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Kindle0512 revised


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Kindle0512 revised

  1. 1. Your connection to ideas, information, and inspiration.
  2. 2. eBooks and many other resources are available with a valid Anoka County Library barcode and PIN and can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Online Resources are funded by local and state tax money and state and federal tax revenues.
  3. 3. Why ebooks?Serving Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at:
  4. 4. No Need for a Trip to the LibraryServing Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at:
  5. 5. Available 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a WeekServing Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at:
  6. 6. Never have an overdue charge!Books are automatically returned tothe library on time!Books cannot be renewed;however, if no one is waiting for thetitle, you can check it out again afteryour checkout period has expired.Serving Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at:
  7. 7. One eReader can Hold Hundreds of BooksServing Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at:
  8. 8. Check Out an eBook Anywhere you Have Internet Access - Even on Vacation!Serving Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at:
  9. 9. Kindle Instructions for Current Kindle UsersWhen a customer has a Kindle and has beenpurchasing books from Amazon:  They already have an Amazon account.  Their device is already registered with Amazon. Books to check out are available from the Anoka County Library’s website:
  10. 10. For any Kindle except the Fire,browsing and checkout must bedone on a separate computer orlaptop.This can be done on the publiccomputers at the library – be sureto have your Amazon user nameand password with you.
  11. 11. Free Library eBooks for the Kindle!
  12. 12. From the Digital Downloads page, you are ready tobrowse the collection and check out an eBook!
  13. 13. Some titles are only allowed to bedownloaded to Kindle devices viaUSB transfer only because ofpublisher restrictions.These titles are not available forKindle apps on theiPad, iPhone, etc.They must be saved to a computerand transferred via USB cord tothe Kindle.
  14. 14. You can search by title, author, or keyword.You can also limit the search to available titles. Check the box that says “Only show titles with copies available.” Leave the search box empty, and click on “Submit.” Now all the titles shown will be available for checkout!
  15. 15. Click on “Add to Cart” for theKindle format of that title.Please be sure to check out theKindle format; Adobe EPUB orPDF books will not work on yourKindle!
  16. 16. Proceed to Checkout Log in
  17. 17. Confirm Checkout Get for Kindle
  18. 18. Customer is taken to the chosen title on the Amazon website. Get Library Book
  19. 19. Log into Amazon account Select the device where the book should be delivered and Continue 
  20. 20. A message is received that the title has been delivered to the device. Your book will delivered to your Kindle the next time it syncs!
  21. 21.  The book must be delivered over a WiFi network; Amazon will not deliver the book over their Whispersync 3G network. If you are unable to connect wirelessly, you can transfer the book via the USB cord. You will also need to transfer certain titles to the Kindle via the USB cord.
  22. 22. To transfer via USB cable:After checking out library book, and Get for Kindle, selectTransfer via Computer under the Deliver to tab. Click “Get library book”
  23. 23. It will ask you to indicate where thebook will be transferred to, clickContinue.
  24. 24. You will get a “File Download” window. Save the file to a place you can find easily, the desktop usually works great!
  25. 25. Attach your Kindle to the computer via the USB cord thatalso acts as your charger. The Kindle will have a message onthe screen indicating it is connected to your computer.
  26. 26. Open the Kindle via My Computer or your preferredmethod.
  27. 27. Drop and drag the file from the desktop intothe “Documents” folder on the Kindle .
  28. 28. Safely disconnect or eject the Kindle.Your book is now on the Kindle!
  29. 29. On the Kindle Fire, everything can be done throughthe web browser on the Fire with a wirelessconnection! Start with opening the Web browser. Then go to and click on the Digital Downloads page.
  30. 30. When you check out a book on the Fire, you just needto “Sync” the device after delivery, and the book willappear on your home screen.
  31. 31. To request a book:See how manypatrons arewaiting andhow manylibrary copiesare available. Click on Place a Request.
  32. 32. You will be prompted to enter your email address. You have threedays (72 hours) from when you are notified by email to return tothe website to check out your request.
  33. 33. To check out your request when available:Log in to My Digital Account Select Add to CartClick on My Requests Proceed to Checkout and complete checkout process
  34. 34. You can also add titles toa “Wish List.” These arenot checked out to you oron request, but it mightbe nice to have a list ofbooks you want to readin the future.Click on “Add to WishList” to place the title onyour Wish List.
  35. 35. Click on “My Wish List” to accessyour list in “My Digital Account.”You can check out or request thetitles directly from the Wish List.Books stay on the Wish List untilyou remove them.
  36. 36. To return a book early: Click on Actions Click on Return this Book Click on YesBooks are returned earlythrough your Amazonaccount. Click on YourDigital Items and then onManage Your Kindle.
  37. 37. To deliver the book to a different Kindle device or Kindle app, first go toManage Your Kindle, then click on Actions Click on Deliver
  38. 38. Message is received: Title has been sent to your device.
  39. 39. Need more help? Check out the Help page. Click on “OverDrive Help” for videos and for troubleshooting problems.
  40. 40. Click on “Videos” towatch simple videosthat demonstratechecking out andtransferring books toyour Kindle.
  41. 41. Need more help? Ask at your library! Check out the Help page. Email (You will need to do this if you check out the wrong format eBook.)
  42. 42. Thank you for your time. Jill Smith Johnsville Library 763-767-3853 Anoka County residents anytime, anywhere at: