Using Nebraska OverDrive with Kindle


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Patron Handout for North Platte Public Library (Nebraska) on using Nebraska OverDrive with Amazon Kindle devices.

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Using Nebraska OverDrive with Kindle

  1. 1. Using Nebraska OverDrive with an Amazon Kindle Device1. Go to Nebraska OverDrive at http://nebraska.lib.overdrive.com2. Use Advanced Search to find Kindle eBooks that are available.
  2. 2. 3. Add an available title you want to your cart. Be sure to get theKindle formatted version.4. Proceed to Checkout and Select yourlibrary.
  3. 3. 5. Sign in with your Library Information. Library barcode 14 digits, nospaces from the back of your card and your Library PIN. If you don’tknow your Library PIN, it could be your 4 digit year of birth. If youhave additional trouble signing in, please contact the Library or 308-535-8036 for help. 123456789012346. Choose your loan period and Confirm Check Out.
  4. 4. 7. Choose Get for Kindle.8. You are redirected to an Amazon page showing the title you arechecking. Click Get Library Book.9. Sign in with your AmazonAccount Information.
  5. 5. 10. Choose where you want the item delivered and continue11. Turn Wi-Fi on for your device and receive the item during synch ordownload the item to a computer, connect your device to the computerwith a USB cable and download the item to your computer thentransfer it to the device. You can now enjoy the title on your device for the remaining loan period.
  6. 6. Amazon Kindle Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Checking in items early. How?1. Log on to your Amazon account in a browser2. Choose Manage Your Kindle3. In Your Kindle Library, find the title you wish to return4. Under Actions, choose Return This Book5. Under Actions, choose Delete from Library if you no longer want it in Your Kindle Library.6. On your Kindle keyboard, when you synch up, you will receive notification of titles expired and you can delete those notifications by using the multi-directional button  and selecting Remove from Device. On the Kindle Fire, synching just removes the title from your device automatically.
  7. 7. Amazon Kindle Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: I put a gift card in my Kindle account and I can’t seem to download anything, even free things. Why? I don’t have a credit card / dont want Amazon to have my credit card information.A: Amazon requires a valid payment method and 1-Click ordering for all, even free or $0.00, Kindle transactions. Gift cards are not considered valid payment methods. Purchase a pre-paid Visa card from a store. To verify valid payment method:1. Login to Amazon with your account information2. Under Account, select Manage Payment Options verify there is a payment method there.3. Under Manage Your Kindle, Kindle Payment Settings, verify there is a valid billing method in place there. 9999 12/2011 Jane Doe Jane Doe 123 Somewhere ST North Platte NE 69101 United States Phone: 308-123-4567 9999
  8. 8. Amazon Kindle Frequently Asked Questions Q: I have a Kindle Fire and I checked out a title, delivered it to my device, but I don’t see it. Where did it go? How can I read it? A: The Kindle Fire will require a manual or forced sync to read a title immediately. To force a sync with the Amazon cloud: 1. Verify you have network access (hotspot, whispersync, wi-fi, etc.) 2. Touch the Settings icon to the left of the battery indicator on the device screen 3. Touch Sync to synchronize your Fire with your Amazon Library. 4. In a few seconds (depends on how large the content file(s) are) your title will appear in your Fire library/carousel.