Beyond the Basics: Email Marketing


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Improve your email strategy by finding out what content to send, how segmentation can benefit you and what type of response to expect and how to interpret it. Presented by Matt Kalish, Small Business CRM Manager and Jo Ann Anderson, Marketing Communications Manager

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  • Businesses engage in email marketing because it works. DMA predicts that in 2012, for every $1 a company invests in email marketing, they’ll get back $39.40Email is one of the most cost effective channels to grow and retain customers.Acquire: Introduce yourself, build awareness, consider you, tell your storyUse promotions/offersTalk about a cool new product or service you offerInvite them to an event Ask them to download a white paper or article about something that you know they will be interested inRetention: Goal is to develop a long-term impact on readers. Provide readers with value – more than just sales messages. Deliver content that informs, entertains or benefits the readers. Polls: Likes/dislikes – improve your product/service – Ask them what they expect from you, what features of products/service they like or could improve, how likely to recommend your product/service? – use multiple questions for simple surveys (radio buttons, check boxes, free form)Get referrals: people forward emails to their network – word of mouth
  • References: DMA/Epsilon study, iContact, Constant Contact and BtoB MagazineGrow:Email lets you deliver your message to the people vs a website where the people have to come to your messageMake sure you manage it as a valuable channelTriggers: Emails that are prompted by the action of a subscriber-Customer makes a purchase – thank themCustomer abandons a shopping cart – remind themSocial: Including chicklets in emails will help you grow your social network following. Capture email addresses on FB. Let them share your offers with their networks.Repurpose content to use across different channels to drive engagementMobile:Nielsen study showed email is the number-one mobile phone functionBetween April and Sept of last year, mobile email consumption was up 34%During that same period, email views on Apple’s iPad increased 73%More and more people check email on mobile devices numerous times throughout the dayMake sure newsletters are readable on iPhoneRelevant:Email marketing is all about delivering value to your subscribers. It’s all about tailoring your message and offers to match your audience or you will wind up in the junk folder.
  • What ever happened to thinking about the person that they are trying to establish a relationship with? I am tired of fitting into their marketing needs instead of the other way around. They should realize that I am a new customer. Proceed more slowly to educate me about what their product can do for me and try to build a relationship based upon my understanding of their product instead of their need to reach lots of people in order to sell a little more.What level of New customer need to educate more Current customer – assume intimate knowledge of products
  • So we know that email marketing can work, but we need to get the basics right.
  • Engage: Reader has 3 seconds or less to decide if they want to open the emailKeep it short: SL with 50 characters have open rates that are 12.5 % higher than 50+ characters and 75 % higher CRTsVP uses 35 characters or less and includes offerReason to open:Inform: Important, timely, unique and relevant informationCreate a need: Open now or you could be missing out on something, make situation worse, opportunity to improve situationCreate curiosity: Tease, intrigue, entice, questions are much more engaging than statements. Wouldn’t you agree? Personalize: Include “you” words for warmer messaging, “We need your help”. VP uses Fname but you don’t have toSPAM – free is not an absolute No No, but use wisely and sparingly with retention customers only, not acquisition. Don’t make free the first word. People respond to freeTest: keep watch of your open rates and the response from your readers to see which ones are most effective
  • Audience: Subscribers won’t mind getting emails from you if the messages are relevantCustomer types – new customer, long time customer, prospect from a tradeshow, purchased listCustomer behaviors – recently purchased in store, opted in on site, signed up on your blog, visited site but abandoned cartConsolidate multiple alerts to avoid subscriber fatigue or break up and deliver information in separate messages to make it easierConsider your business and review the frequency that makes sense for you. Seasonal spikes. Focus: What do you want them to do? Click to go to a landing page to purchase now, read more about your product, register for an eventBenefits:Copy aligns with why customer “needs” or “wants” product/service - “What’s in it for me?” Focus on why what you have to offer is important to the customer, because that’s what they care aboutimprove your situation, make life easierNever exceed 100kb file size, 550 px wide for partners, 600 px wide is industry standards
  • (300px down from the top)If I don’t know what you want me to do, I won’t take the action you want me to take.
  • Format so people recognize your email and companyMake it stand out and is attractive.Product is the hero Bold, engaging elementsDesign leads the eye throughHierchary of informationStrong call-to-actionEasy to download100kb or less
  • Beyond the Basics: Email Marketing

