Manufacturer • Business • Home and Garden • International • Model • Home Care • Mobile • Travel Services • Personal • Personal Tech Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    21. 21. Travel Online Outlook 54% of travelers 2X as many relied on travelers turned to websites to help mobile apps to them select a choose a destination destination in 2010 than 200927% visited travel 54% of leisurereview sites in travelers said they2010, which is usually or alwaysalmost one third book travel online,more than in 2009 up from 49% in 2009 *Source: “2011 Consumer Trends: PhoCusWright – View of airlines worsens” TravelWeekly.com. July 25, 2011 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    22. 22. The Martini Travel Audience Almost 4X more likely* to have spent $7,500 - $10,000 online for travel in the last 6 months Over 2X more likely* to have played golf as a vacation activity in the last 12 months 84% more likely* to have booked a vacation package online in the last 6 months 59% more likely* to have been a “heavy” international traveler in the past 3 years 48% more likely* to have used a social media site in the last 30 days *Than the overall online audience Source: comScore 2011 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    23. 23. Crowd Science SurveyAs added value, Martini Mediawill partner with Crowd Scienceto create and analyze a brandsurvey. This survey will run onMartini Media publishers toshowcase how our audiencefits with the campaign.Martini can work with a brandto develop up to 5 questionsfor the survey, or Martini cancreate questions based oncampaign objectives and targetaudience. *Results may take up to 6 weeks upon completion and analysis Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    24. 24. Vizu Real-Time Brand Study Your campaign’s success is about more than click-through-rates. More than ever before, advertisers need to be aware of how brands are perceived by those who matter most: consumers. With Vizu, your brand will have unparalleled real-time access to what your prospects think about your brand. Vizu’s brand effect study allows you to successfully optimize campaigns in real time. Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    25. 25. Thank You Alicia Molnar Regional VP of Sales, East Alicia.molnar@martini-corp.com (908) 334 - 7918 www.martinimediainc.com Join the Conversation Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    26. 26. Appendix Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    27. 27. Pollinators are Powerful* 4x 2x As likely to buy a new As likely to spend more than car in 6 months $1,000/year on technology 64% 74% Go out of their way to Say a good ad is worth tell friends, family & talking about colleagues about a product *Source: Martini Media & WPP/Added Value Group, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    28. 28. Influence is More Widespread Today* As social media puts the power to influence at more fingertips than ever, a new class of influencers has evolved: Uber-Influencers we call “Pollinators” *Source: Martini Media & WPP/Added Value Group, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    29. 29. Breaking Down Today’s Influencers* Core group of Remaining 45% ofinfluencers are called influencers are Pollinators Influentials (act like bees, pick up (also generate immediateinformation and spread to and sustaining impact on reproduce) marketplace) • Talk about/share opinions 20% of online users • Make recommendations to 45% of online users Frequently/sometime others before purchasing Frequently/sometime s do ALL • 1st to try a new product/service s do at least 2 actions: • Share opinions through social actions: media and in online forums • Blog *Source: Martini Media & WPP/Added Value Group, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    30. 30. Why Pollinators Matter* Influencers see brand experiences as a social affair. Although Influentials and Pollinators both share brand experiences, Pollinators play a disproportionate role in brand advocacy. 81% I go out of my way to 64% A good brand is recommend good worth talking 65% 42% products & brands to about 31% 25% my friends & family I make sure 66% 73% I consider myself people know if I 60% social and well- 49% have a bad brand experience 47% connected 24% I often tell friends 78% A good ad is 74%about products that 73% worth talking 52% interest me 48% about 27% Pollinators Influentials General Population *Source: Martini Media & WPP/Added Value Group, 6/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    31. 31. Pollinators are First In Line for Big Ticket ItemsSignificantly more Pollinators intend to purchase in such categories astravel & leisure, automotive, technology and luxury. Pollinators Influentials General Pop $3,450 $2,500 $500 Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    32. 32. Maximize Your Influence ENGAGE AMPLIFY EXPANDThe Most Important Audience Your Brand Message Your Audience Reach$100K+ HHI; Influencers and Retargeting maximizes Leverage Martini’s data toPollinators campaign KPIs bring scale to your campaignRight Place & Time Sequential Retargeting 450+ Data PointsThe sites they care about most; Continue the conversation with Martini knows what your targetwhen they are most engaged Martini users past the initial audience looks like and where impressions to find them across the WebRight FormatCustom integration and Click Retargeting Look-a-Like Reachexclusive, high impact formats Bring back users who have Leverage Martini’s audience already visited your sites profiles to find your ideal customer Where Influence Meets Affluence™
    33. 33. Market Validates the Importance of High HHI “Affluent consumers are two times more likely to buy consumer products and services and when they do, they spend over three times as much as their less economically fortunate counterparts.” -8/11 “Advertisers are increasingly less interested in buying eyeballs by the ton than in focusing on very specific groups of consumers.” -9/11 “As middle class shrinks, Procter & Gamble aims high and low, requiring it to think differently about our product portfolio and how to please the high-end and lower-end markets.” -9/11 Where Influence Meets Affluence™