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Written portion of a pitch I led in 2000, while Project Manager at Razorfish, for Italian sportswear/lifestyle brand "FILA." This proposal was accompanied by a Flash-based presentation, embedded with rich media. Cutting-edge at the time.

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Reinvent Fila Proposal

  1. 1. opportunity. We are engineers of touch and transform those in contact with our thinking, We will products people. and We do this through a zeal for challenging convention. connects organizations and ideas so that Our work world is left a better place. the inspire and shape the future. We will bring together brilliant minds to energy. We do this with unbounded passion, enthusiasm excitement. We will invest and We will be fearless in our caring. global network of employees, clients, partners quot;Wequot; means our touched by what we do. and all who are fast, but we do not forget.We are expert, but never exclusive. We are excellence. We value innovate in order to inspire. We invent what is truly delightful. And We demonstrate integrity by being rigorous, honest and respectful in the pursuit of our goals. We dream. We do.
  2. 2. reinvent [ Sports/Life Lifestyle Portal ] proposal for work prepared by Razorfish, Inc. for FilaNet, Inc. 11 January 2001
  3. 3. Contents [ Introduction ] [ Background ] We Touch and Transform • Fila in the Digital Economy • Fila’s Current Challenge • Razorfish Recommendations [ Vision ] We Invent What is Truly Delightful • Online Solutions • Mobile and Wireless Solutions • Broadband Solutions • Physical Design Solutions [ Process ] We Innovate in Order to Inspire • Design for Intentional User ExperiencesSM • Razorfish Framework [ Plan ] We Dream, We Do • Project Objectives 2001 • Scope of Work: Phase 1 Envision Shape Realize • Responsibilities • Project Team • Timing & Budget • Risks & Assumptions [ Why Razorfish? ] We are Engineers of Opportunity Appendix A: Relevant Experience Appendix B: Value Proposition Appendix C: Team Biographies Appendix D: Financials [3]
  4. 4. Introduction FilaNet Inc. is launching a stirring new worldwide digital project, the centerpiece of which is a sports, lifestyle and commerce destination ( that will provide new content and services to its users. The Web site is part of an umbrella retail initiative driven by Fila’s slogan “Sport & Life.” This slogan conveys sport as emotion, a rediscovery of leisure time and a place for expression and well-being. will be closely tied to Fila's offline initiatives and retail stores, all focusing on and enhancing users' emotions tied to the choice and use of every type of sports equipment. Razorfish believes that we are the ideal partner for the short and long term development of Our vision, which appears on the cover and is peppered throughout this proposal, expresses our verve, commitment, insight, courage, energy and values. These transcend the Web and all digital media and encompass more than just our work -- they are the way we live our lives. As we’ve come to know your company in the past few weeks, we’ve seen a clear alignment between Razorfish and FilaNet in these terms. That alignment will allow us to share aspirations and methods from the start and will contribute to a solution that is not merely intelligent, but that has heart, reflecting Fila’s Italian roots and flavor. This document contains the Razorfish response to FilaNet Inc.’s request for a proposal for the development of It represents our initial thinking regarding the creation of an emotional and innovative virtual interpretation of Fila’s slogan and provides information about our beliefs, capabilities and relevant experience. We thank you in advance for the opportunity to present our ideas, and we look forward to partnering with you. Scott Morgan Client Partner [4]
  5. 5. Background We Touch and Transform [ Fila in the Digital Economy ] 1973. Fila enters the sports market, introducing quality, innovative products that continue to lead and inspire the sports equipment and clothing markets today. Early 1990’s. New digital technologies profoundly impact peoples’ lives and purchasing patterns. A digital revolution is born, dramatically changing the way organizations interact with markets, competitors, customers, employees and suppliers. 1996. According to PBS Online, approximately 40 million people are connected to the Internet, and more than $1 billion per year is spent on online shopping. 1997. Backed by an estimated $1.2 million budget, Fila hits the Web running by introducing its first site,, with plans to increase online promotion of the venue. Late 1990’s. Digital technology creates new business models, expands markets, unlocks barriers to commerce, creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, allows new forms of transacting and enhances efficiencies of scale and scope. 2000. Fila defines its online mission as, quot;To be the catalyst for people who live an intense personal relationship with sport and life through enthusiasm, creativity and sensual well-being.quot; FilaNet, Inc. is created to capitalize on increasing consumer trends toward purchasing digital devices. 2001. According to retail anthropologist Paco Underhill speaking to Business Week Online, there is quot;an unhappy and unsatisfied [online] consumer public.quot; Underhill says that this is due to the fact that quot;all retailers got too caught up with Net hype and forgot to focus on the consumer.quot; [5]
  6. 6. Today. Charged with representing Fila’s repositioned brand digitally, FilaNet seeks to create a global Sport & Life lifestyle portal,, through partnerships with organizations that possess a deep understanding of the Digital Economy. [ Fila’s Current Challenge ] Fila’s target consumers are spending an increasingly higher proportion of their disposable income on substitute products such as telecommunications and video games. At the same time, web users and e-tail shoppers are increasingly more discerning in the way that they purchase, learn and play on the Internet. Market analysts and usability specialists warn that companies’ web presence and e-commerce must become more user-oriented to win over customers and users. can immensely strengthen Fila's position in product development, consumer communication and e-commerce by merging an in-depth understanding of user demands with its online mission: quot;To be the catalyst for people who live an intense personal relationship with sport and life through enthusiasm, creativity and sensual well-being.quot; [6]
  7. 7. [ Razorfish Recommendations ] Based on the dialogue we have had with FilaNet’s executives to date and our understanding of the above information, Razorfish recommends focusing on the following aspects of this initiative: Unify Fila’s brand message to create a powerfully holistic brand, reinforcing the merits of the individual Fila products. Razorfish will focus on enabling an accurate portrayal of Fila’s current brand across all devices and platforms. We are committed to developing a digital brand strategy that motivates passionate and proactive involvement with Understand the audience of by discovering user behaviors, attitudes, needs and intentions. Razorfish believes that a well-designed user experience is more than just the application of graphic design principles and technical features. It is deeply rooted in how users attempt to find information and/or perform tasks. Together we can capitalize on our shared understanding of’s target audience and the factors that motivate them toward interacting with the site. Build community through content that evokes emotion and personal connection with Fila’s sport/life slogan. Razorfish will assist FilaNet in the selection of compelling, inspiring content that speaks to the interests of users and motivates them to interact with the site and each other. We’ll provide the tools to connect users with products and people and continually enhance our offering based on user responses and behaviors. Enable people to network with each other via interactive tools. Razorfish and FilaNet should prioritize the features and functions that enable networking based on our shared understanding of user intentions and overall market readiness. We’ll establish this list of priorities in the early stages of our engagement and continually refine it as our insight into user preferences is augmented over time. [7]
  8. 8. Provide a consistent user experience across all points of contact. The user experience encompasses everything a user perceives, thinks, feels and observes when interacting with a company’s products and communication channels over time. Razorfish is enthusiastic about applying our expertise in creating and extending a unique Fila experience across medium, product, function and feature. Develop partnerships with other providers to extend brand reach and broaden offerings. Razorfish strategists will work closely with FilaNet to identify and capitalize on partner- ship and alliance opportunities that support FilaNet’s mission. Globalize and localize by communicating Fila’s message and zeal effectively across multiple countries, cultures and languages. Razorfish will bring its global resources to bear on the unique challenges of a multi-national, multi-cultural extension of the Fila brand. [8]
