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Indent research


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Published in: Education
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Indent research

  1. 1. An Indent is a logo which is used to promote a film production company. Here are a few from well known film production companies:
  2. 2. Here are a few of my indent ideas: First Idea: I wanted to incorporate the two words. This incorporation idea is used by several film production companies, such as: Universal. Who incorporate the title into the image. I was trying to think of things that were associated with fingerprints such as hands. I started to think along the forensic route. And when there is an inspection, magnifying glasses are usually used to help with finding clues.
  3. 3. The indent I have chosen to do: I have decided to do this indent because it is simple and I think it will make my film production company stand out because this is an usual chose of shape and very simplistic compared to other film companies. The other reason as to why I chose to do a simple indent is because if I were realising my first film then it would be of a low budget like my trailer, and therefore I wouldn’t have the funds and network that big film production companies have in order to create a high standard indent.
  4. 4. My indent: Cut into three different sections. Creates a unique shape. Simple colour uses. Thought I’d go for darker colours as my film production company would be one that concentrates on the making of thrillers and horrors. These colours therefore give the viewer an insight into the production company in the same way as Walt Disney pictures. Animated image which is an effect often used in Disney films.