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People Management: Need for Paradigm Shift


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My talk on how volunteers could be used as model for people management in today's time and age at PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter's Annual Project Management Conference "OnTarget 2014 - Leadership for Effective Project Management"

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People Management: Need for Paradigm Shift

  1. 1. People Management: Need for a Paradigm Shift Tathagat  Varma,  VP,  Strategic  Process  Innova2ons  and  HR,  [24]7  Innova2on  Labs  
  2. 2. Are  you  pu)ng  a  man  on  moon?  
  3. 3. How many employees are engaged at work? Gallup  State  of  the  Global  Workforce  2013  
  4. 4. What is Engagement? h=p://­‐dollars-­‐and-­‐sense-­‐of-­‐employee-­‐engagement    
  5. 5. Engagement Cycle h=p://    
  6. 6. Disengagement Cycle h=p://    
  7. 7. Key Drivers of Employee Engagement Rela%onship   with  immediate   supervisor   Pride  in   working  for   the  company   h=p://     Belief  in   senior   leadership  
  8. 8. h=p://­‐human-­‐side-­‐of-­‐engagement-­‐version-­‐2-­‐0/    
  9. 9. What can you do? h=p://­‐next-­‐generaSon.aspx    
  10. 10. Working remotely is good for business!
  11. 11. How does Hierarchy Impact?
  12. 12. Tall vs. Flat
  13. 13. The  Corporate  La)ce  –  Cathleen  Benko  and  Molly  Anderson  
  14. 14. How about Career Path?
  15. 15. Horizontal Career Path h=p://­‐DEVELOPMENT/mapping-­‐out-­‐your-­‐career.aspx    
  16. 16. Cross-functional Career Path h=p://­‐DEVELOPMENT/mapping-­‐out-­‐your-­‐career.aspx    
  17. 17. Ladder vs. Lattice h=p://­‐by-­‐Content-­‐Type/deloi=e-­‐review/e207a920f718d210VgnVCM2000001b56f00aRCRD.htm    
  18. 18. The  Corporate  La)ce  –  Cathleen  Benko  and  Molly  Anderson  
  19. 19. Career Lattice h=p://­‐development/self-­‐assessment/career-­‐direcSon    
  20. 20. From ‘employees’ to…
  21. 21. Why do people volunteer? Achievement   RecogniSon  and   feedback   Personal  growth   Giving  something   back   Bringing  about   social  change   Family  Ses   Friendship  &   support   Feeling  of  belonging   Help  others   Make  a  difference   Find  purpose   Enjoy  a  meaningful   conversaSon   Connect  with  your   community   Feel  involved   Contribute  to  a   cause  you  care   about   Use  your  skills  in  a   producSve  way   Develop  new  skills   Meet  new  people   Explore  new  areas   of  interest   Impress  your  mom   (my  personal   favorite!)   Expand  your   horizons   Get  out  of  the   house   Make  new  friends   Strengthen  your   resume   Feel  be=er  about   yourself   Feel  needed   Share  a  skill   Get  to  know  a   community   Demonstrate   commitment  to  a   cause/belief   Gain  leadership   skills   Act  out  a  fantasy   Do  your  civic  duty   Pressure  from  a   friend  or  relaSve   SaSsfacSon  from   accomplishment   Keep  busy   Repay  a  debt   Donate  your   professional  skills   Because  there  is  no   one  else  to  do  it   To  have  an  impact   Learn  something   new   Freedom  of   schedule   Help  a  friend  or   relaSve   For  escape   To  become  an   “insider”   Guilt   Be  challenged   Be  a  watchdog   Feel  proud   Make  new  friends   Explore  a  career   Help  someone   Therapy   Do  something   different  from  your   job   For  fun!   For  religious   reasons   Earn  academic   credit   Keep  skills  alive   Because  an  agency   is  geographically   close   An  excuse  to  do   what  you  love   Be  able  to  criScize   Assure  Progress   Feel  good   Be  part  of  a  team   Gain  status   Test  yourself   Build  your  resume   To  be  an  agent  of   change   Personal  experience   with  problem,   illness,  or  cause   To  stand  up  and  be   counted   Because  you  were   asked!   h=p://­‐do-­‐people-­‐volunteer    
  22. 22. 7 Traits of Amazing Volunteers Results-­‐driven   Passionate  professionalism   CollaboraSve  tribal  mindset   Make  no  excuses   Constant  champions   Energizers   It’s  a  match   h=p://­‐traits-­‐of-­‐amazing-­‐volunteers/    
  23. 23. Conclusions Engagement is perhaps the single-most important x-factor   Reduce hierarchy so that people can get stuff done! Let people build their careers on their own… with your support If we can help employees become ‘volunteers’, work will become a vocation!
  24. 24. References   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  h=p://     h=p://www.accel-­‐   h=ps://'s_hierarchy_of_needs   h=p://   h=p://   h=p://   h=p://­‐resources/thought-­‐leadership/talent-­‐ organizaSon/APAC%20Trend%20Employee%20Engagement/2013-­‐ APAC_Trend_Engagement.jsp   h=p://­‐ou=a-­‐here-­‐why-­‐2-­‐million-­‐ americans-­‐quit-­‐every-­‐month-­‐and-­‐5-­‐steps-­‐to-­‐turn-­‐the-­‐epidemic-­‐around/   h=p://­‐employees-­‐do-­‐someth/   h=p://­‐hierarchy.html   h=p://­‐wrong-­‐with-­‐your-­‐organizaSonal-­‐structure   h=p://­‐economy/7-­‐steps-­‐engaged-­‐employees.html