  9. 9. Vision We Invent Things That Are Truly Delightful User experience in the digital realm is not confined to the Web. Razorfish will leverage digital technologies across platforms, networks and devices to deliver an integrated solution that provides your customers with an immersive, multi-faceted user experience. Everything That Can Be Digital, Will Be.SM Razorfish Online Solutions Razorfish believes that the online experience must be as rich and satisfying as the equivalent offline experience. Commerce on the Web is no longer merely about shopping carts and secure transactions, but providing an immersive experience of sights, sounds and content that delights the user and delivers the goods. Fila must successfully translate its concept stores into an online environment that enhances and extends the in-store experience beyond the limitations of a physical location. This online environment will contribute to Fila’s efforts to: • develop an emotional and innovative digital interpretation of the “Sport & Life” concept; • differentiate itself through its Italian attributes of passion, style and impeccable design; • create excitement around Fila products in full synergy with the global repositioning of the brand. Everything That Can Be Mobile, Will Be.SM Razorfish Mobile and Wireless Solutions Soon there will be more mobile phones than television house- holds worldwide. Razorfish leverages its global capabilities and mastery of mobile and wireless technologies to help clients capitalize on emerging opportunities within this rapidly expanding marketplace. [9]
  10. 10. Recognizing that mobile technology is opening up new business opportunities, changing modes of operation and growing service offerings, we’ll couple this strategic understanding with our expertise in creating unique user experiences to deliver mobile solutions that extend the Fila brand successfully to the expanding mobile marketplace. It’s The Future Of All Devices. It’s Broadband. SM Razorfish Broadband Solutions Broadband – generally defined as high-bandwidth communications facilities and the applications that utilize them – is more than just a means of delivering media. It’s a revolutionary new medium that promises to become as pervasive and influential as television, radio, film and print. Incorporating interactive technologies that accom- modate a broad range of content forms and delivery channels, broadband is revolutionizing media and industry worldwide. With broadband, organizations can refocus their communication strategies, which have traditionally emphasized quot;messages,quot; around a richer, more nuanced and interactive approach oriented toward narrative quot;stories.quot; Razorfish envisions a partnership with FilaNet that will leverage our deep experience in multimedia design to propel and the Fila concept stores to the next level of customer relation- ship management through interactive kiosks, as well as in-store and online multimedia tools and information environments. [ 10 ]
  11. 11. User Experience Has More Than Five Senses. SM Razorfish Physical Design Solutions Information (content) is only useful to the extent that users can reliably, securely and conveniently interact with it in a manner compatible with the way they prefer to live and work (choice). The link between content and choice is the physical device that provides the user interface and serves as the carrier of the content. Razorfish is uniquely qualified to strategize and create both digital content and physical devices, resulting in richer and more meaningful user experiences across platforms and networks. Razorfish will leverage our understanding of industrial design and hardware development to create a seamless transition between the physical world and the digital world. Building upon the physical design work completed toward launch of Fila’s flagship stores, Razorfish will identify, recommend, prototype and develop cutting-edge solutions such as in-store kiosks and customized PDA devices. [ 11 ]
  12. 12. FilaTronics : The FilaTronics concept illustrates the way in which Razorfish envisions leveraging its global capablilities in online, mobile and wireless, physical design and broadband solutions to extend the Fila experience beyond the Web. KIOSK PDA PC WEARABLE TECH. CELL PHONE HOME AUTOMATION HEADPHONES SNEAKERS
  13. 13. FilaTronics [ Wearable PDA ] Detachable, washable wrist strap Features : - Wireless connection to all FilaTronics devices - Monitors diet, heart rate and nutrition - Keeps track of MPH, ODO and calories burned Color Touch Screen - Wireless MP-3 transfer to headset - GPS tracking Weather-resistant casing Blue Tooth Transmitter - Web-enabled & IR Port - Cell phone and e-mail Quick Scroll - Allows for keyless entry to user home - Make purchases electronically - Emergency button sounds alarm and calls 911
  14. 14. Satellite radio antenna FilaTronics [ Wireless Headset ] Clips on ear Features : - Wireless connection to all FilaTronic devices - Changes music based on mood - AM/FM Radio - Global satellite radio - Wireless connection to MP-3 player Mood sensor Blue Tooth receiver Weather resistant casing
  15. 15. Back panel made of corrugated plastic & backlit with colored digital lighting Color touch screen FilaTronics [ Interactive Kiosk ] Blue Tooth & IR Port Features : - Wireless connection to all FilaTronics devices Speakers - Plays audio and visual Fila ads & commercials - Scans feet to create a custom-fit shoe - Graphically customize shoes and apparel - Web-enabled by wireless broadband modem - Download applications & music to other FilaTronics Card swipe Graphic digital signage Foot scanning bay Flat screen monitor adjusts to user's height
  16. 16. Process We Innovate in Order to Inspire [ Methodology ] The Razorfish approach to developing effective digital products and solutions is called Design for Intentional User ExperiencesSM. This methodology maps individual user needs and intentions with business objectives to create a solution that is useful and relevant to customers and in turn, meets the business objectives of our clients. Business Building an effective digital product begins with a set of clearly articulated goals and a plan for measuring success along the way. • What are Fila's business objectives? • What are the goals of the effort? • How will we know when we've reached these goals? Audience An effective digital product is designed to be useful to its specific types of users – not any possible user. • Who is the target audience for • What does this audience find useful, usable and desireable? • Are all offline customers online targets as well? Solution In the end, creating the most compelling solution is a matter of ensuring that each feature of the final product supports both a user need and a business goal. • What does the offering need to be? • What features are called for and how should they work? [ 16 ]
  17. 17. [ Razorfish Networks and Framework ] As engineers of opportunity, Razorfish professionals are focused on the primary goal of creating sustainable value for our clients’ digital enterprises. How we accomplish that mission – the processes behind our client-driven approach – provides a key differentiator between Razorfish and our competitors, as well as a source of competitive advantage for FilaNet. Razorfish is a global enterprise comprised of four interconnecting networks focused on Strategy, Experience, Technology and Value. We see these networks not only as groups of skilled individuals, but also centers of knowledge that are configured and integrated to provide excellent service and customized solutions. Our project framework is the roadmap that the Razorfish Networks employ to drive projects from ignition to completion. 1. envision Comprised of three phases – Envision, Shape, and Realize – stretch and plan this framework is used to mobilize the right resources, activities and deliverables needed to create sustained value for our 2. shape clients. Leveraging our knowledge with the tools supplied by iterate and synthesize our framework is how we distinguish ourselves – and our 3. realize clients. integrate, launch and learn The Networks and Framework Together Create Value Razorfish project teams are led by representatives from each of our four networks: Strategy, Experience, Technology and Value. As your core team, the network leads are accountable for ensuring that we deliver quality and value throughout each phase and stage of a project. This structure fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing and a consistent and common focus on our clients’ needs. Razorfish deploys people based not on titles, but on the roles they're qualified to play. We define roles as containers of specialized skills. While most firms “narrowcast” their staff through specific titles and rigidly defined responsibilities, our Framework connects the roles people play to the deliverables we create. This ensures that the right skills are applied to a project and that Razorfish professionals can make the maximum contribution to its successful completion. [ 17 ]
  18. 18. Plan We Dream. We Do. Given the complex, mission critical nature of this initiative and the fast-approaching April 30, 2001 deadline for initial launch of the portal and interim commerce solution (already in progress), Razorfish recommends a multi-tiered approach. Below, we have outlined our understanding of the overall objectives for the FilaNet/Razorfish relationship in 2001, as well as detailed objectives, activities, deliverables and timeframes for the first phase of work. This plan was created based on the following table of key dates and milestones, as described in FilaNet’s Web Agency Brief. Milestones 04.30.2001 First Fila flagship store opens in Milan, Italy Initial launch of the quot;newquot; site in the 04.30.2001 US & Canada (interim e-commerce solution) summer 2001 Additional content/functionality released in phases fall 2001 Robust, fully integrated e-commerce capabilities launched end of 2001 All enhancements to functionality, content and commerce are complete end of 2002 European sites are complete end of 2003 Asian sites are complete [ 18 ]
  19. 19. [ Project Objectives 2001 ] FilaNet’s stated objectives for the year 2001 are to create a quot;Sport and Life lifestyle portal that is an aggregation of an offer consistent with Sport and Lifestyle in terms of content, community activities, Fila and affiliated products commerce, and Italian design.quot; Razorfish has identified four key steps towards achieving this goal, as follows: Spring 2001 (launch date: April 30, 2001) The first phase of work should establish the foundation upon which we can build the complete solution by the end of 2001. In this first phase we’ll put key components in place to test and track assumptions which will be used to make enhancements in future phases. Specific areas of focus in this first phase will be: • Begin user intelligence program • Entice users to visit the site • Extend the Fila brand into the digital realm • Focus on features such as community capabilities that can provide a feedback loop • Begin to solicit and collect user profiles via registration • Establish technical infrastructure for future phases Summer 2001 (projected release date: July 30, 2001) During the summer months, we’ll continue to release additional content and functionality that support community, simultaneously continuing to collect and analyze our learnings on Fila’s user segments, preferences and behavior. Specific areas of focus in this second phase will be: • Launch additional features and content not achievable by April 30 • Launch site analysis and campaign management functionality • Continue to build and support communities that have begun to form • Begin analysis of site usage patterns and user feedback [ 19 ]
  20. 20. • Complete follow-up user intelligence and testing • Continue developing technical architecture • Begin planning for European releases Fall 2001 (projected release date: October 30, 2001) In the fall, we will enhance and modify the solution based on our new understanding of user behaviors and preferences. We will integrate a content management solution with the final e-commerce package in preparation for the holiday sales season and begin exploration of European user needs. Specific areas of focus in this third phase will be: • Enhance and adapt the user experience based on data collected in spring and summer • Introduce customized user experience based on usage and behavior patterns • Launch content management solution • Launch detailed product catalogue and fully-enabled e-commerce in time for the holiday season • Launch fulfillment capabilities with e-commerce functionality • Begin user intelligence in European countries Winter 2001 (projected release date: December 30, 2001) In the last months of 2001 we will make final enhancements to both portal and commerce portions of the site, finalize back end integration, start exploring other digital solutions in conjunction with, and begin development of the European sites. Specific areas of focus in this fourth phase will be: • Integrate supply chain and finance systems • Launch final enhancements to features and content • Introduce sale of third party products and services (travel, etc.) • Plan for launch of first North American stores • Begin exploration of potential mobile, physical and/or broadband solutions • Kick off European development [ 20 ]
  21. 21. [ Scope of Work: Phase 1 ] Envision Envision Goals The primary goal of the Envision phase is to define the market opportunity and assess FilaNet’s needs based on the current situation. Through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions, we’ll explore and evaluate potential solutions, achieve consensus on and articulate the project vision, strategies and processes. Envision Activities Razorfish project managers, client partners and executive sponsors will focus on transforming great business ideas into great results. We’ll ensure that the Razorfish/FilaNet project team is aligned on FilaNet’s objectives, and that we have the resources and information required to build and deliver the project on time. We’ll establish an environment where all team members can perform their most inspired work to create lasting value and business relationships. Razorfish business strategists will review FilaNet’s overall business strategy in order to distill the key objectives as they apply to the digital space. We’ll define critical success factors and metrics, ensuring that the final solution creates measurable value for FilaNet and Fila, Inc. Together we’ll define key com- petitors and assess the competitive landscape in order to focus and determine the primary differentiators of our solution. Razorfish brand strategists will seek to understand Fila’s core brand promise in the context of primary and secondary target audiences and the competitive landscape. Razorfish and FilaNet will work together to define the key themes that we’ll extend from the conventional to the virtual brand message. Razorfish user intelligence strategists will conduct quantitative research to define distinct preliminary user profiles. These profiles will inform the selection and prioritization of features and functions for Spring 2001 launch. We’ll lay the groundwork for more in-depth qualitative research methods that will help define and support the evolution of [ 21 ]
  22. 22. Razorfish Experience — visual designers, information architects, content specialists, interface developers and audio designers—will work with FilaNet on transforming strategic opportunities into useful, usable and desirable products, services and communications. Our focus during this phase will be to define the conceptual architecture (including visual, audio, functional and content requirements) of the site in the context of the stated business objectives. Razorfish is committed to delivering on FilaNet’s brand promise through the creation of a meaningful and intentional experience that resonates with users’ values, needs and expectations. Razorfish technologists will audit all relevant technology associated with existing and Fila, Inc. legacy systems, including product and system specifications. From this audit, Razorfish and FilaNet will assemble a clear list of roles and responsibilities during the implementation and integration process. Realizing that technology forms the core of every digital enterprise, we’ll begin to envision and establish the technical architecture that will support and enable our ultimate vision for Envision Deliverables Project Extranet. Razorfish will build and deliver a secure extranet for use by FilaNet and Razorfish. The extranet will provide a common repository for information related to the Reinvent project and will facilitate an efficient and productive flow of communication. FilaNet Vision Document. This document summarizes our work during the Envision phase and articulates the conceptual architecture of the Phase 1 solution. The Vision Document will incorporate our understanding of FilaNet’s overall business strategy and specific, measurable business objectives as they pertain to’s transformation in the digital space. The Vision Document will define the high- level creative requirements (visual, audio, video, content) that satisfy these objectives by mapping the concept to user needs. [ 22 ]
  23. 23. The Vision Document will cover the following topics: • Business strategy • Digital strategy • Brand strategy • Competitive landscape • Conceptual architecture of the site (what is it that we’re building at a conceptual level based on our understanding of user needs and business objectives) • Mood boards • Content strategy (style, type and rate of change for content that supports the concept) Shape Shape Goals The objectives of the Shape phase are to create the blueprint for the solution, develop functional and technical requirements, design site structure and behavior encompassing the visual systems, graphical interface, audio, video and content compo- nents. Shape Activities Razorfish project managers and client partners will focus on tracking and communicating progress, managing scope and team expectations and ensuring overall FilaNet satisfaction. Our emphasis will be on ensuring that the solution we’re building will create measurable value for FilaNet and that both teams are aligned, communicating clearly and making progress towards the on-time, on-budget delivery of the final product. Razorfish strategists will provide support and strategic guidance, as required, to the Razorfish and FilaNet project teams. The Experience network will transform the conceptual architecture articulated during Envision into a unique FilaNet experience. Activities in this phase include defining the site structure and navigational system, sketching page types and diagramming content zones, articulating functional and technical specifications, defining the visual language system (as it applies to screen design), defining/editing/writing content, producing audio/video, prototyping and planning for development of the user interface. [ 23 ]
  24. 24. During Shape, Razorfish technologists will focus on defining which platforms and technologies will create a robust, high performance and secure system for They will establish the development environment and prepare for building, testing and integration of the solution. Shape Deliverables Deliverable Definitions Razorfish employs an iterative process to shaping our final solution. As such, we’ll provide multiple prototypes of the Functional specifications evolving product to communicate to FilaNet what A document that specifically illustrates what functionality functional, technical, visual, structural and multi-media solutions will be contained in each feature, and where and how it we’re driving towards. Typically, we’ll conduct two or three formal interacts. This contains transaction flow diagrams, file naming conventions, field names, validation rules, etc. It is design reviews during which FilaNet will have the opportunity to typically delivered with prototypes, interface files and any- review our work and provide constructive feedback. thing else that further illustrates functionality to ensure accurate implementation. At the conclusion of the Shape phase, Razorfish will deliver the Technical specifications following documents in support of the evolving Reinvent A detailed description of the technical solution to be project: implemented. This document will be at such a level that it • Functional Specification Document can be handed over to the technologists for coding. • Technical Specification Document Site map • High-level Technical Architecture A hierarchical view of the site. Utilized as part of the inter- • Site Map action and information design process. Helps designers define the global and local navigation. • Page Schematics • Content Inventory Page schematics • Screen Designs A schematic (not designed) sketch of pages in a site. • Audio/Video Components Content inventory A list of the content necessary to populate the site. Realize Interface requirements Provided by the client, these are any rules about Realize Goals behavior (e.g. rollovers), download times, or applicable The goals of the Realize phase are to construct, integrate, browsers/platforms that we need to abide by test and deploy the solution. in creating our experience. Provided by us, interface requirements will most likely appear in design style guides and functional and technical specifications. Realize Activities Razorfish project managers and client partners will continue to focus on tracking and communicating progress, managing scope and team expectations and ensuring overall client satisfaction. [ 24 ]
  25. 25. Razorfish strategists will provide support and strategic guidance, as required, to the Razorfish and FilaNet project teams. The Razorfish Experience Lead will complete all supporting documentation and provide support to the Razorfish and FilaNet project teams. Razorfish technologists will code, test, modify, integrate and launch phase 1 of Reinvent and revise all associated documentation in preparation for delivery to FilaNet. Realize Deliverables • Completed, integrated and tested code • Launched production site • All supporting documentation [ Responsibilities ] Razorfish Responsibilities Throughout this project, Razorfish will be responsible for: • Providing a single point of contact for the FilaNet leadership team • Providing personnel to serve as designated Strategy, Experience, Technology and Value leads to interface with their FilaNet counterparts • Developing all defined deliverables with FilaNet’s input and assistance where applicable • Facilitating all required meetings and working sessions • Providing the FilaNet leadership team weekly status updates • Tracking and helping to resolve issues as they arise FilaNet Responsibilities Throughout this project, FilaNet will be responsible for: • Providing Razorfish business, marketing, financial and technical information to support the project as needed • Providing Razorfish access to any third-party data, plans, findings and recommendations (e.g., the current package evaluation materials) [ 25 ]
  26. 26. • Providing personnel to serve as designated Strategy, Experience, Technology and Value leads to interface with their Razorfish counterparts where appropriate • Providing access to technical environments as required • Providing timely feedback and support on all decisions and issues • Providing timely review and feedback on final deliverables • Providing all software licenses as necessary • Providing all hardware as necessary • Providing all network equipment and other infrastructure hardware and software as required by the agreed solution • Handling the procurement of all software and hardware required to support the development and staging (test) envi- ronments [ Project Team ] The Razorfish team is made up of four networks: Value, Strategy, Experience and Technology. The team is led by a Client Partner who is considered ‘the first among equals.’ A core team will be established with additional representatives from each discipline, bringing the full spectrum of Razorfish skills to the project. The following people have been assigned to the FilaNet team. Razorfish reserves the right to replace these individuals with other team members when it is appropriate for the project. Role Name Value Network Executive Partner Thomas Mueller Client Partner Scott Morgan Project Manager Marta Zelitsky Strategy Network Usefulness and Usability Analyst Tina Bronkhorst Strategist Sampath Kumar Strategist Andrew Schwartz [ 26 ]
  27. 27. Experience Network Principal Visual Systems Designer Haig Bedrossian Senior Writer Megan Gudas Principal Information Architect Eric Martin Principal Information Architect Kevin Messina Visual Designer Emily Muldoon Physical Design Specialist Jordan Nollman Information Architect Germaine Wong Interface Developer Yuval Zuckerman Technology Network Technical Architect Subbu Balakrishnan Technical Architect Narasimhan Krishnamachari Role Definitions Below is a brief description of each of these roles. More detailed biographies of team members who have contributed to this proposal can be found in Appendix A. Client Partner Responsible for managing the relationship between FilaNet and Razorfish. Ensures client expectations are satisfied. Project Manager The Project Managers are the leaders of the project team for a particular initiative within a client engagement. They are responsible for the overall delivery of the project. Project Managers ensure that the skills and experience within their team are brought to bear on the project. They are the keepers of the overall solution, ensuring quality and communication while meeting the varied needs that our client’s business demands. Strategist Responsible for strategic analysis as it relates to specific project requirements and client’s long term goals. [ 27 ]
  28. 28. Experience Lead (Project-level) Project-level Experience Leads are accountable for all activities and contributions from the Experience Network on all initiatives within a single client engagement. They are responsible for the delivery of a measurable, intentional user experience on the project that is aligned with the client’s vision. Project-level Experience Leads are responsible for leading product planning activities and have in-depth knowledge of the particular environ- ment in which the solution is being delivered (i.e., Web, wire- less, broadband, etc.). They are accountable for the Experience network’s roles and activities and for ensuring the production of deliverables in support of the overall product. They also ensure that what the team delivers to FilaNet is innovative and of the highest quality while staying on budget and on time. Usefulness and Usability Analyst The Usefulness and Usability Analyst (UUA) works on multiple client projects helping teams ensure a good fit between the business goals and the goals of the user. UUAs exercise listening and learning from a broad range of people. They also make sure that an appropriate translation of research results informs the experience of the product. UUAs verify the potential for the user’s satisfaction and ease-of-use with site features and functionality. UUAs validate and inform our work by testing them with representative users and by conducting user experi- ence audits and expert evaluations. UUAs also define qualitative and quantitative metrics by which products can be evaluated. Audio Designer Audio Designers are responsible for creating a coherent and consistent sound design for all products, services and communications within a client engagement. Audio Designers ensure that the creation, production and post-production of music, voice and effects are aligned with the client’s vision and are responsible for creating sound which delivers a measurable, useful, useable and desirable experience. [ 28 ]
