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Freshdesk storyboard

  1. 1. STORYBOARD: V001Client : Girish Mathrubootham ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Prepared By: Saravanan & Pavithran
  2. 2. 1. Project Description:Freshdesk is refreshing the way thousands of agents support their customerseveryday, world wide.It helps businesses stay organized with customer requests and inquiries.It is simple to use, flexible platform to support customers.2. Animation Style: The video will be animated in such a way thateverthing will be clean and simple. Real world dynamics will be achived usingCinema 4D and animations will be done in after effects.3. Illustrations and Images: Character (Fig:1.0) will kept verysimple and animated with puppet tool. Email Icons,Tornodo will be created incinema 4d. Other assets will be abstract 2d objects which will be obtained fromavailable assets and few created from scratch in after effects.4. Color themes:Color theme is derived from the freshdesk home page illustrations.5. Sound Effects and BGM:Sound effects should be scarce and used on key moments to pint point transitionsand physical interactions. Use background sound and Voices to Illustrate differentenvironments..6. Project Output: The final output will be rendered as a MP4 format at29.97 frames on a 1280*720 canves using the h264 codec. Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  3. 3. ScriptAs someone in-charge of the customer serviceYou have to keep track of all the emails...the endless calls...AND all the agents — who could be anywhere — from the hospital to SingaporeAnd now you have a new headache — THE SOCIAL MEDIANow even the tiniest complaint can turn into a tornado of angry customers.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!More problems!Desperate, you search for software that can help you —but they’re all expensive and confusingIsnt there any end to your customer support blues?Luckily There is.And its called FRESH DESK— the Next generation helpdeskCustomer queries fromphones,emails,websitesand even social networking sitesget automatically converted into ticketsInstantly solve customer problems with a super simple and smartinterface that your agents can reach from around the globeFreshdesk can automatically assign tickets to differentsupport teams based on intelligent rulesWhats more, use a single account to manage support formultiple brands and productsNow you can keep track of everything...except your agents.Thankfully, with Freshdesk around, that’s not really an issue....Time for you and your customers to be happy.Freshdesk — refreshing customer support. Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  4. 4. Scene: 1 Shot: 1 Description: Main character will come into the scene from top, table will come from the bottom and comupter from the right. And he starts working on his computer. Voice Over: As someone in-charge of the customer serviceAssets: Table, Monitor, Keyboard, Main charac-terScene: 2 Shot: 1 Description: Emails(represented as envelopes) start raining down on the main character. Voice Over: You have to keepAssets: Table, Monitor, Keyboard, Main charac-ter, mail papersScene: 2 Shot: 2 Description: The envelopes completely engulf the main character,computer and the table. Voice Over: Track of all the emails...Assets: pile of mail paperClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 1 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  5. 5. Scene: 3 Shot: 1 Description: A phone is heard ringing. The main character’s hand reaches out from the pile of envelopes and grabs a cell phone. Voice Over: The endless calls...Assets: email papers, hand, cell phoneScene: 4 Shot: 1 Description: (continue from previous scene) 2 clouds appear on the screen. 1 shows an agent lying in hospi- tal bed and the other shows an agent standing next to the Singapore merlion. Voice Over: AND all the agents — who could be anywhereAssets: email papers, hand, cell phone, singa- — from the hospital to Singapore pore lion, 2 characters, hospital bedScene: 5 Shot: 1 Description: From the left side of the screen the ‘twitter bird’ flies into the scene and from the right side the ‘like’ icon from facebook flies. the ‘twitter bird’ pecks on the main character’s head while the ‘like’ icon punches him. Voice Over: And now you have a new headache — THEAssets: email papers, character, twitter bird, SOCIAL MEDIA facebook likeClient : Client : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 2 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  6. 6. Scene: 6 Shot: 1 Description: The twitter bird from the previous scene flies out and drags a note with the words ‘your service stinks’ written on it. Voice Over: Now even the tiniest complaintAssets: twitter bird, paperScene: 6 Shot: 2 Description: This note is dropped into a pile of similar notes. The bird flies out. Voice Over: can turn intoAssets: twitter bird, paperScene: 6 Shot: 3 Description: All the notes from the previous scene gather together into a tornado and swirl about. Voice Over: A tornado of angry customers.Assets: lots of email paper Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! More problems!Client : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 3 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  7. 7. Scene: 7 Shot: 1 Description: The Main character types frantically on the key board. Computer monitor shows an imaginary website called ‘bindesk’ under which there is a dollar sign with many ”X”s, that indicate bindesk is costly Voice Over: Desperate, you search for software that canAssets: main character, table, monitor and help youkeyboardScene: 7 Shot: 2 Description: Frustrated, the main character pushes the monitor aside. Voice Over: — but they’re all expensive and confusingAssets: main character, table, monitor andkeyboardScene: 8 Shot: 1 Description: A rope in the form of a noose drops in from the top of the screen, while the main character sits at his desk looking disheartened. Voice Over: Isnt there any end to your customer supportAssets: main character, table, monitor and blues?keyboardClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 4 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  8. 