    1. 1. Email Marketing & YourBusinessMatt Kalish, Customer Relationship Marketing ManagerJo Ann Anderson, Creative Marketing Strategist
    2. 2. Agenda• What can email do for your business?• 2012 email trends• How to generate your email lists• Email best practices• Getting the most for your money• Next steps Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 2
    3. 3. What can email do for your business?DMA predicts email marketing‟s ROI for 2012 at $39.40 for every $1 invested Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011
    4. 4. What can email do for your business?• Acquire new customers o Build awareness o Create a reason to consider you• Build relationships with current customers o Offer value, build loyalty and trust o Announce new products/services o Provide product tips/updates o Increase engagement o Highlight company events/awards o Showcase customer testimonials• Track customer satisfaction & improve product/service o Polls & surveys• Get referrals Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 4
    5. 5. 2012 email trends Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011
    6. 6. 2012 email trends• Email is continuing to grow o Open rates increased 7.8% YOY*• Event messages (triggers) will become more popular o Realize 71% higher open-rates and 5 times higher ROI• Marketers will use email to grow their social networks and engage subscribers• Mobile readership is on the rise• Marketers will focus on delivering more relevant content *DMA/Epsilon study Q3 2011 Email Trends and Benchmarks Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 6
    7. 7. How do I generate my list of customeremails?• Top 3 ways to collect customer emails 1. Ask for email at the point of sale (cash register, online cart, etc) 2. Ask on your registration/sign-up form 3. Add a email sign-up box prominently on your website• Do it the right way o Customers need to opt into emails before you can send o You must have an opt out link for people to unsubscribe if they want Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 7
    8. 8. What do customers on your list expect to receive from you? • Relevant emails! o Set up a coupons & deals program? Send lots of discounts! o Want a newsletter following? Provide great content, articles, and information that will be interesting to your readers • Top 2 things to watch out for with your email program: o *65% say they get too many emails o *75% say they receive “a lot of emails I don‟t open”* Study conducted by Epsilon and Direct Marketing Association, December 2011 Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 8
    9. 9. What does effective emailcommunication look like? Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 9
    10. 10. What’s wrong with this email? Subject Line:Subject line is long, no “Hello to our valued customers, from your favorite auto body shop,purpose – why open this? A&B Auto Body!”Brand and Logo notestablished, just plain textMissed PersonalizationOpportunity!Tons of text but no “Call ToAction” – what do youwant the customer to do?No footer with:social media links, contactinformation, unsubscribe links? Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 10
    11. 11. Subject lines• Engage the reader in three seconds or It‟s here. less• Shorter is better – 50 characters or less o 12.5% higher open rates Sweet! Save 25% Today Only + FREE o 75% higher CRTs Shipping Every Day• Give them a reason to open o Great offer o Inform o Create a need You have points that will expire at the o Tease, intrigue, entice, ask questions end of this month• Use active verbs vs. passive• Personalize and include “you”, “we” “our” words Jo Ann say „I love you‟ with Limelight• Avoid SPAM predictors o FREE, ALL CAPS and excessive !!!!! this Valentine‟s Day• Test various subject lines Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 11
    12. 12. Messaging• Know your audience and keep message relevant o Tailor messaging by customer types o Tailor messaging by different customer behaviors o Deliver information in a timely basis• Have a clear goal and focus on it• Stress benefits rather than features o Save money, save time• Less copy is best o Use half the words, short and to the point• Create interest with visuals• Promote your brand o Make sure customer knows who the email is from (Name, logo) o Voice should reflect who you are and who you are talking to o Check spelling and grammar Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 12
    13. 13. Call-To-ActionIf I don‟t know what you want me todo, I won‟t take the action you want me to take. Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011
    14. 14. Call-To-Action• CTA should be clear, compelling and drive subscriber to take action o Click to website o Click to read more o Buy now o Call us o Click here to “like” us• CTA should be easy to find within the body of the email o Link, button, phone number o Stands out even with images disabled• CTA should be positioned above the fold Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 14
    15. 15. Product is Social links/ the heroEmail AnatomySubject Line:3 Ways to Save 20%: A&B’s Logo isCustomer Appreciation prominentMonth! Strong offerShort, compelling, urgent CTA is easy • Logo to find • Offer • CTA • Product Secondary content • Social Links • Legal Copy Legal/ unsubscribe Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 15
    16. 16. To get more from your email program, pick the right tools! Email Yahoo, Feature Marketing Gmail, Details Service Hotmail, etc Email services are not free -- start at $4.99 / monthPrice (Vistaprint) after a 1-month free trial Services have professional email templates, andFollow Email Best Practices adhere to legal guidelines like having Unsubscribe Links. ISPs have enabled email marketing services forDeliverability “bulk mailing” Services have great measurements to show yourMeasurement open rate, click through rate, unsubscribe and bounce rates, and more While Yahoo, Gmail, and other common personal email providers are easy to use and have simpleEase and Convenience tools, creating marketing emails that go beyond text is very difficult without a Marketing email provider Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 16
    17. 17. How do I know what’s working?• If you work with a Marketing Email Service, a lot of data is made available for your email program o Open rate o Click-through o Unsubscribe Rate o Bounce Rate o Order Rates (if applies)• ROI is very high on most email programs o Many Free trial offers available – try before you buy! o You can directly measure the revenue impact in many cases (e.g. coupons) and compare to your cost to make a decision Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 17
    18. 18. In Summary• Work with a marketing email service• Make a plan• Build your lists• Create a calendar• Design and deliver to the right people• Test• Measure and analyze Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 18
    19. 19. You can get started with a 3 month free trial3-month FREE trial for Vistaprint websites, email marketing and online search profile* No obligations** No credit card required Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 19
    20. 20. Thank You!Questions? Company Confidential Vistaprint © 2011 2/13/2012 20