  29. 29. Information Architect Information Architects (IAs) are responsible for planning the structure of the product at the macro and micro level. IAs define and describe the information relationships and navigation mod- els at the product, screen and module levels. They also develop approaches to the categorization and hierarchical structure of content or content types. Visual Systems Designer Visual Systems Designers are responsible for the creation of identity and visual language systems that align with the client’s vision, exemplify the brand and support usability, thereby deliv- ering a measurable, desirable and intentional user experience. Writer Writers work with other roles in the Experience network to create experience concepts and explain and deliver them to clients. Writer’s primarily focus on creating the strategy for the solution’s overall narrative and the delivery of text elements to support that strategy. Writers are successful when their contribution to the experience satisfies both user and client needs. Interface Developer Interface Developers are responsible for the interface design process by conceptualizing and communicating potential digital interface solutions; they then build and test solutions and work with technologists to create appropriate delivery systems for their deployment. Interface Developers work closely with technologists to integrate and test interface solutions with back-end systems, serving to bridge design and technology. Interaction Designer Interaction Designers understand ‘behavior over time’ and work with the project team to develop innovative and appropriate approaches to complex interface design problems. They play a key role in turning functional requirements into an effective, usable design. Interaction Designers play a large part in determining the interactive components of the interface and how the interface will function. [ 29 ]
  30. 30. Technical Architect Technical Architects provide the overall technical vision for the solution. Depending on the type of project, this role could be played by one of the following specialist roles: Broadband Solutions Specialist, Infrastructure and Security Specialist, or Mobile Solutions Specialist. In larger projects these specialists support the Technical Architect as neccessary. Technical Architects are responsible for evaluating, advising and engineering the ongoing development with clients technical resources. [ Timing & Budget ] Based on FilaNet’s desire to launch the new in April 2001, the proposed time frame for the project is as follows: Phase Begin End Envision January 22, 2001 February 9, 2001 Shape February 12, 2001 March 9, 2001 Realize March 5, 2001 April 27, 2001 Specific milestones and deliverables are referenced earlier in this document. Razorfish will conduct the work outlined in this proposal for the design, creation and implementation of on a time and materials basis. Based on our current understanding of the business objectives and work required to meet those objectives, we are able to provide a price range of $800,000- $1,000,000 for completion of the work required for the April 2001 launch. In accordance with this proposal, Razorfish will appropriate the necessary resources similar to those referenced in the Project Team section of this document. The quote provided may vary depending on the ultimate nature of the agreed upon solution. Throughout the course of the project, Razorfish and FilaNet will jointly manage the project budget through project controls such as regular status reporting. [ 30 ]
  31. 31. Rates on this project will vary from $150.00 per hour to $300.00 per hour based on talent/skill set, experience level and seniority. These rates are provided in United States dollars and do not include relevant travel and living expenses. Such expenses will be invoiced separately. The work will be invoiced on a monthly basis and subject to a Master Service Agreement which would be executed in conjunction with a formal statement of work. [ Risks & Assumptions ] In writing this proposal, Razorfish has made the following assumptions. A change in assumptions or responsibilities may result in: 1) a change of scope, 2) a change in time-to-completion or 3) changes to current cost estimates. Strategy / User Intelligence The existing focus group information that has been gathered by FilaNet can provide an initial baseline for Razorfish user intelligence activities, but should not be considered a substitute for user research. Necessary user intelligence activities will be defined and agreed upon during the Envision Phase. The Razorfish strategy group will be engaged to ensure continuity of branding throughout the online experience based on FilaNet’s offline brand work-to-date. All costs related to user intelligence (i.e., facilities, recruiting, transcription) will be the responsibility of FilaNet. Costs will be estimated in advance for FilaNet pre-approval. [ 31 ]
  32. 32. Experience An estimate of five key page types will be developed to support the information architecture of the site. For every new key page type that is added to the solution the time to design, implement and test will likely increase. A key page type is defined as a unique type of page within the site architecture (i.e., primary transactional, secondary transactional, public, popup, etc.). A Project Steering Committee will be established with members from FilaNet and Razorfish. All issues that cannot be resolved within the project team will be escalated to this committee. Any and all change orders will be reviewed and approved by this committee. Razorfish will provide resources for re-purposing content and generating original supporting, navigational and transactional content for the April launch. Thereafter, FilaNet will maintain primary responsibility for content creation and re-purposing. Technology For the April launch it is assumed that only the base technical infrastructure will be put in place (i.e., web server, application server, database server). Basic community functionality will be included in the April release and will be determined in the Envision stage. Content Management, Commerce Engine, Customer Service, Back-End Integration, Site Analysis and Campaign Management components are explicitly excluded in the April launch but will be included in subsequent releases throughout 2001 as jointly agreed. The selection of a hosting partner will be a joint Razorfish/FilaNet effort. The focus will be on finding a partner that can provide the proper mix of technical hosting expertise, service-level agreements and other contractual terms. [ 32 ]
  33. 33. Razorfish will provide infrastructure specifications for the production environment (i.e., hardware sizing, network configu- ration, etc.) based on anticipated usage and growth criteria. FilaNet will be responsible for all activities related to selecting other technology outsourcing partners (hosting is addressed above), i.e., Network Management, Application Server Providers (ASP’s), etc. Razorfish will provide guidance and knowledge based on our experience to assist in the decision making process unless otherwise engaged by FilaNet. All hardware and software costs are the responsibility of FilaNet and are not included in cost estimates. However, Razorfish does use its own software for object modeling (Rational Rose) and testing (Segue Silk suite) and may be used for such if amenable to FilaNet. Razorfish, FilaNet and hosting partner resources will jointly set up and configure the production environment at a to-be- named third party hosting facility. [ 33 ]
  34. 34. Why Razorfish? We Are Engineers of Opportunity [ People ] Talent is the single most important competitive advantage that Razorfish has to enhance its position as a leading-edge provider of digital communications solutions. quot;Fishquot; are deeply, broadly skilled across platforms and disciplines. Collectively and individually, they know digital media better than any other body of people. Additionally, Razorfish is known for its working culture, part of which is influenced by our clients. We have a sense of adventure that encourages us to be creative and brave in all of our endeavors. We have a working environment that encourages individuality and initiative to promote the development of innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Our matchless brand of team, talent, innovation and dedication is what uniquely aligns us to FilaNet’s mission and culture. [ Global Reach ] Razorfish employs more than 2000 people across offices in G Amsterdam, Boston, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Los Angeles, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Oslo, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Stockholm and Tokyo. Our number and geographic variety of offices ensure our stability and reach. Additionally, our offices and project teams work in effective, enthusiastic collaboration with each other. We have knowledge sharing mechanisms and practices that cut across time zones, oceans and other barriers that can provide you with the most global, holistic digital practices the world over. [ 34 ]
