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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. the abiquo story @diegomarino
  2. 2. • Early days • Grid Computing • Machine-to-machine • Cloud Computing
  3. 3. Nerd - Definition • nerd – n. Slang – 1. A foolish, inept, or unattractive person. – 2. A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.
  4. 4. Like us :-)
  5. 5. Incorporation • March 2006 • Focused on bringing best tools for cheap deployment of intensive calculations over distributed network, aka Grid Computing • 12k€ of initial capital
  6. 6. A real startup… • No funding • No contacts • No business plan • No … • But a lot of pizza, coffee and code :-)
  7. 7. …but we were extremely happy :-)
  8. 8. But I had a long term vision (Oct/06)
  9. 9. Grid Computing phase • We made no money, as you may have imagined – But we had the best product of this market: 6X more efficient than IBM’s solution • We had to reinvest 40k • 2 BA’s trusted us, only if we changed our business plan in order to develop “a new product which can be sold by volume and embedded into devices, to avoid chineses to copy you”
  10. 10. Welcome to the machine-to-machine (M2M) world
  11. 11. • We had no money to develop this… so we needed to find another investor • Alejandro Nuñez from CAN trusted us and gave us 300K of convertible debt based on some creepy slides
  12. 12. And we developed really, really, really cool prototypes
  13. 13. Twittering plants
  14. 14. Distributed hard disk
  15. 15. M2M phase • We made no money (again), as you may have imagined – But we had the best product of this market (again): Siemens, HP and FON engineers p*ss*d their pants after demos • We ran out of money • And we choose to develop our original vision again
  16. 16. Do you remember this slide?
  17. 17. Welcome to Cloud Computing (aka. Grid with a huge hype of marketing behind)
  18. 18. • So we started recoding our initial development (yeap… I’m almost always right) • And we built a nice product… the rest is history
  19. 19. CAN renewed their trust, and we started to grow
  20. 20. We got worldwide users
  21. 21. Opened offices in Silicon Valley and London
  22. 22. Start gaining market exposure
  23. 23. First Customers
  24. 24. We hired an skilled CEO
  25. 25. And I left the company looking for nerds to enjoy a new trip • SzenaRisk • New way of managing financial risks (lots and lots of money behind) • Team made of top spanish Quants • Actually selling licenses exceeding 200k€ to top firms like Ferrovial, BBVA or InverSeguros • … and looking for smart investors ponsored Slide
  26. 26. Advice for entrepreneurs 1.Never give up 2.See rule #1
  27. 27. Advice for investors 1.Trust nerds 2.See rule #1 3.Ask Alejandro Nuñez how to pick the most profitable ones :-)
  28. 28. Please clap :-) @diegomarino |