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Civil defence


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Civil defence

  1. 1. OutlinesI. IntroductionII. Functions of the civil defenceIII. Firemen requirementsIV. Types of fireV. Types of fire extinguishersVI. Aims of the civil defence
  2. 2. Introduction Civil defense is the protection of persons and public and private property and ensure the safety of transport and ensure the progress of work regularly in public facilities and the protection of buildings and facilities, institutions and public and private projects and sources of national wealth in situations of war and disaster and emergency public. 1920 Crisis management, emergency management, emergency preparedness, contingency planning, emergency services, and civil protection.
  3. 3. Functions of Firemen
  4. 4. Firemen requirements1) PPE2) Vehicles3) Fire extinguishers4) Training & Education programs
  5. 5. PPE
  6. 6. Civil defence vehicle
  7. 7. Types of fireA. Solid materialsB. Flammable LiquidC. ElectricalD. Flammable metals
  8. 8. Fire triangle
  9. 9. Types of Fire extinguishersWater CO2
  10. 10. Foam Powder
  11. 11. Training & Education programs
  12. 12. Aims of the civil defence
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention