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Mdp Presentation V 1.0

  1. 1. Vistaprint’s Manager Development Program<br />Wendy Cebula – President, NA<br />Austin Cooke - VP, Human Resources, NA <br />Company Confidential – Vistaprint © 2007<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Vistaprint provides more than 8 million small businesses and families the opportunity to make an impression at the best price. <br />10/16/2009<br />2<br />Company Confidential © 2009<br />Business cards<br />Postcards<br />Photo books<br />Magnets<br />Stamps<br />Promotional gifts<br />Custom apparel<br />Invitations/Announcements<br />Photo cards<br />Holiday cards<br />Photo calendars<br />Brochures<br />Folders<br />Letterhead Envelopes<br />Websites<br />Email marketing<br />Cards<br />
  3. 3. Vistaprint Revenue Growth<br />3<br /> *16th Fastest Growing Public Company – Fortune Magazine <br />Millions, fiscal year ending June 30<br />
  4. 4. The Challenge…<br />Extremely high growth company<br />Young, capable, highly intelligent workforce<br />Rapid promotion cycles<br />Limited resources for managers<br />Delivery culture <br />“I was promoted internally to be a manager and have been managing for just over a year with zero training other than what I’ve experienced from my manager.”<br />- Vistaprint Manager<br />10/16/2009<br />4<br />
  5. 5. High Level Learning Topics:<br />Phase I<br />Phase II<br /> The Work of Managers<br />Mental Models<br /> Ladder of Inference<br /> Advocacy & Inquiry<br /> Planning and Prioritizing<br />Important vs. Urgent<br /> Goal Setting<br />SMART Goals<br />Delegating to Build Talent<br />Skill vs. Will<br />Providing Direct and Actionable Feedback <br />Results Stories<br />Coaching to Drive Results<br />What’s in Your Toolbox?<br />Strategy Implementation<br />Creating a Clear Line of Sight<br />Managing the Challenges of Change <br />Asking the Critical Questions<br />Agility & Resilience<br />Utilizing Communication Process Skills<br />Stakeholders & Triggers<br />Developing a Plan<br />5<br />
  6. 6. Vistaprint’s Manager Guiding Principles<br />10/16/2009<br />6<br />Company Confidential © 2009<br />Build and maintain resilient relationships.<br />Align employees’ tasks and responsibilities with the overall goals of the business.<br />Delegate areas of responsibility to people based on their capabilities, and hold them accountable.<br />Give (and seek) productive feedback. <br />Maintain productive management practices. <br />“Helicopter” when appropriate to teach or course-correct. <br />Grow (and stretch) your people. <br />Use Guiding Principle-based decision making.<br />Be open and transparent.<br />Be a role model. <br />
  7. 7. Manager Development Program At A Glance<br />1 HourPhase II Check-In<br />½ DayGraduation<br />Vista Impact Session Discussions<br />360° Survey Feedback<br />Vista Impact Session Discussions<br />360° Survey Feedback<br />Time Commitment:<br />~ 11-12 Hours<br />Managers of Participants<br />1 Hour<br />MDP<br />Orientation<br />Ongoing : Conversations, Measurement, Debriefs<br />2 Days<br />Phase I<br />2 Days<br />Phase II<br />½ Day<br />Graduation<br />12 Vista Impact <br />Sessions<br />12 Vista Impact Sessions<br />Time Commitment:<br />~ 11-12 days<br />Participants<br /> Ongoing : Reinforcement through E-Learning<br />Q2<br />Q4<br />Q1<br />Q2<br />Q3<br />Gathering Metrics<br />Measurement<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Vista Impact Session Topics<br />Session I - What’s Working – What Needs Work<br />Session 2- The Art of One-on-Ones<br />Session 3 - Conducting Effective Performance Management Conversations<br />Session 4 – Time Management Tips & Tricks<br />Session 5 - Motivating Others <br />Session 6 – Learning Styles <br />Session 7 – Setting Expectations: How to Work Together <br />Session 8 - Managing your Manager <br />Session 9 - The Stages of Team Development<br />Session 10 - Gaining Buy-In/Commitment <br />Session 11 - Influencing Others<br />Session 12 - The Power of Story Telling<br />Phase II (Order TBD)<br /><ul><li>Rewards & Recognition
  9. 9. Difficult Conversations
  10. 10. Dealing with Poor Performance</li></ul>When Coaching Isn’t Enough: Bringing in HR<br />Emotional Intelligence<br />Providing Continuous Feedback <br />MBTI – What is My Style<br /><ul><li>Respecting Work/Life Balance
  11. 11. Building Trust & Credibility</li></ul>Effective Listening <br /><ul><li>Managing Across Generations
  12. 12. Intercultural Awareness</li></li></ul><li>What we are doing… <br />Creating a culture that promotes the value of management & our commitment to develop management talent. <br />The ideal environment embeds the belief that strategic management of talent is a competitive advantage. We demonstrate that by:<br />Devoting time and attention to it<br />Using our understanding of what people need to learn and how they learn to provide opportunities for them<br />Integrating “business” and “human” strategies<br />Managing trade-offs between performance, learning, and development<br />Proactively providing learning opportunities and resources<br />Creating space {time & autonomy} for both the act of managing and for employees to improve their management skills<br />Communicating & demonstrating the value of high quality management through both investment & incentives<br />9<br />
  13. 13. Early Results…<br />“MDP has changed the way I think.  I am more impactful as a manager now that I have a new framework for work throughput, allocation, and organizational efficiency.  Specifically, MDP has helped me sort out “who’s doing what” on my team and how to manage the people and workloads.” <br />- Pilot Participant<br />“I feel more confident in my ability to manage others, especially other managers.  I feel that I am truly building a strong team, which helps me, them and the business.” - Pilot Participant<br />“I definitely think getting these core skills will allow me to become a stronger manager and drive value for the team and Vistaprint.” <br /> - Class A Participant<br />10/16/2009<br />10<br />
  14. 14. Questions<br />10/16/2009<br />Company Confidential © 2009<br />11<br /><ul><li>
  15. 15.</li>