Library e-Books and the Nook


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  • This will take you to the Sign In screen. Choose your library from the drop-down list (Monroe Township). Then sign in with your library card number – the whole thing!
  • Even though our library website will be changing, this site will stay the same.
  • Make sure to mention that for every book, it will show all the available formats. Make sure you choose the correct format for your device. If a copy is checked out, they will have the option to “Place a Hold” and enter their email address to be informed when it is available. “ Proceed to checkout” very reminiscent of online shopping (like with Amazon) that will be familiar to most people. They can also “Continue Browsing” if they want to add more books before checking out.
  • On the checkout screen, you can review the lending period options available (are you a speed reader or do you like to take your time?). Then just click “Confirm Check Out”.
  • Finally you come to the Download screen. Here you can review the Checkout date (today) and when your book is due back (on the right side of the screen).
  • Log in to your Amazon account. As you can see, this is my account. I call my Kindle “Meg’s Kindle,” because I am not very creative. But I also have a Kindle reader on my phone and my PC, so they will all appear on the drop-down menu.
  • The first time you connect your Nook with Adobe Digital Editions, you will have to authorize the Nook with your Adobe ID to be able to transfer protected content to and from the Nook.
  • Sorry, I couldn’t find any better images of this.
  • Drag and drop books from other bookshelves (All Items or Borrowed) by hovering over the Nook bookshelf until it’s highlighted and the little red “x” turns into a green “+” sign.
  • This will take you to the Sign In screen. Choose your library from the drop-down list (Monroe Township). Then sign in with your library card number – the whole thing!
  • To view your library eBook on your Nook, select  My Library , and then  View My Documents . You may need to press  Check for New Content  to display the eBooks you just transferred.
  • A history of what books you check out will be available on your Amazon account. If you decide to buy the book in the future, or check it out again, your notes and bookmarks will be automatically brought over to the new copy.
  • Library e-Books and the Nook

    1. 1. [Nook]
    2. 2. What You’ll Need1. Your library card2. An Adobe account3. A computer with Internet connection and Adobe Digital Editions installed4. Your Nook (and its USB cord)
    3. 3. To Get an Adobe Account… Go to and click “Sign In”
    4. 4. Click “Don’t have an Adobe ID?” Fill out the required information and click “Continue”
    5. 5. Installing Adobe Digital Editions In your browser, go Scroll down to the Installer and click the “Install” button
    6. 6. Confirm by clicking “Install”then “Yes” to install the software. Click “Next” and then “Install”Click “Agree” andthen “Continue”
    7. 7. Click “Continue” and enter your Adobe account informationClick “Activate” to authorize your computer
    8. 8. To browse our ebook collection, start at the Library Website
    9. 9. Click e-Books
    10. 10. Click here to access our e-Book collection.
    11. 11. Click“My Digital Account”
    12. 12. Choose Monroe Township Libraryfrom the Library drop-down menu. Then enter your library card number, including the symbol at the end.
    13. 13. Click “Home”
    14. 14. Click “Advanced Search”
    15. 15. Look for books marked as Adobe EPUB eBook or Adobe PDF eBook
    16. 16. Click "Add to Cart”Make sure you choose the correct format (Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF) for your device. If a copy is checked out, you will have the optionto Place a Hold and enter your email address to be informed when it is available.
    17. 17. Click “Proceed to Check Out”
    18. 18. Review your Lending Period Options Then click “Confirm Check Out”
    19. 19. Click “Download”When prompted by the browser, click to Open the file.
    20. 20. Adobe Digital Editions will begin to download the book This may take a moment!
    21. 21. Connect your Nook to thecomputer using your USB cord
    22. 22. The Device Setup Assistant willopen in Adobe Digital Editions… Click to “Authorize Device” Your Nook will appear in your Bookshelf list.
    23. 23. Click the book in the right pane and drag it to the Nook
    24. 24. To read the book on your Nook,first close Adobe Digital Editions…Then go to “My Computer,” right-click on your Nook, and choose “Eject.”
    25. 25. Locate your newlibrary eBook in“My Documents”on your Nook …Read!
    26. 26. Returning Library eBooks Early • Your library eBook will be automatically removed from your Nook on the due date. • That means NO late fees!
    27. 27. But if you finish early…Just connect your Nook to your computer using the USB cord. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
    28. 28. Click the “Nook” bookshelf in the left pane. Then click the arrow in the upper left corner of the book cover.Select “Return Borrowed Item.” Your book will be returned instantly. And that’s it!
    29. 29. Questions? 856-629-1212 ext 206