  35. 35. [ Vision ] Our vision, peppered throughout this proposal, expresses our verve, commitment, insight, courage, energy and values. These transcend the Web and all digital media. Our qualities and Values encompass more than our work—they are the way we live our lives. As we’ve come to know FilaNet in the last few weeks, we’ve seen immense alignment between Razorfish and FilaNet in these terms. This alignment will allow us to have shared aspirations and methods from the start and will contribute to a solution not just with intelligence, but with heart – reflecting Fila’s Italian roots and flavor. We look forward to partnering with you. [ 35 ]
  36. 36. Appendix A [ Relevant Experience ] Armani Exchange [ Challenge ] Optimize the electronic shopping experience for Armani Exchange fashion apparel – Razorfish also helped Armani Exchange establish a compelling digital brand that is distinct, yet has integrity with its parent brand, Giorgio Armani. [ Solution ] Razorfish delivered an innovative electronic commerce site that includes compelling editorial information to help users personalize their shopping experience. The site also features: • products organized and presented around style categories, enabling customers to identify with a brand visually and emotionally; • simplified shopping architecture — minimal clicks to purchase and purchase confirmation process; • a distinct online identity leveraging offline advertising assets to establish unity across mediums; • original audio capabilities — composed and developed by Razorfish — that allow the user to experience an urban element through ambient, soulful sounds. [ Benefits ] • Enabled rapid time to market — very important for Armani Exchange's 2000 Spring fashions to be available online at launch of the spring line • Increased site traffic — 4,000 to 5,000 new users a day after 2 months • Increased online sales — up from 0% to 1% of total revenue the first month • Provided Armani Exchange customer intelligence — customer information and purchasing patterns • Provided a modular, template based system that is easily adaptable to seasonal and product changes • Created competitive advantage through a superior e-commerce experience [i]
  37. 37. [ Challenge ] Extend the Financial Times brand by establishing the site as the leading destination for business people worldwide. [ Solution ] Razorfish provided a solution that established as the leading global business brand. The site enables to deliver world-class analysis of financial markets, industries and companies, plus clear and insightful content on a full range of business topics. Features of the site include: • Intuitive DHTML navigation • Integration with numerous third-party content providers, technologies, and back-end systems [ Benefits ] • Comprehensive: the site has the allure of a one-stop shop for information. • Integration and contextualization: the site provides business people with an integrated offering of relevant tools and clear, insightful content in context. • Flexibility of design: the interface and information design solution created by Razorfish allows for global expansion and scalability across different cultures, countries, and distribution channels. [ ii ]
  38. 38. mrBid AB [ Challenge ] Help invent mrBid as the eBay of Sweden. [ Solution ] Razorfish provided complete end-to-end services to the client, mrBid AB. This was necessary since the client had no staff of their own, but had to rely on Razorfish to completely carry the responsibility for all aspects of the development of their online business idea. The client, mrBid AB, is a Swedish start-up funded by two venture capital companies in Sweden: Spray Ventures and Time Vision. Spray Ventures has funded many other cutting-edge e-commerce initiatives in Sweden such as Sumo (online store for electronic goods), Ingo (online store for computer games and software), and Mr. Jet (online travel agent). Features of Razorfish’s partnership with mrBid include: • Developed objectives and strategy for the client • Designed site's complete user experience • Implemented technical requirements such as heavy/high volume transactions and the integration of a complex backend • Partnered with Open Site to create an auction transaction engine and security system [ Benefits ] Razorfish built a compelling site that transformed mrBid’s business, propelling mrBid AB from disorganized startup to the premier auction site in Sweden. • Launched mrBid as the premier brand in Sweden’s consumer-to-consumer market space • Solution received national media attention [ iii ]
  39. 39. Smithsonian Without Walls [ Challenge ] Extend the Smithsonian Institution’s reach beyond its physical walls. [ Solution ] In 1997, The Smithsonian Institution began to explore ways to extend its ability to curate and critique art beyond the museum’s physical confines. Its first project was an exploration of material culture—a digital exhibition created to convey the depth of its vast collection of artifacts and curiosities donated by the public. To achieve this, the museum partnered with Razorfish and Plumb Design to create the working prototype of “Smithsonian Without Walls – Revealing Thing,” a virtual, multidimensional museum experience. Pictures, video, music, and spoken word are streamed via Flash technology, communicating narratives that explain the objects. The complete exhibition will provide users with the option of saving their personal pathway through the site and sharing it with others. Users can also enhance the exhibit by donating their own objects online. Features include: • Unique Java-based interface and navigation for access to online archives • Games and puzzles • Comment book • Object locator • Online tours [ Benefits ] • Expands the reach of the Smithsonian Institution by increasing availability of the exhibition • Solidifies the leadership role of the Smithsonian Institution in preserving cultural heritage [ iv ]
  40. 40. Spray Mobile [ Challenge ] Spray is one of Europe’s most successful Internet portals, offering e-mail services, news, chat rooms, shopping links and other content delivered throughout the continent in local languages. In January 2000, Spray created Spray Mobile, a wireless channel that includes business, entertainment and m-commerce applications licensed to other companies. Spray wanted Spray Mobile to establish itself quickly as a leading global wireless portal. [ Solution ] Spray contracted with Razorfish to create Spray Mobile, the mobile-themed area of the Spray website. • Razorfish created a technical platform that would be dynamic and flexible enough to enable Spray Mobile’s features and functionality to expand as the portal grew. • The platform was integrated with a range of internal and external resources. • These included mobile operators, Spray Mobile’s customer service system (and those of its clients and business partners), billing and statistics applications and third-party content providers. • One of the key challenges of the project involved linking wireless and Internet capabilities within a single integrated solution. Razorfish’s experience and expertise in developing SMS and WAP applications and designing sophisticated user experiences enabled Spray Mobile to launch with a distinctive and impressive offering. [ Benefits ] • Within four months of the launch, Spray Mobile had become one of Spray’s most popular channels in Sweden. • The flexible platform and applications developed by Razorfish also positioned Spray to implement wireless portals quickly within Spray sites in other European countries. [v]
  41. 41. Appendix B [ Razorfish Value Proposition ] Razorfish is acknowledged as an industry leader in digital change management. Razorfish employs the most talented individuals to help companies invent and reinvent themselves within the digital economy. We help clients manage the complex issues and exciting opportunities of Internet-based solutions, wireless technologies, back-end systems integration, broadcast and broadband solutions and physical devices. Razorfish leverages our expertise in business management, including branding and marketing, interface and product design, user experience and information architecture, software and hardware development, to provide our clients with innovative digital solutions. Specifically, Razorfish will utilize the following strengths to help FilaNet build a successful digital product: Commitment and Collaboration At the core of all our efforts is our multi-disciplinary team of talented and creative individuals. Razorfish will work very closely with FilaNet and will share an emotional attachment to the project. It is through teamwork and dedication that we can assure a quality, innovative product. User-Centered Design Razorfish is committed to implementing digital change management through the facilitation and development of a dynamic user experience. We believe that ultimately, we work for our clients’ clients. The user experience encompasses everything a user perceives, thinks, feels and observes when interacting with a company’s products and communication through all touchpoints, including its Internet presence and other technology platforms such as kiosks and wireless phones. Taking a holistic view of the user experience helps Razorfish work with FilaNet to develop a user [i]
  42. 42. experience that is consistent across medium, product, function and feature, and is aligned with your on and off-line business mission and objectives. A well-designed user experience is more than just the application of graphic design principles and technological features. It is deeply rooted in how users attempt to find information and/or perform tasks. With the increased level of competition fostering the commoditization of products and services on the Internet, creating a consistent, engaging and effective user experience allows companies to compete on overall product value rather than just commodity pricing strategies. Furthermore, the user experience acts as the guiding principles for the site’s functionality, navigation and information architecture, visual design and identit, and technical implementation. Creating a compelling user experience will result in users performing their online tasks more efficiently. A compelling user experience will also reinforce positive associations for the Fila brand. Razorfish firmly believes that the creation of a compelling user experience – from device, through interface, software, transaction, to relationship dialogue – is a critical factor in differentiating Fila from its competition. Brand Strategy Razorfish Brand Strategy focuses on enabling accurate portrayal of an organization’s current brand and creating a plan for achieving that portrayal across all devices and platforms. Razorfish is committed to developing a digital brand strategy that motivates passionate and proactive involvement with the offering. Our efforts will: • evaluate Fila’s current brand architecture • review the current state of the Fila brand • analyze the current competitive marketspace • identify additional opportunities to extend the Fila brand • digitally • effectively translate the Fila brand across all platforms [ ii ]
  43. 43. User Relationship Strategy Razorfish believes it is crucial to have a vision for the user relationship, and that this vision must be based on the relationship the user wants with the organization rather than on what the organization wants with the user. A critical part of our engagement initially will be to answer questions such as: • Who are the unique users and user groups? • What relationship should we deliver? • What do we need to know to deliver the relationship? • How do we initiate and nurture this relationship? • How well are we delivering the relationship? • What platforms, devices, partnerships, and content will enhance/facilitate the delivery of this relationship? Razorfish will work with FilaNet to develop effective communication plans, identify relationship management guidelines, skills and partnerships and evolve these as required over time. User Intelligence Razorfish believes that the key to a successful user experience is to understand the behavior and motivations of the audience. The only way to achieve this is to identify, and work closely with the people who will ultimately determine the project’s success – namely the users. User intelligence combines a number of different research techniques to ensure that both the client and the project team have a thorough understanding of their audience. We employ these research techniques (discussion groups, interviews, ethnographic research) in the initial stage of the engagement to segment user groups, understand what drives them and how they perceive the world around them in order to develop a compelling offering which will motivate their involvement with the site. [ iii ]
  44. 44. Technology Razorfish’s interface development and technology groups are at the core of building and integrating digital solutions to FilaNet’s existing platforms or third-party applications. Members of the interface development group work with other team members to define and execute client-side technology solutions into project components throughout the project’s life cycle. Razorfish technologists are experts at delivering structured, functional and transactional solutions using a select set of technologies. While experienced with a wide range of application servers, databases and dynamic publishing systems, we have developed deep expertise in several technologies: • Java and ASP server languages, • Vignette StoryServer, OpenMarket, ColdFusion, BroadVision, and ATG Dynamo as publishing platforms, • WebSphere, NetDynamics, and WebLogic as application servers, • Oracle, SQL Server, and IBM DB2 as databases. We also have ongoing strategic partnerships with Vignette, IBM, Oracle, ATG, and Allaire. With the November 1999 acquisition of i-Cube, a premier systems architecture and integration firm with core capabilities in large-scale back office integration, Razorfish can truly offer complete end-to-end solutions to meet the most rigorous systems requirements. The combined firm further strengthens Razorfish’s ability to deliver solutions that seamlessly tie front-end Web and wireless applications to back-end ERP and legacy systems. [ iv ]
  45. 45. We envision our approach to the technical aspects of the Razorfish/FilaNet relationship will function on the following key philosophies with respect to technology: Intentional user experience drives functionality, which in turn drives technical architecture. Razorfish believes that quot;user experiencequot; transcends mere look and feel of a web site. It encompasses all aspects of a user’s agenda in interacting with an enterprise and is the fundamental driver for the applications that the user comes in contact with. It is the modeling of this agenda, and the translation into appropriate functions that drives the applications. The technical architecture is the means to implement that set of functions and needs to come after the intentional user experience has been designed. Architecture is the differentiator, not technology. Building on the need to deliver an intentional user experience through an integrated functional architecture, the connections and interfaces that link the various functional components together is the focus of establishing architectures for the long- term. Razorfish believes that defining an end-to-end architecture, from presentation to back-office support system, is a critical first step and not an afterthought. Isolation of key components for risk mitigation. Razorfish has long developed applications that conform to a multi-tier architecture model. A technical isolation of presentation, business logic and data access layers, is a fundamental principle underlying strong distributed application development. Developing on this principle, Razorfish proposes that functional isolation of key components, including content management, content assembly, application services, presentation, customer modeling and enterprise application integration, is a significant advantage for an organization, in the creation of a sustainable architecture model. [v]
  46. 46. Tailor the development/integration process to the business, without sacrificing quality. Razorfish insists on the development of key deliverables to guarantee quality and maintainability of the end product. These deliverables are typically a certain level of functional specification, object models, test plans, software configuration processes, development and test environments, system and user acceptance tests. Technology choices are based on tradeoff criteria. Every functional architecture can be implemented in one of at least a dozen technical alternatives. Technology choices have to be made with end goals of extensibility and maintainability in mind. While some cases may dictate obvious choices, Razorfish believes in the development and exercising of joint tradeoff criteria to arrive at the technology options for implementing a solution. The realized technical solution is usually a balance between the user experience requirements, the business priorities in terms of time and resources, as well as the constraints of the existing technical environment. Audio Experience As convergence proceeds and technology affords us greater design opportunities, the barrier between quot;silent sitesquot; and quot;talkie sitesquot; will soon be broken. Razorfish has recently instituted an audio design department in support of our belief that no Web site is complete without a visual and audio solution. Audio provides a myriad of benefits. Sound conveys emotion in a way that visual and motion design cannot. By allowing the user the ability to close their eyes while experiencing the overall stimulus, we can influence what they quot;seequot; when they hear the site (whether it is a joyful past memory or a sad moment). The user internalizes the brand by identifying and aligning it with a positive or negative past experience or a desired state of [ vi ]
  47. 47. consciousness. Razorfish audio designers are experienced in creating and coordinating original and licensed aural elements for digital platforms. Specifically, we will work closely with both the design team and the information architecture team to translate music and sounds into a dynamic and compelling user experience. [ vii ]
  48. 48. Appendix C [ Razorfish Biographies ] M. Ryan Alderman / General Manager Ryan creates and grows partnerships with strategic clients, manages a diversified pool of talented resources, and represents and articulates Razorfish's capabilities. Prior to Razorfish, Ryan helped form the Money Management and Trading Group at Cambridge Technology Partners and before that he worked at Andersen Consulting and Merrill Lynch. Ryan has collaborated with industry-leading clients including Fidelity Investments, Daimler-Chrysler, JP Morgan, and Credit Suisse First Boston. Ryan earned his BA in Finance from the University of Florida and his MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt University. Ryan enjoys climbing and reading in his spare time. Haig Bedrossian / Principal Visual Systems Designer Haig is responsible for creating the visual language system that reflects brand aesthetics and expresses the overall creative direction. Before joining Razorfish, Haig designed and launched television channels including Cinemax, MTV2, Warner Bros. Channel in Latin America, Universal Studio's 13th Street across Europe, and more recently, Oxygen. He holds a degree in Visual Communication Design and Interactive Systems from Ontario College of Art & Design. In his free time, Haig enjoys watching people in local coffee houses and reading self help books. Tina Bronkhorst / Director of User Intelligence Tina is responsible for the development of the User Intelligence practice inside of the Boston office. Additionally, she is involved in all phases of the user research and strategy process at Razorfish. Prior to joining Razorfish, Tina was a Senior Consultant at Stratford Associates (now KnowledgeNetworks, Inc.) where she was responsible for the sales and service of large marketing research studies for a Fortune 500 client base that included Citibank, PNC Bank, Compaq Computer, HP, Bank One, Key Bank, and Lotus Development Corporation. [ viii ]
  49. 49. From 1989 until 1996, Tina was a member of the technical staff at GTE Laboratories, where her research focused on the empirical links between customer satisfaction and revenue. Tina holds a BS in Industrial Psychology from Bridgewater State College and an MBA in Organizational Behavior and Finance from Suffolk University. In her free time, Tina power walks and travels internationally. Megan Gudas / Senior Writer Meg strategizes, evaluates, creates, and edits digital media content and contributes to overall solution development for clients including Fidelity Investments, Chanel, Boston University, and Quick & Reilly. Before Razorfish, Meg performed editorial work at Etineraries and Addison Wesley Longman, and legal advocacy at Northwest Justice Project. She earned her BA in English from Boston College. These days, Meg’s learning to fly fish and speak Italian. Sam Kumar / Strategist Sam focuses on developing digital strategy, business models, and solutions for clients including DuPont and Coors. Before he came to Razorfish, Sam was an ebusiness consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Sam holds an MBA and an MS from the University of Maryland. When not strategizing, Sam likes to read fiction and watch TV. Eric Martin / Experience Lead Eric is responsible for delivering successful user experience across multiple projects, managing and representing a team of content specialists, information architects, visual designers, and interface developers. Prior to joining Razorfish, Eric worked at TVisions managing the delivery of information architecture and consulting services for clients such as Fidelity Investments, [ ix ]
  50. 50. Staples, and Harvard Business School Publishing. Eric designed and implemented the use of quot;virtual classroomsquot; for the School for New Learning at DePaul University and provided various sales consulting services at The Richardson Company to clients including KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, and Tiffany & Co. Eric has a BA in English from The College of Wooster and an MA in Critical Theory from The University of Delaware. Eric enjoys interior design and cooking. Kevin Messina / Principal Information Architect Kevin uses his expertise in technology consulting, interaction design, and information architecture to bridge the gap between design and technical teams. At Razorfish, Kevin has managed User Experience Audits for clients including Sallie Mae and Compaq, and developed experience concepts for clients such as Sun Microsystems and Coors Brewing Company. Before joining Razorfish, Kevin was an application designer specializing in the design and development of content management systems, Web-based workflow applications, and secure extranets for clients including the United States Postal Service and Analog Devices. He conducted an Independent Concentration in German Studies and Social Theory at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In his free time, Kevin enjoys the beach, independent film and above all, iced coffee. Scott Morgan / Client Partner Scott works with executive level clients to ensure that we are delivering beyond expectations and building a long-term partnership. Scott determines the right mix of skills and resources to deliver the best solutions for our clients. He brings a strong technology background as well as 16 years of experience working with 'CxO' level clients. Prior to Razorfish, Scott worked at EDS where he managed several large fortune 500 company contracts and had overall responsibility for the outsourcing delivery of an 8 year, $400 million contract. Scott enjoys working out at the gym, playing the piano and traveling to Europe and Asia. [x]
  51. 51. Emily Muldoon / Visual Designer Emily designs visual interface with clients including Fidelity Investments and Estee Lauder. Prior to Razorfish, Emily worked as an advertising Account Executive at Irma Mann Strategic Marketing for clients including Four Seasons, Sheraton/Starwood, and the The Islands of the Bahamas Board of Tourism. She was also the Marketing Print Production Manager for the Appalachian Mountain Club. Emily received a BA in Art History and German from Colby College and a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She enjoys hiking, running, skiing, yoga, theater and travel. Jordan Nollman / Physical Design Specialist Jordan is responsible for supporting the Boston office's capability to deliver market-leading solutions in the area of physical design. Jordan has worked for product-related design companies and consultancies including IDEO, Eleven, Proteus Design, Adriaansen Design (now Octane Design), Gemline Bags, and Norwood PPI (TX). He has worked on a wide variety of design programs ranging from Consumer Electronics to Environmental Design. Jordan’s clients have included Burton Snowboards, New Balance Athletic Shoes, Jansport, Gramicci, Lee Jeans, Polaroid, Bose, Honeywell, Braun, Homedics, Stanley, Amtrak, GN Netcom, Cyrix Corp., Kraft Foods, and Fisher Price. Jordan received a BFA in industrial design from Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, NY. He likes to play basketball, bike, kayak, snowboard and collect retro furniture. Germaine Wong / Information Architect Germaine creates concepts, structure, navigation, and page layout for digital solutions. Prior to being an Information Architect, she was a Business Analyst specializing in business process and transactional flows. She has worked with clients including DuPont Lycra, SAP and Adero. Germaine holds a BS in Business Administration from Babson College. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling. [ xi ]
  52. 52. Marta Zelitsky / Project Manager Marta serves as the primary point of contact between Razorfish and client project teams. She ensures that the skills and experience within her project team are brought to bear on the overall solution, focusing on quality and communication over the life of the project. Before Razorfish, Marta worked as a designer at Standard & Poors DRI, creating browser-based product demos and corporate capabilities presentations. She was responsible for managing the redesign of DRI’s corporate web site, and sat on the steering committee for S&P’s global e-branding efforts. Before that, she worked in the creative departments of several management consulting firms, including Andersen Consulting and The Hay Group. Marta has a BA in Russian & East European Studies from the University of Michigan and an MS in Physical Therapy from Boston University. Marta’s hobbies include black and white photography, yoga, kickboxing, and playing with her dog, Scout. [ xii ]
  53. 53. Appendix D [ Financials ] 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 (as of 9/30/00) Revenues (000's) $22,286 $35,438 $56,169 $83,863 $170,179 $217,754 The 1999 Annual Report and detailed 2000 financials through third quarter can be found at [ xiii ]