8. Scene: 9 Shot: 1 Description: Freshdesk Logo Reveal. (the scene completely changes and the scenery similar to what is seen on the Freshdesk home page appears behind the logo. Voice Over: Luckily There is.Assets: Freshdesk logo and freshdesk page And its called FRESH DESKscenery. — the Next generation helpdeskScene: 10 Shot: 1 Description: The plane flies into the previous scene while the logo disappears. The Plane brings in with it various icons that stand for phone, email, web- site, twitter and facebook. (similar to what is scene in fresh desk home page). Voice Over: Customer queries fromAssets: freshdesk home page scenery, plane phones, emails,websitesand icons. and even social networking sitesScene: 11 Shot: 1 Description: All the icons from the previous scene trans- form into tickets Voice Over: get automatically converted into ticketsAssets: 5 tickets and freshdesk home pagesceneryClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 5 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  9. 9. Scene: 12 Shot: 1 Description: The tickets are dragged to the top of the screen Voice Over: Instantly solve customer problemsAssets: freshdesk home page scenery, fresh-desk tickets.Scene: 12 Shot: 2 Description: As the tickets from the last scene get dragged,camera pans upwards,a webpage showing UI is built connected to the tickets Voice Over: with a super simpleAssets: freshdesk home page scenery,hanging tickets. and freshdesk interfaceScene: 13 Shot: 1 Description: The UI, where the agent receives a ticket, is shown using illustrations Voice Over: and smart interfaceAssets: , freshdesk interfaceClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 6 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  10. 10. Scene: 14 Shot: 1 Description: The UI, where the agent replies to the ticket, is shown using illustrations Voice Over:Assets: that your agents can reach Freshdesk interfaceScene: 15 Shot: 1 Description: Zoom out from the previous scene. As the camera pans, we see that there is a globe under the UI. The UI looks like a pop-up from the globe. As the globe rotates, another UI pops-out from another location Voice Over:Assets: from around the globe globe and freshdesk interfaceScene: 16 Shot: 1 Description: A box appears at the centre of the screen. (The box has the freshdesk logo and can be considered as a processor). Now, one-by-one, tickets bearing the words "sales", "customer support", "product " start coming in from the left side of the screen. They move through three different paths and enter the box. They come out of the right side of the box. As they come out we see three department-names appearing on the extreme right side of the screen. The tickets now trace a path to the departments that coresspond to their names. That is, the "sales" tickets goes into the box with the name "sales" on it, the "Customer support" ticket goes into the box with the title "customer support " on it and the "product " ticket goes into the box with the title "product " on it Voice Over: Freshdesk can automatically assign tickets toAssets: different support teams based on intelligentfreshdesk logo, tickets, intelligent box depart- rulesment box.Client : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 7 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  11. 11. Scene: 17 Shot: 1 Description: This scene is a continuation of the previous scene. Scene 16 will slide out and words from the three departments- "customer support ","product" and "sales" - will be seen on the screen. A box will be formed around the three and the box will bear the name "brand 1". Two more identical boxes bearing the name "brand 2" and "brand 3" will appear next to brand 1. All the three will then get enclosed in a frame titled "freshdesk". Voice Over: Whats more, use a single accountAssets: to manage support for multiple brands and3 Brand box and logo productsScene: 18 Shot: 1 Description: Main character sits at his desk, working on his computer. The "twitter bird" and facebook “like" icon appear above his computer monitor Voice Over:Assets: Now you can keep track of everything...Character, table, computer, cell phone, except your agents.Scene: 19 Shot: 1 Description: This is continued from previous scene. As the voice over says "Thankfully..." agents from scene 4 pop out. The agent in the Singapore now works on his laptop, while the agent in the hospital bed uses a cell phone Voice Over:Assets: Thankfully, with Freshdesk around,Character, table, computer, cell phone, hospital character that’s not really an issue....with phone and singapore character with laptopClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001) Page 8 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  12. 12. Scene: 20 Shot: 1 Description: The main character working at his desk, looking happy. Customers appear in a bubble behind him, looking happy Voice Over: Time for you and your customers to be happy.Assets:Character, table, computer, cell phone,and silhouette characters with smileScene: 21 Shot: 1 Description: Freshdesk logo reveal Voice Over: Freshdesk — refreshing customer support.Assets:Freshdesk logoClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001)) Page 9 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos
  13. 13. Fig 1.0 Main CharacterClient : Girish Mathrubootham | ID: MPV-2012-01(001)) Page 10 Copyright © 2012 mypromovideos