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  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Put in your search term.
  3. 3. Go to Advanced Search to do an Advanced Search. You can limit your search to only show titles with copies available.
  4. 4. Click on the item that you want to check out.
  5. 5. Look to see what types of devices you can play the book on.
  6. 6. Click on Add to Digital BookBag.
  7. 7. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
  8. 8. Chose how many days you want to check out your item then click on CONFIRM CHECK OUT
  9. 9. Then select Peoria Public Library and enter your Library card Number and your PIN
  10. 10. Click on Yes.
  11. 11. Click on DOWNLOAD
  12. 12. For Audio Books
  13. 13. OverDrive works on PCs, Macs, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones.
  14. 14. To install the OverDrive Media Console on your computer, click on OverDrive Media Console
  15. 15. Then click on the type of computer you have, then click download now to download the software. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install OverDrive Media Console to your computer.
  16. 16. Then go the Greater Phoenix Digital Library’s website, search for an audiobook, check it out, then click on Download. Then find your downloaded audio file and double click on it to bring up OverDrive
  17. 17. OverDrive Media Console for Mac
  18. 18. OverDrive Media Console for Windows. Double click on the title of your book.
  19. 19. Click on OK to start downloading your book in to OverDrive.
  20. 20. You can download all of the parts at once or one at a time.
  21. 21. If a book can be burned to burn to a cd click on the Burn button.
  22. 22. To transfer a book to a device click on the Transfer button to start the transfer wizard.
  23. 23. For E-Books
  24. 24. Adobe Digital Editions works on PCs and Macs. To install Adobe Digital Editions on to your computer click on Adobe Digital Editions
  25. 25. Then click on To download Adobe Digital Editions, click here.
  26. 26. Click on Install to install Adobe Digital Editions on to your computer. It will install the software for you automatically.
  27. 27. Then click on create an Adobe account.
  28. 28. Fill out the form.
  29. 29. Then bring up Adobe Digital Editions and click continue on the Setup Assistant.
  30. 30. Put in your email address and your password and then click on Activate.
  31. 31. Plug in your reader, then click on Authorize Device to Authorize your reader with Adobe Digital Editions.
  32. 32. Then go the Greater Phoenix Digital Library’s website, search for an e-book, check it out, then click on Download. Then find your ebooks file and double click on the downloaded file to bring up Adobe Digital Editions.
  33. 33. Adobe Digital Editions for Mac.
  34. 34. Adobe Digital Editions for Windows.
  35. 35. It will tell you “Downloading document…”
  36. 36. Click on the library view button, then All Items , then the book to start reading.
  37. 37. To put book on to your e-reader, connect your reader to your computer then click on your book and drag it to the name of your e-reader.
  38. 38. Then it will start copying to your e-reader.
  39. 39. Where to find your books on your reader Sony To find your new eBook, go to Books. Nook eBooks will appear on Black and White Nook readers in the "My Documents" category or the "My Library" section in the NookColor. Kobo and Literati Epub titles will appear under books PDF titles will appear under Documents Pandigital eBooks checked out from an OverDrive-powered website are stored under a special Adobe eBooks option in the bottom pop up tab in the ‘main library’.
  40. 40. Click on the arrow in the upper left hand corner of your book for options to delete your title and to return it early. Click on All Items for the books on your computer. To delete the title from your reader, click on the name of your reader then do the same thing.
  41. 41. OverDrive App The iPhone and Android app only works with MP3 audio books and adobe epub ebooks. To install the app on your phone or iPad go to.. Android – Android Market (or use the provided QR Code on OverDrive’s website) iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad – The Apps Store BlackBerry – Blackberry Market (or use the provided QR Code on OverDrive’s website) Windows Mobile - Windows Marketplace There are instructions on how to install the apps on your phone on OverDrive’s website.
  42. 42. iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch app. Download app from the app store.
  43. 43. Click on Get Books +
  44. 44. Click on Settings to authorize your device with Adobe
  45. 45. Click on Authorize with Adobe ID
  46. 46. Click on Get Adobe ID to sign up with Adobe. Then return to OverDrive and put in your email and password then click on Authorize
  47. 47. Click on Get Books, then Add a Website + the first time then Phoenix Public Library after that. That will take you to the Greater Phoenix Digital Library’s Website.
  48. 48. Search for a library in the Find a Library box. Then you look for books the same way as you would on a computer.
  49. 49. Touch the title of the book you want to read or listen to.
  50. 50. OverDrive app on BlackBerry
  51. 51. OverDrive App for Android
  52. 52. OverDrive app on Windows Mobile
  53. 53. If an item that you want is checked out you can place a hold by clicking “Place a Hold”
  54. 54. Put your email in twice then click on “Place a Hold”.
  55. 55. It will then confirm your hold.
  56. 56. Under My Digital Account you can click on My Digital Holds for your list of holds.
  57. 57. It will tell you what number on the holds list you are. You can also remove the hold and edit it from there as well.
  58. 58. My Digital Bookshelf allows you to see what you have checked out and when it is due.
  59. 59. You can also re-download your book or download it for the first time if you didn’t do so after you checked it out.
  60. 60. For Accessible eBooks click on the button above.
  61. 61. Then sign in to OverDrive.
  62. 62. Click SIGN UP TODAY to sign up for the program.
  63. 63. To get ebooks for free click on “Enjoy additional eBooks Today!
  64. 64. Search for a book then click on Download.
  65. 65. Need help? Go to the New to eMedia? Section and take the Digital Media Guided Tour and also look at the help sections
  66. 66. Search for a book that has a kindle version of the book and click on add to book bag
  67. 67. Click on Get Kindle
  68. 68. Click on Get library book
  69. 69. You can now download the book to your kindle reader or app. If you download it to your kindle it will automatically download it once you turn your kindle on via your wifi only not 3g.
  70. 70. Go to archived items and click on the cover of the book you wish to download
  71. 71. Click on the cover of the book that you want to read.
  72. 72. Start reading your book
  73. 73. You can return the book early or delete it by going in to Manage Your Kindle, then click on the down arrow next to Action and choose what you want to do.
  74. 74. You can listen to or read a sample of the book before you check it out. Just click on the SAMPLE button and adobe or overdrive will pop up.